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  1. Guess the movie

    natural born killers *whispers* always change the name of the file to something random :x pr0 movie ;D
  2. Guess the movie

    ya children of men and dunno its a good movie who hasn't seen it
  3. Guess the movie

    nope not right not a horror movie
  4. Guess the movie

    sorry bout the long wait good movie, recent movie too just for you scar think you seen it
  5. Guess the movie

  6. Rounder's Competetion !

    sweetness, ill be there
  7. Targeting Computer

    just a lil suggestion if you have a problem with trees just ctrl and right click and u wont run around hitting different trees or if you switched it and your right click if your main one ctrl left click
  8. Auction.

    Auction of Steel Plate of Healing Starting bid : 150k gc Buy it now : 425k Also accepting - Hydro Bars - 10k Steel Bars - 45 gc Feel free to pm me in game if you want to remain private. Auction ends : Sept. 15.
  9. Rounder's Competetion !

    woot glad to see i moved up on the alt list lol
  10. Guess the movie

    conavar ^^ maybe you aint so bad lol <3 that movie
  11. Guess the movie

    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood pr0 movie ..eep didn't realize was so big had to crop her *whispers* nipple *giggles*
  12. Guess the movie

    another movie plx!
  13. Guess the movie

    lol very good hardcore
  14. Guess the movie

    nope oO
  15. Guess the movie

    lol i did the same thing yourevel did ^^
  16. Guess the movie

    new one..one of my favs just cause of the main actress in the movie lol
  17. Guess the movie

    the princess bride
  18. Attention all Mixers of All Types!

    if theres still open slot ill join in 35 pp's in nexus, might as well put them to use most books read cept the dragon/bronze armour lol <3
  19. What was your first guild?

    got bored so [NM] ~ my first <3 LoVe ~ Second <3 ~CT~ funners HIM ~ gone to poop \S/ ~ </3 Havn ~ <3 Rawr ~ <3<3<3 oO been in alot of guilds lol im sure i visited a few that i forgot
  20. Summons

    summons do follow you, only time they stop following you is if you get lagged out and d/c from my experience (lost 40 fluffies that were at my command) so it is a bug, and as far as i can remember they never use to stop if u map changed. and doubt many have been refunded for bug finds.. only one that comes to mind is the book #id accident.
  21. Selling

    I am selling a thermal serp sword, post your (serious) offers or pm me ingame if theres a few messages ill turn it into an auction or just sell for a good offer
  22. Dragon Blade auction

    scrop u realize scarr added 50k on top of senia's 220k right oO?
  23. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    don't mean to be an ass but alot of the sigs that are comin out are over the size limit oO, my siggy was like 4kb over the size limit and was taken down lol just thought i'd mention something oO
  24. Account Swaps

    well a while ago i gave sin, sudoku and she remaned it sin. i share my character with someone, usually the night time (usa, cali) is me. so we can get back to the topic
  25. Buying

    10k fe's (3.5gc each) and 10k sulphur (2gc each) just pm me ingame or leave a message here <3 gotta get this new stat up into the 60s <3 please help me!