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  1. Is my character locked?

    i was just clarifying that there is no character named LaNora anymore, just before someone starts yelling about middleman trading.
  2. Is my character locked?

    From my understanding of rules, even if you have waited, you would break rules. Isn't it considered as middleman trading ? Your char will get something from your "another char" by giving it to "third person" which will trade it back to you ... no....i/me/myself/etc IS lanora, i had a character NAMED lanora for a long time, which was sold long ago and name was changed, so "lanora" the character no longer exists. he was talking about giving me (lanora) the icy/isiltari character and me giving him (tirun) stuff off said character. no third person involved.
  3. Is my character locked?

    and please keep in mind, i did/do not WANT to be running around with icy's name, i am not her. there was no super secret cover up with a name change....the name was changed and thats all, to the people i am close to in game, i made no secret of who is running the character, also, anyone that is/was on the friends list, when i got a pm, i let them know up front exactly who they were talking to. edited for typo
  4. Is my character locked?

    i know you didn't, but isiltari char belongs to me now and is locked as well. to me that indicates i did something wrong....which i did not.
  5. Is my character locked?

    ok first of all, kaddy, you really ought to butt out, thanks. and second, im posting on my lanora account because thats what im known by, i sold the lanora character long ago, but kept the name here on the forum. i took a break from the game for awhile but there are other longtimers around who know me well enough. i dont cheat. thats all there is to it. icy wants her character back, well thats between me, her, and tirun now isnt it? as was posted previously, real life stuff doesn't belong on the forum, so i will leave it out of my post, save to say, yes, i am living with tirun in louisiana now after having moved from alabama, yes we trade between characters, which is not and has never been illegal. it was something foncemerlin/drkhwk and i checked into YEARS ago. its not illegal. if icy (or anyone including myself) gives out their password and lose the account, thats tough. its not a reason to lock said characters, especially when entropy was pm'ed about the situation.
  6. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    you have all our good thoughts and best wishes now and in the following days, LaNora and drkhwk
  7. The Greatest EL Player

    hmmm.... i gotta say, chickengeorge, for falling asleep while sitting in kf and not dying... worf, because he is supersweet... and brendal because we still cant figure out how he managed to lose an nmt...(we are still taking bets on what exactly happened) and just maybe pyewacket for losing a rost while picking flowers....
  8. How chinese treat animals

    i also only made it thru a few seconds of the video, and i thought i could stomach anything. apparantly not because my lunch is trying to make another appearance. at first i thought 'different culture, different customs' but this (what i saw of it) was terrible. i cant even say that the animals werent shot or something to save the hide...because i would think that bashing the things on the ground to 'stun' them would also damage it. at the very very least, they could kill the animals right before or even right after to put it out of its misery. someone here (sorry but i didnt pay attention to names) said 'i cant believe that anything could be alive with that much skin ripped off' (or something similar), yes, its evident that something can. you would be surprised what a damage a body can sustain before it dies. and slyz0r, yes animals may be soulless but it doesnt mean that they cant feel pain, imagine if your skin were ripped off, even if you were in a coma, dont think that the nerves dont still do their job, im thinking of a million papercuts and lemon juice. it does matter. im not as big of a treehugger as some, but this video was just disgusting. it would be disgusting in any country, any city, any town.
  9. Must be a Gnomian invention!

    lol, wasnt the bike already invented?
  10. identify this song

    good job lab! i vote you get 100 gold stars! \o/
  11. Maintenance done on the server

    And welcome back to the States!!!!
  12. If EL were RL.....

    lol theres a good description of some people i've met... 10 pounds of bull**** in a 5 pound bag
  13. buddy list

    HAHAHA some peeps already have a perk like that...i think its genetic
  14. Weird thing O.o

    i can get it to go wither way fairly easy, but i'm not sure it isn't just the picture itself, when she goes one way its one foot thats up and the other foot is up for the other way....drk seems to think its my perception but i don't think so...you can tell which foot is up when she is facing towards or away from you... o0
  15. selling iron ore

    bought it