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  1. Fed

    A little update HR 1207 Update
  2. Fed

    Nobody needs to believe in the Conspiracy stuff, but everybody should watch it or get information on another way, with an open mind and atleast consider there could be some information that is close to the truth. The people do a great job everyday trying to gather information and put them together. Some go over the borders but who does really know if they aren't telling "some" truth? Everybody needs to find out for himself. Why should you believe in everything the Government says? Most of them don't have a clue about the topics they discuss about. Same for TV, they tell you what they want, they get some experts who are totally off the topic, as if they were telling the right thing, not to mention those poor journalists who want to keep up with the experts and tell their bullshit. Those who have even less clue about the discussed topic buy it especially when every show and every channel tell you the same. Ever watched a discussion on TV about a topic that you know a lot about? How much did you agree with those on TV or politicians? Guess how it is when they discuss topics that you aren't familiar with. What scared me is all the hype about Obama. I hate seeing so called "Super Stars" on TV, i really don't care about their lifes or anything special. Now when they do the same to a politician who does have a lot of power, people get hyped about him and do whatever he sais, believe whatever he sais and let him do whatever he sais. That is scary. Especially after all America went through with Bush, to be so naiv and be hyped so much about another politician. I mean how can you again let a politician brainwash you. He might have said some things that you like, if you listened..but he hadn't even done a thing and people already lost their minds. This comparison might be not right but everytime i saw a huge crowd cheer for some politician, bad things happened. What i gather is that the FED is private, not Federal. Nobody knows what they are doing. The huge Banks sit behind the FED and let their guy, now Bernanke? (I just looked him up and aparently he is ranked the 4th most powerful man, uh oh, why would he be a powerful man? He controls the money, he doesn't manage it, no, he controls it) Experts say the FED does have the power, the power to cause this kind of crisis manually. I think the FED should've known that this was coming and i think they know exactly how to stop the crisis but they are doing the opposite on purpose. A lot of economists predicted this crisis and warned the people 25 years ago! The House credit thing that caused the crisis started when Clinton was president, Clintons guys now support Obama i heard? How i understood is that Clinton payed some debt back to the FED but this system is biased on scaling debt so what the Banks or FED did then to increase the debt again is get it from the normal people by letting the poor get their houses (Correct me if you want, not sure if i explained it right, i got my information from a different language) So basically the economy and the FED in the middle, the whole system based on the FED, is made to fail, it has to fail in order to work. History shows. Nobody questions the FED, because it is normal, it says Federal, it must be something good..Why is it there? What does it do? With HR1207 you may be able to find out what happens with your money, who controls the money, why many people lost their houses, why are there bailouts. There is no reason why you shouldn't know what's going on, the FED is Private after all and is above the government. Money rules the world.
  3. Fed

    A lot is going on around the world right now but there is one thing that i find important and want you to look into it. It's about the transparency of the fed which is really an issue since decates. The video explains it good i think, if you want to know more there's plenty of information online. "Dial the number and ask for your representative's office. Ask them if your representatives is a co-sponsor of HR 1207 the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (or you can click the link in the info for this video and look for yourself). You can detail the bill to them if you feel comfortable and tell them you support it and would like to see your member as a co-sponsor. Not too hard. Takes 2 minutes. " I opened this thread on General Chat on purpose because i think more people look in here. Please spread it. Hope it helps. Greetings to everybody *hugs*
  4. What was your first guild?

    First member of *CO*, i think i can say i was CO-Founder. I'm not responsible for what *CO* is now.
  5. When I started to play EL ...

    Oh great, another thread. Watch the living fossil at beam! When i started, there was nothing except chatting.
  6. How old are you?

    I'm old but people guess me 5 years younger than i actually am even if i wear a beard, so i'm young. Age doesn't count for me, i can act like a 5 year old or be wise and mature like an adult. Umbrena, something is wrong there.
  7. Coke or Pepsi?

    Both sucks.
  8. Things you hate!

    xbox360 just kidding
  9. Eternal-Lands Movie

    What is the point of this video
  10. Whats your Rig?

    Thanks goats but i really need a laptop
  11. Whats your Rig?

    Hi Matrixx!! I don't have a computer 8[ This one got old for gaming so i'm probably going to get a notebook with santa rosa and all the neat stuff!! Wish it could be some AMD stuff but i can't wait any longer Any recommendations are allowed
  12. Best thing ever made

    That reminds me of the best page EVER!!!! http://www.z0r.de/?id=0 Press the following Links to scroll through the website. « Vorher | Zufall | Nächstes » Enjoy and feel free to post your favourites
  13. Bambie & Thumper

    Looks delicious.
  14. LOL RADU's Fan Club picture xD

    lol nice all noobs in one picture