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  1. Only thing i know about wolfram is that it can't take high heat (hence the use in lightbulbs). Will it give heat protection or something?
  2. isn't that....used in lightbulbs? or however its spelled.
  3. Seling noob items..........

    hahahahaha!!! lol... Poor TeacH
  4. new perk ideas :D

    THAT sounds great!
  5. new perk ideas :D

    I like the outlaw one The others aren't too bad either!
  6. New server bug reports!

    i just bought a book of "metal smeling" there's a book of "sword constraction" too...
  7. ...

    :?: *confused* :?:
  8. switching sigils in pk sucks... mage should pk too!
  9. ...

    yes, darling, want a turkey sandwich? Get your feet of the table! You stink i the sack! I take that bag..... :shock:
  10. ...

    and wtf happend to GDC? : ))
  11. Selling master cape

    selling my grey old rag... pm me ingame (aepox) and we'll work out a price
  12. Seling noob items..........

    haha, i'll take everything.... welll..i could,..but i woont
  13. Administrator1

    Delete the char and make it again but with a new password and never use it... end of story.. 8)
  14. Corpus Opis

    izpon, who teh **** would attack a higher lvl player?? except you.... seems like you DO lack some skills, common sense...
  15. War event idea

    first thing i said when i started to play was that i wanted big wars! bah.....I'll go through my chat log and find it.... be of for about 60 hours..... lol
  16. Corpus Opis

    FYI: Gay ppl wear kinda gay clothes......
  17. Corpus Opis

    so.....you're saying highlvl players are gay?? shesh....
  18. ya : )) like no one is ever in there... O.O
  19. Corpus Opis

    lol, that last post got me quite confusesd, hehe :lol:
  20. Favorite bands

    i like brittney spears..... :shock: j/k :lol: i listen to like all music... and i mean ALL...rap/hiphop/rock etc etc etc.... i mean all
  21. Item Certificate

    wellit kinda SUCKS having to trade 2000 of something that aren't stackalbe..... have you ever tured it grum?
  22. NH perk

    And btw, you hardly know who's NH or not anymore so those capes will come in handy for the answer seeking newbs
  23. New Guild Command

    o frick! then i wont go to the battlefield at all ^^ i can't take slapping, i bruise easily.....
  24. Player Stats

    sam, it's not that exciting if a lvl 30 player think he got high stats and attacks like... torando or forve or crus....
  25. omg!!! i told you to add hedgehogs instead of beavers a million times!! i got it in my log!! you shoulda listened to me! i've said that for like 10 months!!!!! gee! :roll: :lol: