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  1. funny LOTR pic

    only funny part was when it was like oh jesus im blind
  2. Break rates

    well i usually use full tit *sometimes just aug leather top with rest tit* and CoL only items degraded were tit greaves, 2 tit cuisses, 1 tit shield and a CoL (i think dunt remember) and thats about 600 artics and 3k-3.4k yetis and heavybeard fixed them plus some other stuff that was broken via branch, other person. kinda scared to go back to him now lol only down side about doin yetis is the drop rate was noticably reduced but thats kinda good prices for wolf bars/books might go up or be more in demand.. Edit : As ent (?) or someone else said in the last breaking of armor post a few months back, just unlucky is all...think toomy made the post is someone wants to look it up
  3. Guess the movie

    mall rats now please let me kill this topic!!
  4. Cinnabar Harv problem

    sometimes when that happens just move a sqaure or stand up(i think) and u should be able to reharvest normally, or eat i think that does it too
  5. Artwork Updates

    how much cold protection can a bandana or crown do lol, maybe for the robin hood hats though but think roja is right in them just being for looks with no stats
  6. survival of the fitness

    LOL sounds interestin..o.O never know if roja is serious or not
  7. hyperbag

    Well, if you work so much and put it in a hyperspace bag, then you better make sure it's in a good (hidden) place. Since finding the bags is so hard (and expensive), I think that those who find them should keep them. Of course, if they want to return them, then sure, it's nice of them, although I wouldn't hold them morally responsible if they don't. well its not really that hard, if you spend alot of time at the :usual: and not so usual project spots in el, u can usually see where people have hyper bags just a matter of paying attention. I do agree with you, who ever makes a hyper bag that contains a large amount of goodies should have the sense to work it out in a good amount of time to make sure it wont be accidently or purposly taken. no sense in leavin a 200k hyper bag and wait like a month or so to work on it lol, but loses like that make people question the game and the people they play with. personally never made a big hyper bag other than to have someone mule it later lol 50kish sulpher or something like that
  8. hyperbag

    Personally, if someone spends like 50 hours making a huge ass bag for like thousands of steel bars n has taken the time n spent the money to get all the resources together, and someone accidently opens it (most liekly cause they are checking before they make a hyper bag) doesnt mean u win the lottery, i would hope most of the elderly(long term) players would asks a guildie or someone to bring them a skull ring incase they dont happen to have one. but thats just me n hopefully also the nicer part of EL.
  9. Fixing high end summon stones.

    ah crud -.- forgot about dragon's possibly being summonable ... ill have to stay n level chaoogie <3 dragons
  10. To Death We Serve

    iirc, they have/had plans for a c3, and if u did a search im sure u would of found some things addressed. and yes c1 and c2 are enough imo, maybe if they do a c3, it'll be relativly small for "cast aways" n trouble makers lol
  11. Whats your reason?

    its runescape like usually havin players havin their acc's hacked n taken? way to keep the same pw :x lol and mine is a mystery
  12. Guess the movie

    lol employee of the month
  13. Guess the movie

    why am i looking at a nakkey person i think its time to never come here again! lol
  14. It's a Dragon!

    omg u got dragon scale ? sexy
  15. Guess the movie

    u have the weirdest tastes
  16. I Eat Dead People

    i was mainly a manu/craft/summ/pot etc very minimal fightin and i had a p2p.. it ran out :x but ya
  17. No rostogol stone day

    lol o.O there was a few posts in a different topic and i even said it in my post :x ur right it is funny
  18. No rostogol stone day

    lol i was going to suggest it a while back cause i waited for like a week for scholars then it came around then i just didnt care as much lol :x like to suggest it lol ~~
  19. looking for an mmorpg

    http://www.prairiegames.com/ thats the link and its Minions of Mirth an no didnt ever play it the video for it was pretty cool though and if you look at their screenshots they have like 7 dragons lol the red one looks just like EL's theres also a few diff things i saw in the video that reminded me of el
  20. looking for an mmorpg

    i dont remember the linky what so ever but there was this coolish WoW + El mmo i saw a while back like a month or so.. i think the short name was MoM lol ya its funny but it had alot better things than el but less things than WoW and its free, might want to pm someone from HIM guild i sent the link in GM maybe one of them remembers it they have a video preview thing where it just shows different things they have and well ya its pretty cool if i ever remember the link ill pm it to u or post it
  21. No rostogol stone day

    well i think we should just be happy with the no rosto day once a week stead of asking for other days to "balance" it but ya cant please everyone so since it took so long for "pkers" to get that they should enjoy it without others prodding in for their own thing. also (not sure havent read forums much lately) isnt there going to be an npc that once filled with money will generate a "special" day in the future? so why not be patient for that or you can ask ent to do special days for $$$ and since its a global day thing not like people will bitch about $$$ benefiting cause it'd benefit/hinder everyone ingame lol incase someone with a sick sense of humor likes peace/no mix days lol
  22. Hello - Server Problems

    o.O well good thing its not all over kinda thing and only affects those areas yay us
  23. No rostogol stone day

    not if ent said we can have one once a week ^^
  24. No rostogol stone day

    i doubt that scorp but maybe it'll be offset every other week for diff time zones who knows, also curious ent if you dont mind how many pk deaths happened on the day ?
  25. No rostogol stone day

    entropy will you marry me? :x i mean ty lol