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  1. Scarr Banned..

    Why wouldn't scarr be able to gard? Sounds like a personal vendetta to me. Most other mods would prolly have let him.....
  2. Papabear Banned

    If he's banned how can he stay? ^^
  3. Papabear Banned

    Papi noo!!!!
  4. Grrr I Hate Tankel!

    last time i repaired stuff there it said he had 60/40 chance of fixing the item... 60/40...isnt that 1.5?? so he has 150 % chance of fixing it? It should say 60:40, that means he has 60 % chance of doing the job, and 40 percent of failing....
  5. Will the names be posted on the forums? Or is it like... a secret?
  6. This was taken from the flames forum... I think that if you're gonna leave post it in this topic; Leaving Topic.
  7. I've Been Bannded

    rofl ya XD
  8. El's Future.

  9. Miners Fayre

    "Trading harv cape for serp!!!!" rofl pwned~~11!!1one
  10. My El Predictions..

    Are you sure about that? I remember when Hades killed Tropicano and took HIS sword, and Moon and I had a talk with Hades until he gave it back. I always thought Hades killed Mooner with damage rings and took his serp, a sword Trop didnt have at that time. And that's why Hades ended up on CO's Enemies list...he's still there! XD
  11. lol? She's just out for attention. Not all of us are spoiled. i remember CO trying to pk her for it but she makes it sound like she got the first serp ever >< I dont remember it... rofl XD Maybe because i already had my serp ^^ pwned rofl11!~~~!1!
  12. I Think This Is A Banable Afence

    Mikeh for mayor!! Wooo!!
  13. Is This Legal ?

    so whats the difference?
  14. King_flamme

    Already?!?! Love you Learner
  15. |)0 J00 |-|473 /\/\3

    A month... aaahahhaah *dies laughing*
  16. El Movie

    Now ppl will hack your comp and copy your "favourites".... gj!! really...gj!! spreading em legs, i mean spreading them nasty pr0n sites.... that's just nasty! I cant believe all em scums who watch that yucky crap..... wtf!! Where's my sarcasm tags? XD Edit: Oh and what's the url?! :lol:
  17. Is Afk Research Legal ?

    arent we allowed to leave our char with full food lvl and just not eat? afk read 45 min tops? Isnt taht allowed? If not... I guess i should be banned because i do it all the time allthoug not even intentional
  18. Question

    Doh! Boki, I love ya, but I'm no where NEAR being a mommy...LOL Papa? EeeK!
  19. Question

  20. I'm an explorer, achiver and a socializer!! RAWR!! DIE DIE DIE!! Ops...that was the little warrior in me Immah bit of all...
  21. Summoning At Beam

    So if like 20 ppl are sitting in a pk map...you're not allowed to summon? XD Charming...
  22. Please Delete Account "newton"

    Well, Mooner said he walked to the same spot over and over again..
  23. Just FYI, i dont think ppl can sell their sigils. You can buy them in 2 different magic stores in WS map...