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  1. Merlux

    I did all the trading!!, I hacked all their accounts and did it all myself!!
  2. Merlux

    So be it, just say so. (then I'll know not to bother)
  3. Merlux

    For argument sake, lets say I was.
  4. Merlux

    Its simple, I take full responsibility for all the extra chars, I will provide a photo, but I just want Mona_Lisa alone to be accepted back. Why is that so hard?
  5. Merlux

    Never did!! If your refering to the post earlier... I figured you were being sarcastic and didn't deserve a reply, what i meant was I have done no pms with anyone. Of course I talk to my wife, everyday. As for her gains, I believe most have come from other players, and if they were allowed to post would state that too.
  6. Merlux

    So unlock Mona_Lisa and thats that!!!
  7. Merlux

    I've had enough Unlock Mona_lisa only, thanks.
  8. Merlux

    I agree with that, but the third party (that created this mess) has been disabled from using EL (by me). I just don't want to disable Mona_Lisa because I helped her out. What is reasonable amount of trading? If we harvest party with others we cannot divide the takings? (you stated earlier, we cannot work on the same project). If you say yes to this, unlock Mona_lisa only!
  9. Merlux

    Thanks Revi, that is how I thought of it, but apparently not. Aislinn the reason I am here was to help others including Mona_Lisa and myself, if I cannot help Mona_lisa with trading of an item or something she needs, (like I would for any guidie) then unlock Mona_Lisa only, as I will be joining your opposition and playing there. Also we do not get any error messages, we get the login screen and that is it. Thanks.
  10. Merlux

    First "no sharing either direction with each other or anybody else" So no harvest parties with anyone at all? No helping noobs? Second -> where do you want the picture sent to?
  11. Merlux

    One month has passed, can I come back?
  12. Merlux

    K ty Quick question, being married, is it only one char or can we get both back?
  13. Merlux

    I guess after nine months or trading with everyone, it does add up. Since I've had no conversation with anyone, I guess I'm banned for eternity?
  14. Merlux

    Merlux banned due to high trading (harvest parties)