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  1. Stone of skill lvl transfer

    Hi, i was thinking about a possible new stone... now that there are nexus transfer stones, etc, maybe there could be a stone that exchanges a skill level with another skill. The stones could be already have the direction the "exchange" could happen. manufacture to magic stone, or attack to ranging, etc. It would be interesting because on one side it would change the character, and it could be an option for new ways of training (with a/d 30/70), or give the hard workers of one skill the chance to use it in another skill (and rebuild the skill that was lowered). It could be a very rare stone or bought from an npc or EL shop, but im sure some ppl would use it!
  2. Stone of skill lvl transfer

    Well yeah, that is the point... speed up some things, while slowing down others.
  3. Raw Meat Auction

    5000 raw meat on auction!!! beginning price is 4,5gc each for 6,5 you can take it immediately i will accept offers until Tuesday, 23.59 GMT
  4. Raw Meat Auction

    rasberrybeard! pm me your in-game name and as soon as im on we can trade it! thank you all.. the auction is now closed
  5. Raw Meat Auction

    lol, ok. if there is noone else its yours teehee
  6. New potion

    hey my idea is obvious: to make a potion that makes you have no cooldown on EVERYTHING for 1 or maximum 2 minutes. Its ingredients total cost should add up to around 200gc you can use one of these potions/hour or maybe 2potions/hour because otherwise it would be too strong (so: the potion of no cooldown would have a cooldown actually of 30 minutes or so) why is it good? (because cooldown is evil, and it would be great to have the no cooldown feeling again -even if just for a limited time (and not only in Tahraji Desert).) 1. it would have a good effect on pk (come on, BR potions and damage rings!!! ) 2. if pk than on fighting monsters too (same reason) 3. manufacturers could enjoy for 1 minute making high food consuming products really fast (like the HEs waaay long time ago eating fruits rapidly) 4. i could use it in any skill where i have to use anything that cools down to have no cooldown finally 5. its good to have a lot of potions in a fantasy game can it be done please?
  7. Pay Arenas

    lol i wonder after how many fights people will put in a bone or a red snapdragon to that loot, saying that they have a black dragon torso...? i think that the average of the items to win would be worth 1gc or less... i mean come on! be realistic! someone puts in 100k gc and the other party puts a tiger lilly! it would be such a great opportunity for scammers!
  8. "Small" rostos or ND KF?

    why would i remove it? so you can read it? LOL, once again! solve your own problems!!
  9. "Small" rostos or ND KF?

    LOL! the easiest way to speed up the economy is to put a cap on the amount of things you can have in storage! max 500k of any item inside.. than you would spend all the extra cash... items.. carry money with you... buy anything and come on.. if you want to be the pk king of EL just be spamming all the channels that youre the pr0 and noone can beat you! dont take a rosto so people are tempted to kick some @ss for your drops.. im not a pk-er but all i see on forums is just people whining all the f"+!%ng time about how hard it is to pk .. noone does it... too expensive... JUST GO TO THE PK MAPS AND DONT LEAVE TILL YOU DIE!! thats it!! trust me if you do that you will find enough action there... spend a day in a pk map.. if you survive youre good... if you dont go train some more!! i mean when i began playing this game, there were no rostogols people dieing and loosing their stuff all the time.. deathbags everywhere on the only continent... and noone whining about pk sucks.. this and that... wanna have oldschool pk?? go to tahraji desert!! no cooldowns there... you can be the pr0 if you have a lot of BRs.. like back in the days i mean come on!! there is a no drop kf to practice on players which is such a great thing!! and you still complain!! so ignore the existance of kf accept the fact that there are different kind of PKs in Eternal Lands... one with drops and one without.. choose which pk-er you are? the one who fights at low cost? or the one that dares to win? and if you are the second than never enter KF and stop starting topics like this and stay in any other pk map waiting for people who think like you!! fight in leather if you are scared to loose the expensive stuff till you can kick everybody's ass in leather!! seriously!! cant you people solve your own problems?? all kind of second rosto stones and etc etc... people please... already a thing such as a rosto is a GREAT advantage in EL.. should say thanks to radu for having such a thing.. and not whining for more kinds of saving stones.. etc etc.. as a conclusion.. accept pk as it is!! you like it or not? if not dont do it (and keep your reasons to yourself)! if you like it than choose where you want to fight! oldschool, no drop, pk areas with caps, with cooldown!!! there are soo many options!! so i seriously do not see the point of changing anything about pk ing... ONLY your attitudes like someone said before
  10. and i also had another idea it always interested me in EL how liquid (meaning how easily i can change an item into gc) things are.... would be great to have a bot calculating that as well... the only difficulty is if there can be a formula done for calculating that or just making a general table of liquidity of items... i think a liquidity information would help people trading in-game much more and value the products better!!! i think it would be a really useful statistic about our items and things. the question is the formula and i hope that there are some smart people here who can come up with something really nice on how to calculate liquidity.. my idea was something as follows get statistics from market channel (maybe from rraisa, but that sometimes doesnt work out well) and than divide the number of people buying by the number of people selling a specific item so: buying/selling __ if there are more people buying, the ratio would be over one and that is a good ratio meaning that the item can be sold fast. is it possible to make a bot taking these statistics and calculating liquidity for the past day/week/month?
  11. liquidity calculator

