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  1. Changes made to all instances

    that's a logical consequence of increasing knowledge of the game, magic/ranging power and gear available for average player changes that should be done imo (from what i understand to be the current state): 60-80 - i don't know much about it but i hear it's fine except minimum drops should be more than 0 80-100 - left it long ago, also minimum drops should be more than 0 100-120 - acw/trice numbers switched (acw harder than trice, so should be less of them) 120-140 - nasps should be replaced with new similar creature (for simple solution let's call it "mare nasparliu" and say it looks exactly the same) that has more defense levels (120-130) - so that 120 a/d player can't kill it 1v1 with sword+arrow on without problems - bulangiu unpinnable - cocarals are a bit easy at this point, we used to kill them at 110 a/d you know... perhaps they should be replaced with "mare cocaral" () that has a bit more armor/toughness and 10 more a/d 120-200 - instead of putting little blues there, there should be new creature that has a chance to summon them (like giant->bears) which would go around the code difficulty in making waves multiple-typed. let's call it "feros shaman" - 25% chance to summon WT, 20% chance to summon little blue, 5% chance to summon big blue. "feros shaman" should be similar to giant in stats/hp, but IMMUNE to ranging/magic/engi. if it would work, well balanced amount of those could replace dragon wave in 120-140 - nasp wave could also benefit from the hopefully newly added "mare nasparliu" - the rest was OK, dragon wave would be ice/black as it was, if you had chance to get a blue dragon or even a few in the first wave - i heard there's a chance to get MB instead of bulas now.. should be milf and nexus removal chance switched from bula to milf (give bulas extra 10k gc and milf should get the nexus chance, perhaps a bit more than bula has now) i don't bring up the drops of wave monsters, that's of secondary importance, but i do believe low instance bosses should have higher than 0 minimum gc, bula should have more average gc instead of nexus chance, and milf should have nexus chance
  2. Heaven Spawner Medallion

    it would defeat the purpose of the perk (hos that is) HS is way too easy to live with! make it work on rings etc it is the description "each time you go to a new map"
  3. New use for Point Defense

    any1 ever stepped on a caltrop except when neno is near or daily places or (rarely these days) in portals/votd? armor does protect you from engi damage, no crits there either the only thing needed to do is add cooldown to rc detonator i think NH suggested it somewhere already i support the PD protect from engi idea the same way it does from arrows 0-100%.. why not. it might get one or two people to reconsider the perk but it's still One way trip to wasting gc/time on reset/remove
  4. it's not exactly "the same hunters" now and wouldn't be with this either. you don't see Dana find joker every day, you don't see Angler finding pears every day, and to this day i never found a treasure. people do specialize and someone would do it the most, but that's not any downside i don't like the idea myself, but i see some of the people i know enjoying it VERY MUCH if it wouldn't be much profitable it could teleport sometimes and post it on channel "i don't feel safe here i'll go someplace else", or whatever and avoid someone really using up gc to look in c1 when it's at ida the whole time, because that would not be fun for the lower level people. you do get all the benefits of daylight tho so it shouldn't give up any more hints except for dying takes 2500 gc to TS an hour with potions at current bot price, 7600 gc with spell - but you do get the lovely magic experience and that would be a first step to make the active magic training in the lower levels any kind of fun.. i think it's only slightly less cost effective than shield spam .. so.. hunting it all day wouldn't be that expensive if you decided to make some potioner miserable with order of 1k true sight potions and all these non-stacking antlers. did i fence off all the cons? if you really need to see reward options before you say it's a good idea grort, i think it could be something that would actually be much more valuable to lower level players, like Sly Fox Fur - if that would be the creature - that you can trade in to an NPC for 5000 magic exp every time you have one
  5. Instance with 3 man

