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  1. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce FX 5500/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.0.3 No problems.
  2. Good News and Bad News

    Da fight
  3. Complaints About Rich

    This is not a complaint, but putting it here anyway. Yesterday, the RICH guild held a matter essence making party. I had attended it, and was there for over 2 hours, moving towards 3. It was a great time for everyone, and I ended up getting around 24,000 alchemy experience without having to mine any ingredients or get any food. Thanks to the RICH guild for a great party. Regards, _a_
  4. Messenger Bot sign-up list

    Disregard this, SORRY.
  5. What's the first thing you do?

    #Ci If not on ch1, #jc 1 @Meep (Replies Here etc) #gm Meeples
  6. How did you come up with your EL name?

    _A_; _A_ = A is first letter of my name (Alex), so I chose _A_ since Alex was taken. Before _A_ I was Bobert_, and I got this name ages ago at my friends house when he said his neighbour's name was Robert, but I thought he said Bobert so now I use it.
  7. Freddycarrot825

    You stated you wouldn't complain if he did it again. "Your brother" did it again. Your complaining now..
  8. New update Problems & Flaws

    CYN, didn't have to insult me there. Brain, I'm _A_..Who else would I be.. Bah, hell with this post obviously my views aren't excactly relavent so never mind. _A_
  9. SegV announce war with lol

    I am, obviously with you on this anti. I know -EF-, =HC= and some of *CO* are already hunting them, so they're pretty screwed ;O
  10. Well, I've discussed this with some people and I thought it was flawed to begin with and now I'm getting more sure. Firstly, Economy. Or lack thereof rather, this makes EVERY high level fighter rich since the rare monster drops sell for a lot of gold to the book store person, fighters become rich, everyone else goes flat broke. Secondly, a lot of players aren't going to want to play because of this, and not many new players are going to stick with the game because the knowledges they need to get resources for alchemy, manufacturing, and every skill besides harvesting are too expensive for them to buy. And err, oh yeah!The new players/people without monster magnetism or high defence can't get to said book sellers and thus can't level any skills, except very slowly. My 2 cents.. _A_
  11. The New Update

    I hate this system. How are newbs going to get books? This kills the rare book market [Prices spiked majorly/Dropped majorly] But the big huge problem is.. How the heck are newbies going to get books?The stores are all in Grubani,Tarsengaard, etc.Newbs can't go there safely. Thanks _A_
  12. Omfg Halakermaker!

    2 days to join another guild ;D
  13. Jacoblin.....uber B*****d

    EEP. I really didn't reply to this post the way I should of. Since I somehow overlooked where he said He was somewhat a newbie, I thought well most people don't care about a couple hundred flowers since they are easy to harvest.. YES it is still stealing, and YES it still makes jacoblin an outlaw. Sorry, _A_
  14. Jacoblin.....uber B*****d

    Firstly..It's only flowers, who cares? Secondly..Under tab and above shift is a button labeled "Caps Lock", press it to make your letters lowercase INSTEAD OF LIKE THIS. Also if my calculations are correct, this story seems kinda dumb since..2000 RR + 2000 RS = Not take hours to harvest, and the VotD storage is like 2 seconds away from Red roses so storing would of actually been quicker then bagging. Regards _A_
  15. The Spawn Owner

    That spacing is really irritating :| Also..You don't own the spawn just because you are there, it's free will, JohnnyWrath can kill what he wants when he wants, you are unable to stop him. Regards, _A_