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  1. cpu load probs with new client

    Hi, got an odd problem here; installed new client and my fps has dropped to 8 then up to 12 with poor man option, and my cpu load is very high and starts to overheat quite quickly, on previous client I had no probs and I had limited the fps to 60 as i was getting 100 to 200 fps. Not sure what temps i was getting with old client as never really looked but fans were quiet so i guess around 30 to 40c. My configuration is: CPU: AMD FX 8150 8 core @ 4153MHz (Water-cooled) 8Gb 1600 MHz Ram Two Radeon HD6870 cards in crossfire mode with latest catalyst drivers Primary HDD: SATA3 SSD Windows 7 64bit with latest updates All drivers for motherboard and all other components, including bios, are latest versions Temps under usual load for CPU (battlefield 3 / 3dmark 11 etc..) peak at around 50 to 52c Temp with new EL client reached 63c before i logged off Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks