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  1. Gorlic Gone

    Well then somoene really should tell that to the people who make the guides then like http://o.tfm.ro
  2. Gorlic Gone

    Where did Gorlic go. For those of you who don't know Gorlic is the guy who sells Crystal books for quartz and the like. Where can I find him because I want toget those books.
  3. Announcing, Other-Life

    Sounds pretty cool. Well it would of course have to be free unless they pay royalties to Entropy and of course he can't get royalties for it because hundreds of people helped design it so of course Other-Life is going to be free. Also what happens when the monsters become to powerful for anyone to defeat? I assume there is going to be a level cap on the monsters. Also I think you should have different classes with different abilities like D&D. I have yet to see a good free D&D based rpg.
  4. ...

    Okay 1) I never signed up because I had made some boards but no one ever told me the link. I had the site made too. 2) I was away because what was the point of working more if it was just gonna go to waste and I had things to do.
  5. ...

    W00T. I AM BACK BABY!!! Okay. 1) Damn GDC collapsed. 2) Kay sign me up for ur section. 3) I am playing again just not as much cuz i am programming.
  6. Storage space is too small

    the items stack up, thats why u can have over 300 coal or of an item and it only takes up one slot. You can have 50 different items in storage.
  7. ...

    ATTENTION: For the next while I wll be away form EL as I already have sorry I havn't been around. I am just waiting for some new computer parts to come in. Hopefully thato r osme anime's or mangas. lol.
  8. ...

    hey grum to let u kinow the site (my version) will be upfairly soon as i collect all the info and stuff.
  9. Advanced summoning

    ha ha thats a funny rabbit. g/j also i dont really like hte suggestion but have like monsters already come with eapons NO ANIMALS.
  10. Where to sell coal?

    Where do you sell your coal at? I have like 128 coal i need to sell.
  11. ooo thanks for answering some questions of mine too moonshadow.
  12. Guild Houses

    heh ya the gdc is getting large too. i made a guild map for the gdc and sent it in as my mapper test but Moonshadow never replied. :roll:
  13. Player Stats

    it should be a free view, like the whole free flow of information dealy. I dont care if people look at my stats cuz i dont pk.
  14. 100 million giveaway!

    i'm in jjk edit: btw jjk ur sister is pretty hot. i saw her pic on ur "site" if u can eve ncall it taht.
  15. ...

    WAHOO. TODAY ST PATRICKS DAY, is a glorious day for all of the Grand Dragon Council, for it is the day that Anki Lucifer the Red hath acomplished his goal to become an official member of thy council. All thy are waiting for, is for Grum or Kayliana to accept me and the Grand Dragon Council has an official Grand Ambassador.