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  1. *Remember When*

    Hey pplz! A friend (street_ghost) linked me to this thread and I couldn't resist not to post. I wanna say HI to all of my friends and guildmates form best guild ever (WOLF) from the old times. This sure was one of the best games ever. Ahh well. Thanks SKA for mentioning me I miss most of all sitting with all fine ppl in KF and just chilling. Take care all yo P.S. here is a picture of a Wolf guild manhunt squad ^^
  2. Show a pic of yourself!

    reyana is hot indeed
  3. Avatar

    for some reason i cant put anything to my avatar and i really like this one, gj vart
  4. Eternal Lands Fact Files

    if some1 just write down all what happened on all servers, old guilds and their wars, it would serve as nice war history in KF or such...anyway sorry for interupting
  5. Hazor has left the building...

    hazor we miss u dude btw i hope some drunken dude kidnaps u there and drag u on some wild party and u get drunken like a russian, and after they set u up with this cute blonde girl and in the morning u realise u got laid and than u feel sorry at first but after u realise it was so good, and u decide u like it
  6. u guys miss me or sumthin?

    dude u always afk when i come and plus i cant do my pox pox pox all the time since some crazy spamm obsesed persons came to be rulers by not so clear ways to public <_< Aerowind hehe do u miss beeing a Wolf and listening to our guild mesages muahahah :lol:
  7. u guys miss me or sumthin?

    It really feels great to be missed. teh banned 0n3na you don't really belong here so please restrain from who misses me topics in future, your presence offends me and absolutely no1 really wants to hear your opinion. Matrixx hehe u just get frisky dude Soldus and Aisy HIIIIIIIII i miss u two love birds :wink: ska im sorry no1 high lvl was there when u came, i promis if no1 else i will plvl u dude, btw i got scammed there for like all my money but its ok
  8. u guys miss me or sumthin?

    hehe how cute, sorry for spamm i dont read all sections Spock i don't think mono is coming back.... she might come and visit for chat while server is down for maintaince in Conquer
  9. u guys miss me or sumthin?

    i can say i quit EL some time ago, for reasons all old players left the sinkin ship...and today i read my mail and find this Subject: Eternal - Lands.net | The Official EL Community Network :: ? From: "Eternal - Lands.net | The Official EL Community Network" <bumhole@bumhole.com> This is a mail from Eternal - Lands.net | The Official EL Community Network Message: hi so i was wondering u guys miss me, want to gimme my char and guild back or its just small talk by mail. :twisted: anyway greetings to all of my friends and ex guildmates, if u want u can find old school playaz in Conquer
  10. Show a pic of yourself!

    eeek Slayton looks like some maniacal killer who spend days and nights observing his pray... j/k hehe
  11. Eternal Wolves guild made a manhunt in KF ( kill jasonx_2k3 and win serp, tit armor, rare books, kiss from BeyoncE and 50k ) Well nobody won, but there was some nasty fighting in duration of more than 1 hour! Blood anf gore everywhere, ppl fighting, ppl casting spells and ppl stealing from the dead....all those beautiful things KF havent seen in a long time.... Thx for all who tried and expect more of this soon heheh
  12. donate for more contest please

    i never saw ur name BC'd during any contest...scammer
  13. Show a pic of yourself!

    Here are some pics Heretik put on his site some time ago http://getstat.politicalunrest.net/pics/ since i dont come on forum anymore, i just wanna say i miss old server , bye
  14. Other cool mmorpgs

    Yes i said official site has some problems, try this one http://dlx.gamespot.com/pc/knightonline/index.html I got it from here, just register (free)
  15. Dont you love this song? Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they're here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be, There's new server hanging over me. Oh, yesterday came suddenly. Why EXP had to go I don't know Ent wouldn't say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday. Yesterday, EL was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday. Mm mm mm mm mm.