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  1. Pickaxe.

    I haven't messed with the client at all. New selection is not checked, and I'm still having the same "problem" if thats what you want to call it. It happens when I'm in palon vertas mining coal. I was harvesting lilacs earlier. So harvesting both times.
  2. Which Armor Do You Use Most?

    I'd be speaking for my char Slinky. Leather torso, leather pants, iron helm, enhanced wooden shield, fur cloak. I know I can do better, but you can't get any more pro than that.
  3. 2008 Presidential Candidates

    Radu 4 pres.
  4. USA 2008 Elections

    I would have voted for Hilary, but since its between Barack and McCain I probably won't vote at all. May change my mind, probably not.
  5. Pickaxe.

    I'm in portland. And everytime I mouse over anything's name or health bar I get a pickaxe symbol. I cycled through all the options (look and use with are normal). But on the normal setting, mousing over anything I get a pickaxe symbol. I can't take a screenshot because the mouse doesn't show up. I've went in and out of buildings, not a map change yet. Also when I click, it says too far away from. Even if I am standing right by the person/animal. If you want more info for bug testing or something my name is slinky and I should be online for awhile. Also, it just went back to normal when I went to the flower shop. Then when I crossed the bridge it went back to the pickaxe. EDIT: While in storage it was normal. Outside it's back to the pickaxe.
  6. Buying bear furs.

    Would like to buy bear furs. As much as you have. 15gc each. PM SLINKY in game.
  7. For miners, like 75% damage protection from cave walls falling. I mean come on, miners gotta protect those pretty faces. I'm assuming the random events are to ensure there are no mining bots. But say there was like a 25% chance the hat would fall off when hit. Or even higher.
  8. Help me.

    Thanks, I had to update my graphics driver. I was hesitant, because I had to update it for another game and the game was completely messed up. Then later I learned that they messed up something in the opengl on the update. And I knew this game ran in opengl. So I guess all is well. Thanks for the help. But Have to start a new thread for some ingame problems.
  9. perks

    I have the illegal operation perk. It keeps me from playing the game. Positive or negative is yet to be determined.
  10. Help me.

    7/10/04 The secondary one is the same.
  11. Help me.

    AMD Sempron Processor 3300 2ghz 512 ram Not exactly sure how to check my graphics driver version. Though while checking my display adapters I found there was a Radeon 9550 and a Radeon 9550 Secondary. Not really sure what that secondary is.
  12. Help me.

    When the client starts to load, it gets stuck at the "initializing opengl function" stage. Then illegal operations. \\ Ati Radeon 9550 graphics card. I don't know if system stats will help you because I have run E-L on this computer before with no problems.
  13. Crash on startup.

    I keep trying to load, but it crashes. Have latest graphics drivers though I don't see why it would matter because my old graphics drivers worked well also. On another computer I had to do the ATI bug fix, but since I can't get in the game I don't know any other way of fixing that. Ati Radeon 9550 - graphics, plus I heard something about that they messed up the open-gl in the newer drivers ( I fixed that already because of a previous problem.) Is there a way to use the bug fix without loading the client?
  14. Won't load.

    Okay that worked for the walking around problem. Though I still have alot of lag "which could be my internet connection", but after around 10-20 seconds my whole computer freezes.
  15. Won't load.

    Just loaded the chipset + drivers update before I saw your message. Would my sound drivers have anything to do with it? Edit: Okay I just got in for like more than 5 seconds...It was about 20 seconds and I was able to click to move...but my guy wasn't moving where I clicked + I didn't get the nifty indicator that says you clicked and where you are going to.