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  1. Enriched essences and binding stoens from shop

    They already have been, haven't they? Or are you talking about titanium chains? Think you can buy bronze shit from the smith npc in melinins :S
  2. Enriched essences and binding stoens from shop

    I think all highlvl armor should be removed from vendor, GIEV PROFIT!!
  3. Your personal moment of glory

    Moment of glory hmm.. Being one of the very first ingame? Still having Artificier perk? Oldschool ftw
  4. Why to join the PK server.

    What wait, scarr selling SRs? O.o
  5. Summon Stone POLL!

    Love how non fighters whine about not being able to defend themselves.. Hire a fricken body guard or join a guild to protect you. Summon stones are just lame, most cash = most/best summons... I think they should atleast be removed from NPC and require a summon level/animal nexus to use. I wouldn't mind seeing them gone from the game tho, to make summoning a bit more usefull.
  6. Go PK!

    Go go pk server
  7. #BEAM ME

    You cant catch because they beam before you can even attack. Pasting beam me and pressing enter takes 2 seconds. 2 sec? You pking old ppl or what?
  8. The NEW PK server...lol

    Actually, it was Roja's idea to start making mods and players PKable Roja sure is craaaaz-ee!
  9. Corpus Opis

    Omg! Spooney wooney woo woo wooo!
  10. What makes you laugh?

    Lmao MP xD And Ent? Who could ever hate you? You fuzzy wuzzy cuddle bunny! (of doom)
  11. Corpus Opis

    Flez is in a nub guild and Trop is whoring IRL WoW is for nabz. Actually I'd prolly play still if only most my mates didn't leave the game. Top 10 guild worldwide before expansion FTW.
  12. Corpus Opis

    Usually I wouldn't take anything from your right hand but since Mussie does that stuff for you I guess one could flip a coin
  13. Corpus Opis

    He does all the wanking for you? I am really interested in how this works out
  14. Exp after cap?

    Yur smartur than I look!
  15. Corpus Opis

    As said in other thread, they would just make few guilds and ally between them. It doesn't solve that problem. And Piper will pwn u all Pip is a one man army! Ph34r!
  16. EL ver 1.50 bug

    You sure default path is program files? Mine installed to c:\programs\ Are you sure you put the options to low in EL.INI? Ie Poor Man etc
  17. Mage class formulas

    Restoration is lvl 21... everyone and their grandmother has that magic level for crying out loud (Yeh I got like lvl 8 but I'm no one!!) For such a powerfull spell to be avaliable at that low level... ridicilous
  18. Exp after cap?

    Ya so if you want over 100 OA you're gonna have to spend a SHITLOAD of times on other skills to get OA lvls, instead of PKing.. Q.Q
  19. Exp after cap?

    So you go pk... Ya but ppl who never reset will be at much higher OA than you, = you're quite fucked
  20. Mage class formulas

    Seeing as magic is so much harder and more expensive to level than attack/defence I think the people who play the mage class should be rewarded for their hard work. I think the high level mages should get more "bang for their buck". Ie a mage with high level and/or rationality should get more bonus from their stats than a lowlvl mage. Formulas in like... Square root of (MagicLvL*Rationality) * 5 Square root of (MagicLvL^2 + Rationality^2) * 4 Square root of (MagicLvL*2 + Rationality^2) * 6 With Magic lvl 10 and Rat 10 / Magic lvl 100 and rat 48 your formula gives MagicLvL*1.5 +Rat*5 = 65 / 390 The suggested ones with same stats Square root of (MagicLvL*Rationality) * 5 =50 / 346 Square root of (MagicLvL^2 + Rationality^2) * 4 =56 / 443 Square root of (MagicLvL*2 + Rationality^2) * 6 =66 / 300 Depending on how much you want it to scale.. Problem is when/if people reach really high magic levels. Also haven't really tested the formulas but the should be close to the numbers you get with your first formula
  21. Mage class formulas

    I personally think you should have a Restore spell, which restores all HP with the cooldown tied to rationality which someone mention but at a higher lvl, say 50+? and another healing spell somewhere along the lines Entropy mentioned.
  22. Xfire and EL

    <-- 5k hours on WoW xD But ontopic.. yeh it works
  23. Exp after cap?

    Well seeing as A/D is the only reasonably fast way to gain OA lvls, after you hit 100 A/D and reset it'll be quite hard to make higher OA than 100 unless you wanna spend ages and ages on other skills which takes alot longer to get XP in.
  24. I need a Swedish Translator...

    I was gonna translate but.. seriously that artice is kind of .. really really boring ... to be honest the more I read of it, the less I understand xD It's about an artist and his photographs, what the write likes and dislikes and how one could intepret the photographs.
  25. DK/SE/NO

    Skulle inte du lira PK med oss Hellraizer?