    well nevermind actually
  12. liquidity calculator

    OMG dark ignorance is shining from you! anyways.. eternity... beautiful idea you had .. yeah too much supply, low price, noone produces.... BUT THAN IT CONTINUES FOR F!CK'S SAKE!!.. that is the point of everything cuz than there are no essences cuz prices were low.. and than cuz noone does anything the few essences still in circulation will increase in price and than it begins all over again!!! OMG and it would ruin the economy mr goodaytodie? how? you know what ruins the economy? not knowing what is happening and yet thinking you manage it all... that ruins the economy
  13. liquidity calculator

    once again thats the point if you see that liquidity is falling its time to invest.... cuz the rule is buy low, sell high did you ever buy a stock? you see on a graph that since the new enhanced iron armor .. noone buys others stuff... make some enhanced iron that, sell some, be part of the profit... invest in ingreds and find mixers to mix it for you if you cant, and sell it high.. and if you see a graph falling you assume its going to be over soon... and when its at the bottom you begin buying again to sell high when its liquidity is up again.. so once again... a little structure is never bad.. thats called basic life 101 dude..
  14. liquidity calculator

    well that would be my point.. i love economy and fluctuations and that would be a great feedback to players and developers to see how the markets change.. make predictions of profitable essies etc... to have info like this would be amazing IMO ... know why some items begin selling less or more.. what are useless investments etc... (tin bars..) so the point would be to sum up all this info.. to see how an update influences the people's willingness to buy things that is exactly the point its not info about close locations to storage, nor /helpbot whatshoulditrain a/d 50/50... it would be rather statistical info helping understanding the economy
  15. Selling Everything!

    buying the cotton and the threads
  16. liquidity calculator

    You can do that now, by requesting PC's on the market channel (or from other players) and totalling the result from every item. Again, I do not see how this is useful. do you know that you are talking about something totally different than me?
  17. liquidity calculator

    why you need liquidity? cuz when you want to buy some expensive stuff in game you can check in your storage how much all your sh!t is worth .... but if noone wants to buy your sh!t cuz its liquidity is 0 you can basically go and harvest lilacs for years
  18. i agree with the mods.. if it was already discussed once they should let me know of that! this is common sense. however, i think the posts should not be necessarily blocked (that no more people can reply to it) because another person may just put in the link for me, or inform me about the result of the suggestion in the past. it happens on the general issues forum all the time (about economy) and because the topic doesnt get blocked people state their ideas all over again and in a way its good i think. i might read yesterday's post, but not the one from a year ago.
  19. Delivery bots

    hey, what about making some bots that would deliver their products to players? i know it would be really hard to go to a player directly, so they could have like fixed locations on every (or most) maps. so if there is a bot in some far and risky place i can order him to come to votd portal room entering place with the object i want to buy why is this a good idea? everybody profits... the botmakers (hard dolllllarz), bot owners (more sales by bot), me (dont have to waste my time going to the bot).... its good for all of us!! or make bots that deliver from other bots to players ( i dont know how complicated that would be tho..) what do you think?

    yes, there is an antisocial stone for sale starting price is 48k, immediate sale for 55.9k gc

    price lowered to 45k!!! and you are social again!!
  22. titanium bars

    hey i am selling 100 titanium bars for a total price of 5k write here or pm me in game!! hurry before its too late!!
  23. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    you can get filthy rich! and what is the problem with that?? you like to be poor and suffer? the only thing the alts will do is harvesting!!! and the main players still make your beloved economy run cuz they have manu lvl and crafting lvl 50+ and the top players would buy more stuff cuz they have more money!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW AN ECONOMY WORKS!! with the removing of this rule.. life quality simply would increase!! that is great!!
  24. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    IMO with removing this rule 5 (with the restriction that chars cannot exp PvP) the economy would be boosted and more people have money to buy pro stuff strategies would change but that is ok and still... so if i have 10 characters and i am filthy rich... (like everyone else) so WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? life quality improves only (without the rule is like livin in the US.. i can have more than one job, many different stocks to make profit.. NOT JUST ONE).. COME ON!!
  25. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    man.. yes and yes with conditions is the same.. dont call at all..!! AND COME ON!! SO I am the best with 26 characters.. AND?? I rule the market!! AND?? ... i really dont get why is it so upsetting to have 52 characters? make it a 100.. and what? come on open your eyes..