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  1. Raising caps to 52. Radu is willing, are you?

    no to raising attributes. In fact why not lower the cap?
  2. very old players

    I'm still around
  3. idea for a new spell

    I havn't seen a suggestion for a magic spell to drain food level from monsters/animals similar to mana drain spell. The benefit could be balanced by what ever essence you would decided.
  4. Pin Poll

    I have trained a/d for over 5 years with the goal of fighting the top monsters. When the attribute cap was put in place going 1 vs 1 with most of the top monsters became a thing of the past for me. Now i watch guys range them using the pinned "feature". Yes I know i could train up to do the same thing but is that what i trained 5 years of a/d for? Remember that my original goal was only to be able to fight the top monsters and this was long before ranging existed. I have basically stopped playing and this is why. Just my 2 cents for what its worth.
  5. Boycott Learner

    I don't think for a second the Learner is the reason that rostogol prices are going up. I think rostogols are simply being used faster than they are comming into the game. It's just supply and demand (have i said this before?) I don't think Learner as an individual can affect the price much and I wont boycott him. If you want the price of rosts to come down more rosts need to come into the game and they need to be used more slowly.
  6. Trading strike

    He's one of the manus that's still actually making things. I have ingredients but wont make anything. Look the market will take care of itself. If the price is too high for these stones than people will buy them from EL shop (a good thing no?) personally holar is just charging fair prices for the risk of loss and work he has put in.
  7. Starting over.

    tbh the game is in a state of stagnation as far as im concerned I personally think it would be fun to do, I remember the game in its younger years and I liked it a lot better then I think your idea would immediately end the stagnation. The stagnation would become abrupt decline as players head for the door.
  8. NMT idea

    Hell yea make them breakable and i don't care if you make them degrade or not.
  9. Re-adding the Day of no Grief

    i vote no to day of no grief but yes to day of more grief and acid rain day. we don't have enough gc sinks
  10. Should attributes cap increase?

    So an increase of even 4 is too much to ask?? no one ever slugs it out with the toughest monsters as it is now. They are killed by ranging, magic, landmines, etc
  11. Should attributes cap increase?

    I voted yes
  12. The Missing Gods... Would you use them?

    Should "none of the above gods" have been a choice for those who do not have the godless perk and would not choose to use the new gods if added? I'm just trying to get a more accurate reflection of community oppinion.
  13. Making EL better

    Dont make the main server like the pk server. If i wanted to play on the pk server i would.
  14. Making EL better

    Tokie I'm an original owner not a character buyer. would i be permited on c1 by your suggestion or would i be limited to c2? how about asggny? panzerfaust? i'm sure there are a few other originals left in the top a/d characters who i haven't mentioned. (no dissrespect intentended.... i don't know who's who anymore and most of my old friends are gone)
  15. 80's music!

    please delete my post
  16. Michael Jackson dead.

    and a single leather glove
  17. New special day, will you use it?

    I'ld use it but probably no more than I use the schools now. I normally only use the manu school and only on scholars day.
  18. pvp afk

    If this were to happen I would leave and not return. the material items wouldn't bother me that much but the thought of having my stats wiped and starting over?? I speak only for myself
  19. Manufacturing strike!

    If the price of manu items goes up then so will the price of their ingredients. Ingredients will always be worth more than the finished item (probably because of the chance to make specials in my oppinion). I stopped selling all manu items around 2 years ago so i guess you can count me in.
  20. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    I found mine in a cook book.
  21. Players using good gear on low creatures ?

    I usually train chims in augmented leather, or steel chain with iron helm, steel shield, leather boots. for yetis I'll add a col and cutlass.
  22. best pk drop ever

    I once got an NMT, titan cuisses, titan greaves, a red cape, col, HE's in a single drop. Ask me ingame and i'll tell you from who. This person attacked me not the other way around.
  23. balthasar3 - cheap guy

    welcome to the world of manufacturing. get used to this sort of thing. Part of why i got out of the business. notice how you were undercut when you were already selling it for less than the cost of the ingredients?
  24. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    1. LochnessLobster 2. I'm willing to participate 3. male
  25. Question about the economy

    When did we start having a manu community? It's always been every man(u) for himself as far as i can tell. In the past attempts were made to organise and cut production and raise prices but all failed. There were always those willing to take up the slack. I switched to fighting a long time ago and was much happier with it until the attribute cap. I might suggest other skills if you aren't happy with manu.