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  1. Cannot return Pie Quest.

    Hello. I have the following problem: I have started the Pie Quest 2 weeks ago and got the list of stuff I need to bring to Hyutan and a week ago I had to reinstall my EL. Today , since it is Magic Day, I decided to turn in the Pie Quest and I dont seem to be able to do so. When I do the conversation with Hyutan he doesnt let me give him the stuff needed and to be more accurate , after the Comptetition dialog I get More and then Goodbye... I am a hundred percent sure I havent done this quest before and cant get why I cant do so now...
  2. EL run fail

    Hi. When i run the game , the background shows and it starts loading when i get to "Initializing OpenGL extensions" and everything freezes there. I'm on Windows XP SP2.
  3. bow making

    well if anyone is lazy enough this game wont move ... :/
  4. bow making

    Fantastic Idea
  5. Eternal Lands

    Hello Its kinda weird question and almost impossible but is there gonna be a Mobile version of Eternal Lands . Like Android phones or Symbian v3^ ? Its gonna be really great for ALL eternal lands lovers . It is going to be a 1/2 years hard work but its worth it im sure some people will support this thing . Vass_71
  6. Lock

    Ok ok then dont lock it u may delete topic
  7. Lock

    Hello Im here to ask mods can you lock my character vass_71 bcz i wont be able to play bcz of my school and etc ... Can mods lock my player and unlock it when im back ?
  8. Follow

    Yes thats what im talking about piper and also we can have command #ignore_follow <name> or #ignore_follow (for ignoring all the follows) And as for LittleLooter - what is the matter that this is from WoW :/ ? We have to make this game more cool for the newbies and for every player
  9. Follow

    What about making a new command like /follow . When i was banned i played WoW 2 weeks and saw a good command . So i suggest when you want to follow someone to type /follow <name> and leave the player follows the leader it will be very cool . Please comment this topic also like the Duel Button one. And lets hope mods to put them ingame
  10. password protected hyperbag

    No need to be from shop i think . Only the key that makes a hyperbag when u click it to hyper a bag it displays you a window with Password . That way we will get rid of the hyperbag scamming and stuff...
  11. New Button

    I think this part can be abused. Imagine that 2 ppl arrange fight 1 pr0 and 1 noob. It's easy and fast way to make incredibly amount of gold. i think it shoul be more like EL lottery. All bets are going to 1 bag and after one side win funds are gave out. 5-10% of bank could go to the winner. Oh right sorry ... I forgot about that . No bets .
  12. New Button

    Yes there wont be a a/d XP or mag XP on duels As Maxine said ok no crowding in ch 6 ill like mods to take care about this new function ill be very happy if we can use it after month or when its done ))
  13. New Button

    Great but i think it will be good enough without the special map cuz this will make more work for this ... and u can duel as much times as you want not only once or twice :/ The duels will be non-drop . When the 2 players duel no other player around can heal/harm/poison/ etc etc etc to mess arround in their duel. We can make a Bet system . Like this: 2 players are ahead to duel other people can type #bet_<ammount gc> <player name> . So if the player they bet on win the ppl who Bet get twice the gold they bet
  14. New Button

    indeed im very happy u liked it . I think ignoring people duels will be better for avoiding spams like : #ignore_duel [player] // I hope mods to see the topic
  15. New Button

    Why dont we make a new button in the action bar ? It can be a Duel button . The player click on it and the player that want to duel . Then a message apears on the other player's screen to Accept or Decline the duel . When the players duel and one of the players hp gets 20 or lower the duel automatic stops and the winner is crowded in the PK channel . This thing can also be handy for weaker players that are afraid to go to PK zones cuz they can be killed by mobs or other stronger players. What do you think ? OOOH ALMOST FORGOT !! The duels will be non-drop !