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    Running from Tumaros's shouts in VOTD. "Catch him! HE STOLE TEH FORK!"
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    Art, Books, History, Celtic things (Anything to do with my heritage)
  1. Do You Hit Your Computer?

    Those who talk to me know I'm always in a struggle with my computer. It's annoys me on purpose, I know it. <_<
  2. What's Your Religion

    I'm Celtic-Baptist... meaning I'm a christian, but I do not beileve that Witchcraft is bad.. or 'of satan'. I believe that the force of what people call 'magic' is another energy of the earth, that 'witches' have dedicated themselves to practice control over. And from there, I just kinda go with what I want? Lol. Hey, if it works, and if it makes you happy, then I say go for it. ^_^
  3. Whats Your Thoughts

    lol. I stick with the name because I've used it for so long. :/ Oh well.
  4. Whats Your Thoughts

    Lol, it's okay. And why's it spam? It conveys a message. :/ And anyways.. it's kinda a long story of how I came up with the name... :/ I did have another name when I first started. But this one was created for Role Play purposes.
  5. Whats Your Thoughts

    Meh... I hate you more. (J/k? ..or not?)
  6. Whats Your Thoughts

    The voices ALWAYS tell you to do it. <_< Here... have some ridalin.. (You'll catch the joke if you watch South Park.. hopefully. Don't make me sound like a dumbass.)
  7. Whats Your Thoughts

    Sorry? Lol, suree... you plotted this all along. I know it. J00 is teh ebul.
  8. Whats Your Thoughts

    AHH!! @.x *SHHHH!!! :dies.
  9. Whats Your Thoughts

    I thought we were talking about In Game.. lol. :shrugs. IRL I'm never mistaken for a girl.
  10. Whats Your Thoughts

    She (he... it?) led me on!!!! ... lemme alone.
  11. Whats Your Thoughts

    ... I kill j00 now. Anyways... let's not bring up that whole thing about the ... yeah. That was traumatic.
  12. Whats Your Thoughts

    I thought I wrote it. (Eye - Ruh)
  13. Whats Your Thoughts

    You know what's funny? I'm almost ALWAYS mistaken for a girl... it's the name. They're pronouncing it wrong. (Eye-Ruh) is the correct way. It's really funny when some old perv comes on and tries to flirt with me.. And I'm like.. "Does my char have boobs?" "No." "Well there you go." "OMG!!" <_< <_< Grrr.. (I'm a guy!!!!!!)
  14. To Die In El

    I absoultely hate the idea.. sorry. I hate any ideas of perminant death. lol.. I like my char too much.
  15. Done With El

    Me either... and it's always so sad when your friends leave.