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  1. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    i voted no, i have a pro-ish character and i played another wasn't so hard to keep em seperate but that might of been cause i didn't run both solely
  2. doa..how noobier can you get

    whats the picture at the bottom lol got me curious least make it readable like the size of my siggy <3 very nice ^^ <3
  3. Quote of the week submissions

    im famous now <3
  4. In-game references

    oO remember seeing a topic like this but not 100% sure :x
  5. Strehgthen your weapons!

    when i read the headline i thought you were talking about something newerish, cause ya its been suggested before and hence we have great weapons with cool effects. but what i thought you meant was having a stone/item ingame you can take to an npc or manu'r ingame and they could sharpen your weapon and it increases the dmg by 1. there'd have to be a limit on how many times u can sharpen it but ya thats what i thought you meant lol
  6. Auction.

    Post your offers or pm me ingame Ends: May 30 ~ Trades ~ Health ess Rostos CoL Tit Armor accept any of the above in exchange of gc Thnks.
  7. Auction.

    Auction ends rusikus win.
  8. Quote of the week submissions

    i haven't kept up with this thread in a while but we have to get premission from the person in a SS or log that said the funny thing before posting it right?
  9. Auction.

    270k from TeH HiDdEn OnE
  10. Logs?

    as ttl said it might be very big, mine got up to 80 mbs 00, a good thing to do would be to delete your chat log or archive it by weeks or every month that way it wont take so long to open and semi easier to know where too look if your trying to remember a conversation u had last month.. click my computer, program files, eternal lands incase u didn't get what they said above :x
  11. Auction.

    150k + 2 rostos ~ Masterzen 200k ~ anonymous
  12. Guess the movie

    conavar your dead to me!! </3 lol
  13. Guess the movie

    i got bored and wanted to revive thise thread <3 bep and marc i hope you wont get this so i can be happy
  14. Acelon needs a new siggy/avvy ^_^

    nice siggies i like mine, lol liq has a good one going but i kinda like the 3rd one of briens its cute
  15. omw to test server n test things out
  16. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    i'd like to order 3k sulpher plx
  17. EL funnies

    lmao omg trojan i miss my mini self...and glad the person that made me go back to normal doesnt play anymore -.- w00t
  18. 1337 Graffiti

    that's pretty awesome lol ill have to look aroundn snap a shot of some stuff when i remember to
  19. Light posts all over aeth aeflan

    funny = this is the suggestion forum for the majority of EL not for the 5-15 people who train in hulda or do giants. Funnier = no real need to mention the amount you've spent on the game.. we all contribute and was it 1k donation or for items/services... funniest = it was your choice to neg up n waste it no? Edit : although i agree with what lorck said about giants been more visible since they are pretty big lol
  20. Selling Staff of Protection

    sellin staff of protection for 150kgc or trading SoP + 75kgc for thermal serp pm me
  21. Selling Staff of Protection

    You can close this topic thanks...
  22. Artwork Updates

    lol conavar <3 i can see why u are in him guild i should finally go back! and ooo like the cocktrice hopefully there will be more similar monsters in the future so it wont feel lonley ingame
  23. Antisocial Perk

    if you look back at the cities topic, IIRC ent somewhat answers your question about antisocialness, also in the stone topic one i asked about perk removal stones but dunt remember if he answered it might wanan check the last few pages see if he saw it n answered it
  24. How old are you?

    21 rocks alot more \o/ and ya psycho young and playing el isnt really fun in life
  25. Summoning / Fighting

    lol omg, everyone faulters somedays didnt you die like 5 times in a day, and glad to know that the labour day is a bug for summoning