    i think you should avoid the reduced rosto poofing advantages when trying to get radu to change something nevertheless, instances are sometimes too easy, 100-120 with 4 people 115+ a/d and good teamwork was <40 minutes on average (i probably slowed them down taking afk breaks). they probably should depend on the number of people going and their a/d inside the brackets.. i'm sure 4 x 120 a/d can handle much more than 8 x 105 a/d, when the resources are limited to what you bring, but at some point the coin flip on waves changes only whether you carry arrows now or later - it's too easy to require more than 4 people don't get all judgemental about doing instances with less people than are required to go in. except maybe for the WTF teams it's always a struggle to get above the costs (even if you don't use scales/tokens you still die sometimes or break stuff inside).. and all most people want to do is have fun inside and get reward for the risk they are taking and time they spent. recently i found a few people who like to do instances in a full (and that means 5) crew, but that's about it - if someone wants to do regular runs of 6+ people they have to put gc in it to have fun, and with every player the chance to get even and go again tomorrow or something w/o harvesting/etc. to get gc for sr/he/arrows/rosto.. is reduced. so um.. ++ on rabbit's idea, and not just because everyone would love to have a few enters paid 20k instead of 10k to stick around till the end for better drops from player count, i'm sure that can be prevented somehow.. like people who are in instance and not in combat for more than 10 minutes get high damage poison ;P i'm sure if there was a good reason to get 6-8 people team, those two separate teams who both "can't find a 4th" at the same time, because no one wants to go as 6 - would make it work (you know the problem usually is you ONLY want a 4th, not 4th+5th or more.. and you don't even consider some people because with them the 4 might not be enough) i would very much like the instances to be challanging and rewarding enough to go with more than 5 people, but that's just not what it is, so about the throwing us out - it only happened to me 2 times (4 people + enter, enter out, double grue at some point), but i see it as very unfair - we only reduce the number of people to have good chance to get balance between what we pay/bring to get in, and what we're rewarded with. so also ++ on changing it.. does it have to be one time less than 3 and out? imo at least give it some counter, 5 times less than 3 on full minute and out, pretty sure noone can do 2-man instance in 5 mins
  6. Pear finder cooldown

    90 seconds gives 2h+ to find the right map assuming it's the last one you check. then the usual [from 0 to find/give up]. and it will be the same people looking/finding. you think i can't get a small team to use some more finders for me because i have cooldown... changing average from 20 or 26 minutes to 1h or 1.5h would just make me consider conspiring with others to raise the pear price. sure, if you get lucky and find the map you will get 30 mins alone in it instead of 5-15 until someone else finds it. big whoop. you gave us a fun thing to do, why take it away. most of you don't need pears anyway, go find those nexus removals (i never got one, there should be a limit of 1 per player or 3 years cooldown!)
  7. Pears

    lmao. yes, please add 24h cooldown. me, burn and stivy take shifts on morning/evening/whatever #days and leave 1 day for newbs have you tried, Nova?
  8. Pears

    lol. 1. regarding time to find the pear: - my record time to check all c1 maps i do (31) before going to c2 is 8 minutes 11 seconds. it's just a bit of planning and speed hax - maps like naralik or gp really don't have many harvestables... let's assume it's 200 for gp, that means if you check 10 flowers you already have 5% chance to find the pear.. it's statistics that some pears are found <2 minutes. when i find a pear 2:20 or even 0:40 into the #day people ask 'why so slow' 2. there is NO joker-like 'pear positions', it's random. and it causes losses. that's the only bug related to pears: you can't harvest some of the stuff (and pear can be assigned to those) - there's tons of gold in votd you can't reach - there's flowers on the same map as hurquin cave in a house where you can't harvest - there's ore in zirakinbar that you can't harvest - there's sulfur in MM cave so far from where you can stand that you can't reach it - that's not a problem for me, but there's sometimes ore under your feet, you can stand wherever you like, the floor/ground covers it from your eyes 3. why do WE find them, and not you? the pears work they way they do, and we are good at finding them. DEAL WITH IT. i can't kill casty, should i yell to change it so i can? or change it so others can't? for months i had trouble finding a joker, because before i finish looking over 1 map someone finds him and he moves, and i would have to start over. i'm sure newb manufacturers have trouble joining the ranks because someone higher has better fail rate and no one comes to them with ings to mix, so they don't get free exp. why don't you think and ask before causing unnecessary trouble.
  9. it's not fun that there would have to be new punishment implemented for us to have a normal invance, but with the recent problems the idea is great; booting off the invance once is not enough and ban is too much. this, even if not used, would make some people reconsider
  10. i'm no crafter but encyclopedia/wiki lists exactly 0 emeralds in the recipe and i asked a crafter to confirm that i guess i'm the only weirdo to read c2 ring books before all processing/embedding ones. or the only one who cares
  11. Are you a hardcore player ? :)

