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  1. Armor Lvls

    <<< lazy, didnt read past the second post anywayzzzz, you know you like pking and pking nubbies for nice armor..come on if you dont want that...jsut pm me, sides i doubt u would mention that if you were like 30ish a/d lol
  2. Afk Auto-boot

    didnt bother reading past pking? something like that why...cause im lazy..you should know that by now anywayzzzzz, ive stayed afk for like 5-6hours or so why..not sure..maybe that way i could get a message so my meek and pathetic life would be brightened..oh ya pm me lol but actually ya i know a fewpeople that stay afk for long periods of time..oh hiya asgnny, there sohuld be a disconnect after like 8 hours ..if ur not back in 8 hours ..why'd u leave the game on..agian didnt read the other stuff cause ..see above
  3. About Pickaxe Suggestion

    maybe you should do what that one guy did...like in runescape lol but its a good idea but the time it takes to mine shouldnt be affected only they way it breaks lesser odds for diff levels, if u change how fast ur able to mine with a better pix...id just buy like 50 tit pixs and be set for a few weeks or months lol ..oh and if u like runescape so much..ya ..go do that
  4. I checked for most of the stuff, added some stuff towards the end that just popped in my head. Teleport Room Ring Advantages - - New Book for crafters/fighters to get. - New Item for market. This could be good for people who do not have high magic to see the teleporter room if they can a hold of one. I know what about the normal teleport rings we have now.. well there are only 6 of them and for the lazy well i know i would buy them lol. The skill would and should be rather high maybe 35-40 craft to make one. As far as the ingreds go didnt really put much thought into that. New mobs/maps Advantages - - New Map for people to explorer - New monster/person to fight What i was thinking is a new map where u have to take a boat. Maybe a prisoner's island over run with different types/or same people. Not a pk map but the new mobs could be people. Maybe have 3-4 small villages with groups of the new threat. Possibility for more drops in the future, part of a quest normal/god where you must kill the leader of the island of prisoners or something like that. You guys are creative you'll think of something. Maybe program the mobs to multi attack a player. This way there could be raids/groups that would go to the island to fight. Each mob should have diff levels or the diff villages should some weaker and some stronger people in them to allow mid fighters to go as well. New Golden Items Advantages - New item for market - New book for the item for manu'rs Doubt it would look all that good, but some golden armor kinda like iron set but different design and different attributes. The level might be higher to make or lower depending on the att. the item has n what not. ...got some other stuff but to lazy to put it up
  5. Intelligence Test

    I scored 918, maybe i got a bonus point for being cool anywayz do another one please
  6. Winners Are...part Trois

    Lmao i just saw this didnt get to vote , but glad i won, and thank you to all the lovely ladies who voted for me..i mean YOU baby..your the only one for me thats right there are no LADIES just you and you know who i am talking about pm me in game we will have some fun.......................Most Bored and AFk...well Most bored i would win and most afk dlerch,, neewho ty for the votes