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  1. Nederlander si teh banned

    :shock: :lol: :shock: :lol: :shock: :lol: whatta ... uhm.. do i dare to say noob?
  2. ...

    The forums were empty when i checked very tempting to drop the first line but... i'm not in the guild XD
  3. ...

    I am not to be attacked, woohoo!
  4. Corpus Opis

    i'm "old"...... 8)
  5. ...

    Gratz ; ))
  6. ...

    wait a min! when did you see cindy? >( i haven't seen her for ages, say hi from me, will ya??
  7. ...

    Ya but it's more convinient ... nvm... i'll just go slam my head against a wall so long
  8. ...

    I do not mean to sound... like a nagging bitch or anything but.... ... you posting in this topic on this forums might be kinda nnoying for some (not for me tho.. ) I'd advise you to go to www.eternal-lands.deforums and have MoonShadow make your clan your own forum ) much easier to communicate then, ayh?
  9. ...

    Owh.. you were the only black dragon? Then i could be dark blue, very dark blue.... But i can't be in 2 guilds at once. If i ever get booted outta CO, i'll join you guys ) As for that officer thing, I wanna take commands, not give em
  10. ...

    I wannid to be a balck dragon if i'd choose.. :
  11. Corpus Opis

    :roll: YAY SLAYTON! wiee!
  12. EL's drop party for it's big B-Day

    I were playing EL the 14th of january, time goes fast.... to fast..
  13. Real Life Names...

    Post a pic of yerselves ) Waah... anyways... here it goes.. EL name: Aepox RL name: Hampus Age: 16 Location: United states of SWEDEN! Woohoo!! Status:Alive n' kickin'!!! Sex: Male Intrests: uhm.... nothing interesting to tell... Hair colour: like...kinda blonde Eye colour: Blue Msn: Just ask fer it... my mail is hampe_jh@hotmail.com ....wait..did i just say that out loud???
  14. Corpus Opis

    Co is Coo
  15. buying/selling LOTS

    How many rabbits furs and how much each fur?
  16. Texture Matrix Take A Look

    Awsome... i gotta go harvest coal!!! j/k
  17. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    he said it already... pking anad hunrting.... Check out his fighting skills instead, yeah? The things he sell can't even be manufactured yet, atleast not most of em.
  18. Map Making

    Enemy Territory as in the FPS enemy territory?! lol.... LOL!

    roflmao gala...hahaha, honestly that was fun! Hahaha
  20. Door Not Working

    I couldn't enter ANY house last time i was there >< have to check again today if someone covers my ass coz i can't take my cape off ><
  21. Manufacturing

    It costs 7500 tho, atleast somewhere around that price
  22. CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    uhm... tomorrow? ><
  23. sheaths?

    ya, think so. Btw if there will be bows and such, will you be able to make the arrows yourself??
  24. Recruiting

    did someone forgot caps on?! >_^
  25. Try to sell to trik, he might buy for more, or else i (aepox) want it ^^