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    Right, Me (Fuze_) Got banned on the 30th June because of a stupid misunderstanding/mistake whatever you wan't to call it of making a alt. I don't know what I was thinking at the time of making the alt and don't know why I did it as I knew I would of been found out and banned again because It's against my conditions. Since I was back in EL I've tried hard keeping out of scamming/BJing/Luring and all that stuff and went to my first instance which was great All I'm asking from you Aislinn is just hear me out for once. I just read the Bans policy and it says all bans will be automatically 1month. That's fine I can do that. (It has been 2 weeks already) If you let me back after this 1month on the same conditions I was on before. I can promise you I won't make this stupid mistake again and get banned. If I do (Which I won't) Break any of these conditions I'll be fine with you banning me again and restarting the 1month ban just like it says in the Bans Policy. I have been reading my conditions over and over, I'm sure I won't break any of them again. Thanks, Fuze_