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  1. Show a pic of your pets!

    My dog got put asleep 8 days ago
  2. sugestions to fix the econ

    what spam? lol
  3. Trik

    It's not about manufacturers, it's about them fighters taht push the prices down... and maybe one or two manuers... stll it's the fighters that push the prices down by needing fast cash....and fighters are teh richest ones in teh game..
  4. Click to talk

    I use that already.. it's been implemented for a long time Think the manuak says something about it? maybe not.......
  5. Gossip Bot

    He's a propaganda spreading bastard!! i like him 8) Atleast when we will be able to pay him to say things :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: payback time :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Gossip Bot

    lol this could be really fun! You might even be able to make it spread adverticement for you?
  7. Ants

    OMG they are more social (maybe even inteligent) then most players in EL... and a hell of a lot more fun...
  8. Selling bundles of good goodies

    Lock the topic already >.<
  9. Ants

  10. Ants

    :twisted: once that karma system kicks in... i'll swing by KF with my army of ant friends... pray to god i don't attack one by misstake.. >.<
  11. Bug with high phys level

    Have you read any books about fighting?
  12. Ants

    if i drop tit items for one and follow it and heal it and such, can i say i adopted it?
  13. Selling bundles of good goodies

    then why the hell did you bounce it to the top?!?!
  14. Ants

  15. Ants

    Ants rule, very nice work Learner : )))
  16. Help the starving!

    rofl.. i'll pour them some sugar..
  17. make entire game PK map :P

    I think that ..eh...sim..city(?) had a great suggestion would be cool
  18. make entire game PK map :P

    damn crackhead!!!!
  19. new hedge maze

    That maze was wicked when I first saw it... I loved it so much i stayed there for hours... okay... i didn't know the way.. :- Anyway, ya, a small change would be cool
  20. Exactly what i meant Ent : )) it's aaaall good! so, do we get a some bonus def against heat attacks or something?
  21. I like the whole meteor idea, just not in wsc some desert plce like...forest of fall..
  22. new perk ideas :D

  23. Dang, i read almost everything wolfram is cool!!