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  1. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 8652, 1200 Amber and I have 922, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 50, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 2.
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I like to book 30000 Iron Ore as well, please
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I need 25000 Red Toadstool.
  4. Air Essence sale

    Looking for buyer to buy 100k air essences this weekend.
  5. weak wtf team

    A/D 110/114 Full mule Ranging 48 No AP, but ER perk Full RD/BD Thermal/R2
  6. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I don't range no AP My remote heal is 15HP When I on cd/mana refill I can't do anything else my limitation is that bad What should I do then?
  7. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    1 more thing Range 60-80 die a lot and col needs a rosto really. I don't think that making col mandatory here be a good idea those who just can't afford it can't go then? Loosing col to bag jumper would need them a week plus to buy again. Some save for it for weeks. I really don't know hwre Also, iron set give -2 or -3 cold damage those who can't restore only heal at 10hp per time gonna be tought for them.
  8. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    @Aislinn I am confused with Question #1 Helping: Do you think it is ok for invancers to hang around doing nothing (for any reason) even though there are multiple ways to still help and others are still fighting? I voted NO, but I am confused. Would it be mandatory to fight all the time none-stop, or person should be allowed a bread if she/he is on diss cooldown? Also, I spend 1min of not fighting high mobs if mana is at 0. 1 min to get 50% mana filled. Should we modify a little may be? Attacking while diss is cooling if you get hit by something big and no mana you die. If attack before you got even 1 restore you can die as well. If attack at 0 mana and diss cooldown guoranteed death if mob very high Should it be a little changed may be? So, players don't face impossible choise attack and die or wait and may be be banned for rule breaking?
  9. New invance rules discussion

    Iron set is 40kgc or more. Plus it would do like 4-5 cold damage. For 40-60 invance some got no restore others got it with a lot of fails so no good as min expencive and cold damage.
  10. New invance rules discussion

    Ok what I wanted to say yesterday and someone said about bought PPs today. If player is effective in arugs or iron plate let them. If she/he has maxed instinct vitality etc and can fight in arugs why not? I see people bashing mcw in arugs or even naked trying to break stuff for quest if he is 1-man-army as long as he helps he can go fight in anything even his underpants I do not have anything to say about weapons I am afraid As many said said already as long as player is giving a good help it shouldn't matter what she.he brings. Each fights with their own inique set. I prefere radio rapier and I never use fire arrows hence my damage to a naspaliu for example is 15-20HP only compared to up-to 80HP as some people make using thermal serp with fire or ice arrow. I do not use magic arrows for 2 reasons First is that due to reasoning 4 only I can't hit them at all even on pots Secondly is that I get larger mirrors and if I have to tank it as well that amounts to too high damage I can't restore in fast enought I am mixer build not really good as tank or as fighter Good to produce loads of items fast. But I like invances very much and this goes for instance too so I am doing my best as usually. In certain situations it isn't enought as my atributes set me a limit so I retreat.
  11. New invance rules discussion

    Ok sorry Aislinn i got carryed away with my last post as I usually do But I just try to be as exact as possible this is my nature can't help that. I try to do my quote shorter. Storage at fort good idea Rings to send you back ontoinvance map instead of normal map be tought to do No return map bad idea unless it be done like instance to respawn at fort Boot after 1 minute not a good idea as you can be afk for more then a minute because you have to or due to things outside of your control.
  12. New invance rules discussion

    I don't play WoW so I can't tell you exactly. I know sister whines dayli about something where GM is preventing her to go. That is all I know
  13. New invance rules discussion

    We aren't a big I wish we were tho it be a lot more fun with more different people. EL must change and radically for it to become more popular and attract more players may be from other games. And Zaer you are correct here is such system on WoW. I know cuz my sister is giving me grieff for past week over it. She keeps failing ''initiation test'' or ''graduation test'' or what ever it is called. For those who fail it they cannot go to higher level places even if their skill level etc is higher enought.
  14. New invance rules discussion

    Thank you soo much Infamous. You made me feel a lot better then after i read Aislinn's replys Aislinn I am sorry if I got misunderstood or If I worded it wrongly. I am not a good writer. I was always rubbish with words even most important ones in my life. Online the same. When I write I am complelled to give best possible version of something which often leads to beeing 20+ pages long. Different people told me different things For example on normal day i need 2 minutes to max my mana with SR. And while doing it I try fighting something smaller or not fight at all. Because if I get a switch half mana won't help me. So, I was told a few times by players why am i just standing here. I now always announce my cooldown and low mana. I do not reattack again after dissing till my diss has fully cooled. I have 4-5 such safe guards which made my fighting more efficient and more safer so to say without any damage to perfomance
  15. New invance rules discussion

    Aisy i never said that you told me all that. I had this told by other players