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  1. very old players

    Does pre client release count as old? Fartican! =)
  2. Hey guys im back

    Hehe Handy-pandy
  3. The Greatest EL Player

    i'm amazed anyone that still plays this game besides roja/ent would even remember me.. anyway... you're all noobs and im gonna have to go ahead and say Lightning. He was the first person to make 1mil, get his own house, and get every skill cape. Pioneers are always better then the guys that simply play a game for XXXXXXXX hours and get everything. other than that, it'd be me and tiras for being POTIONMASTERS!!! I'm not a nub! I said Lightning before you! Didn't Frak get an insane amount of money too? :S
  4. PK server account

    PvP server is alot more fun, even tho I never pk. However the small population led me to quit :-\
  5. Are you an EL oldbie?

  6. The Greatest EL Player

    Lightning! Pew pew
  7. Where's Artificer perk? It owns.. Since I'm a wuss and a non fighter I got.. Monster Magnetism Artificer Gelly Bones I can't dance
  8. Are you an EL oldbie?

    Downloaded the first client the day it came out =) <-- Oldbie
  9. Thor

    Nice one mate =) wish you all the luck
  10. Happy 5 Year Anniversary, EL!

    Found myself in two pictures xD When you're all sitting on the VOTD rooftop who's the pale dorf in the middle? It's Ent, Mooner, pale dorf, Leeloo and Roja.
  11. We need more players here

    I'm sorry alot of ppl do that? Do you even play the PK server? Or are you only online during night time (GMT)?
  12. We need more players here

    *Beams to pk once Jumpy logs*
  13. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    Selling Arti Removal Stone, 500k GC =)
  14. The big trade!

    Why is the birthday on 16th of February? It isn't, the birthday is on the 14th, but as the 16th is a Saturday and more ppl will have time to join, I suspect that's why they are doing it then. Thought so.. it was supposed to be released the 13th of Februrary but got delayed to 14th due to "some technical difficulties,with setting up the server and such". Pre Alpha of EL roxzed!