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  1. Aki

    Akipaki my TedEddy... Don't think you're getting away that easy.. I got your msn Incase you never log in tho - hope you stay in touch someway.. -_-
  2. @echo off title Meep echo helluu!! hello.bat Or...something XD
  3. Top Loser List

  4. El's Most Pointless Guild ! |

    CO wins all polls, whatever its about... RAWR BIA!!
  5. The Rise And Fall Of Old El.

    What an insult...
  6. 80's Lyrics Quiz

    I got a score of minus 12.. W00000t!!!
  7. The Rise And Fall Of Old El.

    roflmao.. :lol:
  8. Gen_axis And Megyeers Wedding Pictures

    Dude... You gotta have used my char then!
  9. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring

    Question; will we use our REAL ingame chars? Cuz I'm teh blonde and Aragorn is teh brunette... I'm still sexy tho! ;D In the name of Aragorn, son of Arat....uhm...my forefathers, I log off the forums... May my bless be teh bestoven (?) upon thee!! EEEEEEEEK! BUNNIES!
  10. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring

    I'm dead seeexy!!! w00t
  11. Need Attack Exp ....

    Strange how Don Pedro have higher Att than Def lvl...
  12. While we're at it, why dont we add some guns, grenades and rocket launcers and we'll have the best FPS ever!!
  13. Got Gmail?

    I asked someone to send me an invite like 3 months ago... never got it Immah cry a bit now...
  14. Ela

    Hi, I'm Aepox and I have an EL addiction problem.....
  15. Oldschools And Waht Happened To Them.

    My little steelbar making munkey! W00 miss the old days much <3 for old days
  16. The Interface

    Or how about just have the time displayed in a digital format in the HUD, which, conviently enough, has already been done? Yeah...digital makes the spirit of MMORPG so much more roleplayish? Digital clock is just gay....
  17. Suggestions......

    AHAHAHHAHA Plz move this to flames.... PLEASE!! Ahahah that will be so funny... lmfao
  18. You And Your Drinks

    Coke...COLD coke...
  19. Oldschools And Waht Happened To Them.

    Jevik n' Lightning.. meep
  20. Yeah... I dunno I just really want a cloak/robe/hood like...theives have... with a hood that goes down, covering your face, kinda like this: I dunno what it would be good for.. I just...want a darn nice cloak
  21. Mods

    It says you dont get paid... but didnt nhs get like extra gp for doing their duties a long time ago? Maybe that's just something I imagined
  22. Mods

    I run into em all the time... maybe I dont count as an average player... :-\
  23. What Happened To Wanderingfool?

    pking them wouldn't make them stop coming on Lmao, no offence but I guess you're to "noob" to get the inside joke....
  24. Mods

    Doh! I just wanted powers to abuse! You know... like all mods do 24/7 Where's my sarcasm tags?!