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  1. Artificer Perk

    Hmm... welll you also said... And i made one iron modable sword out of 100... I am a believer!
  2. Lv Is The Joker King...

    tss....i found first joker, i own you all...he gives crap so i've stopped looking for him as i already know most spawns... nuff said!
  3. Newbie Helper

    If I'd be a NH i'd be it to help the ppl, not the game, even to its affected by it... tho nhing sucks if you do it 24/7
  4. Mobile payment would OWN, there are lot of communities here in sweden which you can pay and get extra features. To do that you send an sms. That's teh own.... Do it!! do it!! XD
  5. I Don't Get This...

    And I l0ve j00 t00 B0k-i!
  6. Tit Axe Con. Book

    153 bones, my leather armour (torso), 36 FE, 47 snap dragons and some hot lving behind a bush in kf? ^^
  7. My El Predictions..

    Omfg i owned back in teh days..i owned manu ^^ i like spawn killed over 600 bunnies, (they spawned at the same place and didnt even move, bug XD) OMG THAT WAS SO PHUCKING PHUN!!!!i bought fox furs from Trop for 1 gp each.. ^^ Hahaha remember when Hades killed Mooner and took his serp?! aahaha XD Here's from when i received the news... XD
  8. Buying Mod Powers

    Sure, I'll ban myself for 100 USD, but I have DialUp, so I have a dynamic IP And of course, we can unban anyone for the right amount >.O DOH!! Guess you have a hard time dling pr0...stuffz... :lol:
  9. Guns

    I'll put this in Nextlish... *throw knifes to shasso* Translation: *throws knives at shasso*
  10. Entropy Takes Money For Stats.

    karma sutra.. O.o
  11. More Races

    I want half giants!! HALF GIANTS I SAY!!! They are teh cool
  12. Err

    hahaha XD
  13. Altar Of Sacrifice

    What Mikeh said. I dont fight but i want meh karma!!!
  14. Buying Mod Powers

    Cicero, its $1k for a permament ban, only $100 USD for a ban that Entropy id permitted to review to see if he stays banned. And don't forget to make sure that Entropy gets his cut form a $1k USD ban! So if I pay you 100 USD can you either ban yourself or Ent? Btw if I pay more can you unban ppl? ^^
  15. Petoria Banned

    Mooner, wasnt i annoying? I mean i always came to you after each update... Hahahaha! remember when i was trying to borrow your sigils?? Aaaahahaha XD
  16. The Best Drops El Has Ever Seen

    I could waste 3k br easy on just 1 ogre..... XD
  17. The Best Drops El Has Ever Seen

    I got 3 serps and 1 tit chain withing 20 mins before this damn crash/reset
  18. Altar Of Sacrifice

  19. Get Easy Enriched

    Well spoke...
  20. Security For Eveybody's Favorite Os!

    that comic owned XD
  21. Get Easy Enriched

    no hell no. What they said.... 500 ess... omg u r so... >.< *goes to flames forum to vent it out*
  22. Wth Is This...

  23. Elmanuals.com

    googlebar... lmfao XD
  24. Security For Eveybody's Favorite Os!

    How about.......screw doom 3 and play the laggy game called EL....