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  1. very old players

    I think I can safely say that you weren't playing EL in the late 80s or early 90s. Game wasn't around then. Try adding a decade haha I know I wasn't even playing RL then either
  2. very old players

    i think i started in late 80s or early 90s. cant remember my memory has gotten worse over the years
  3. =hc=

    what i do to join??
  4. Bag Jumping

    can someone explain bag jumping to me pls?
  5. Buying NMT Cape

    title says it. buying nmt cape post here or pm me in-game
  6. Guess the player name!

    ye you win
  7. Guess the player name!

    http://www.faxmachinesltd.co.uk/images/fax.jpg don't mind the link name
  8. Alfred

    he just needed break from you riding him all day long that's all
  9. Selling

  10. #unkill donpedro? :D

    ok, i did not know about the lock. and about the levels..the fact that he would even let me use the char that he put so much time in is satisfying enough for me. i just thought i would ask thats all.
  11. #unkill donpedro? :D

    i dont believe that the char is locked. i think it is only #kill_me which is why i asked for it to be restored and not unlocked
  12. #unkill donpedro? :D

    he would be giving the char to me seeing as i would have to get the password from him before i log on..
  13. #unkill donpedro? :D

    that may be. however he would not be the one playing on it. it would be me..
  14. #unkill donpedro? :D

    seeing as it is the holidays..i was hoping that you might consider resurrecting donpedro for me. and to prove that im not stealing the char..you can roll it back with the same password and ill get it from don. thanks
  15. Experience

    have you reset?