    i enjoy EL very much, and my time in here (1 year) brough me lots of fun and satisfaction. i killed all creatures except for highest instance bosses at least once and got almost best gear (i don't have any 900k+ weapon but could afford 1 if i really wanted to) frankly, i only need to find nexus removal while harving, find joker at least once (never had the pleasure ), go in a WTF instance and maybe get break quest perks to achieve goals i hope for in this game. i voted YES because the only thing i can't do (unless i want to drop all a/d activities and focus on a mixing skill or magic) is become #1 in anything. everything's been done and catching top players is very hard i understand, however, that the idea is purely theoretical and not possible and people who donate $ for stuff would be furious. maybe when c3 comes with lots of new training grounds? and old millions of gc / levels turned into non-tradable rostos and temporary perks (+100% exp in 1 skill for a few months?) who knows this thread could be just a flame war or future of EL:)
  12. Invance Time

    i very much like the idea of a command like '#in' or something for invances (120-200 running, time left, creatures left, you have invance cooldown for next 3 hours) but if you think it's too much to ask, the idea of a message when giving amber - perfect. enough of sweet talk though. i think this qualifies as related: is this on purpose that you get cooldown even if you undercap? (maybe because someone could range in many 120+ invances) - i wanted to undercap with my alt and help both 40-60 and couldn't get into the second if it's not on purpose but just a simplifier, please think about changing it so that person only gets cooldown if he/she enters invance where he/she can get exp in?
  13. Boss for the 80-100 Invance

    i left 80-100 range couple months ago, but i'd like to think i'm still qualified to pass judgement. it was already upgraded once and it was enough to make it not-always-so-easy, adding giants is an overkill. 1. there's always been that 1 or 2 in the crowd that screamed 'i want acw! i want dragons!' every time they entered 80-100 invance, i don't see why this particular screamer got his wish 2. there's no reason to have very high level monsters in this invance! you won't get a creature that drops good (not talking about very rare), that's not what low invances are for, and 2-3 monsters don't provide a more interesting challange in general, they just provide a challange of getting a tank and a ranger in the invance to get rid of them. i always liked to play a little hack'n'slash in the invance barbarian-style, get 2-3 more people to sword the 'bosses', and let the rangers help with securing the gate to minimise their arrow cost (which tends to be too high. it's not like 120+ or even 100-120 where good distribution of gc drops can cover large part of the expenses) 3. and foremost, giants are just not suited for 80-100. all invances have boss monsters that can be tanked and sworded (without 30/130 freaks ;p), and ranging is just a better option for some creatures (probably not 120+ that's different story, but in 100-120 we could in theory sword all the giants). even the funny little guys in 40-60 sometimes manage. i soloed a white tiger and a feros while UNDERCAPPING 40-60 with a good geared alt. so.. I just wanted to throw some thoughts. radu - don't make all the players in 'advanced' range run in fear just so those few screamers could feel superior when they kill a giant. make them go to AA if you feel it's still too easy get them a few chitros, or change giants to acw, that's something new, harder to kill, has potential for eating unprepared fighters and is still managable with good teamwork but without the need for specialised tank + ranger(s) team. last i heard everyone leveled up (or will soon) to 100-120, so 80-100 is gonna start loosing soon anyway ;p
  14. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    told u there are very few maps with coords 600+, and only accessible coords I can see are in irin. go check that doesn't make sense anyway psiho said my approach to looking at 7th picture is correct (what the.. right? ) but we can't see anything there. so these are my latest impressions (2 versions for each, focusing on 0 and 1 separately): on the left as it was given, 48 bits in a row on the right divided to 8 bits in a row and what I think would best qualify as 'map' - 16x16 image (all blurred to trigger imagination)
  15. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    anyone see anything here? maybe some chinese letters? (I skipped the lines of 'this is map' and 'dig it')