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  1. i killed luci

    thank you for recognizing my skills and talking when you were supposed to STFU lmfao this was specifically aimed at lucifer i never said i was "the f+!%/ god of EL" but i killed lucifer! and that makes me laugh anytime he talks! and the rest is silence
  2. New Break Rate

    and you know.. if players could fix you would get your manu exp from repairing the enormous amount of damaged stuff as well!! this large amount of armors breaking would be great exp to manuers and of course the cash ...
  3. New Break Rate

    Do you know this is already in the game? Just not the unique tracking item ID part, I can't imagine the overhead database to track that mess (new ID for each leather helm ) yes i knew that this is in the game... yet the change i suggested that items would have their respected lifetime which would be known and be repaired according to that.. or, if it is easier it could be only that each player has a random number of damage taken for each armor and no matter if you pick up a new helm or use the old one, you have a personal counter that says that (any) leather helmet you will wear, will break after 232 more damage taken. damages would change with the level of armor of course! a tit armor could bear 10.000+ damage.. of course i understand it would be hard to have the game full of unique stuff.. but dont tell me it wouldnt be nice to have a sword that you like cuz it hits better than the rest.. you know.. a little rpg; you could name the sword and it becomes famous etc..
  4. New Break Rate

    hmm i think increased breaking rates should be handled as life.. so it is given.. now is time to think of a solution i know what i will suggest is different from standard EL but i wanted to say as of i was always thinking of it i was wondering what would happen if every weapon/armor etc would be special and unique.. different damage but yet is the same category (iron sword..) and it depends on astrology or whatever how effective your thing will be.. so a bad iron chainmail will be actually worse than an augmented leather armor but how to measure this difference.. what if the items manued (or some of them) would have a lifetime (and it would not be by chance that they break right after manuing), so a leather armor will take up to 1000 damage on average before breaking and that is where the uniqueness thing would come in.. maybe some only take 800 maybe some take 1500!! for expensive weapons and armors there should be a chance to be repaired or fixed of course at an npc for a high price the point is: like this we could keep track of the current situation of our things (which is normal.. i see my ipod being crazy after i dropped it..) and we would not be so surprised, upset, dissing everyone... npc's could fix the items for gc (costly of course) so gc would be taken out of the game.. this was my idea and i think it would make it realistic and still maintain "teh C0ntrol" breaking rate is no prob... i think this way the monsters got "undirectly" stronger peace
  5. favorite ingame channel

    hey.. just wandering where are you usually when in game? what is your standard channels so i know where to go, or what is a fun channel! i love the market channel but too many bots, i prefered the old style when there was everybody in channel 1 and channel 3! and of course those of us who have guilds are #gm ing all the time but really, what is your favorite channel, or where you are the most times? tell me and i will know where to make some NOOOISE! peace
  6. el economy

    eyy just wondering.. why you think there is no inflation in the game? (i have been on and off for more than 2 years by now and prices really are stuck to their original amounts) just collecting some ideas
  7. Demonstration

    hey people just wondering if you would want to join a demonstration?.. or a peace walk whichever way you prefer it! the topic of the peace walk or demonstration would be against spammers, scammers, deathbag thiefs, cheaters, liars, to think of our old friends who played EL and to show that the community is there and is stronger than ever!! the "meeting" i hope would be a lot of people, wearing the same and we can make it happen really soon!! maybe we could also mix it together with an EL trivia or so oh well contact me ingame or here or the LLL guild peace and tell me if you are in it or if you have some suggestions!! this would be an event to bring the people together and have some fun together taking pictures of everybody chatting around and wearing nice armors, weapons, clothes making magic etc... ciao
  8. Demonstration

    lol.. that would be fun!
  9. Demonstration

  10. el economy

    of course it is an excess supply.... nobody said it was excess demand.. because what happens when it is ex. supply? prices go down what happens when it is ex. demand? prices go up and prices reached their minimum... that is the great thing.. but i believe it also playes a role that the npc's havent changed their prices since the game began basically.. so there is no need for inflation if the "gov't" (seridia) doesnt change the prices...
  11. el economy

  12. Demonstration

    okok... i see i made a mistake posting this idea in the wrong place... the purpose of this would have been simply an event together and "to protest against spammers, scammers and bagjumpers" would have been just something.. i could have said as well lets protest against "failings in manufacturing" or "jerks in the game".... could be anything and the purpose is to bring the community together.. the community that actually makes this game.. fedora is right but as i just saw this list of really intensively critical replies i lost my mood for anything like this.. i should have posted this in the events.. or better posted it in the guild forums and just have fun in-game with my friends like we always do this was my idea and the LLL guild doesnt deserve a single bad word for this it also showed that maan you have a lot of evil stuck in you from RL to be hurting other people's game.. did it ever happen to you that you lost your wallet and someone gave it back to you? or your cell phone? how did it feel like? i dont think it was a negative experience for anybody by the way.. does any of you know me personally? and what i do or actually already achieved in my life? well i dont think so and one more thing: only the one who dares is the one who wins and i dont know where you sucked all the ideas of blocking resources or pk ing, kilaran field, bomb ourselves etc... but the purpose was really just have the people together and have fun. well sorry if i hurt your feelings by trying to get something like this organized together. the loudest ones to protest in this article better go play and have their fun their ways i chose another one and i wasnt really interested in their opinions.. negative people are always the same and it is really boring to discuss anything with them since the answer is always no, because of this and that. peace
  13. Demonstration

    wow... got the anti protestants lined up all.. "know your enemy!!" - zack de la rocha ohh and Jumpy... youre an idiot i didnt say anything about the rules
  14. el economy

    but the thing is that you are desperate to buy it but the sellers are even more desperate to sell whether they sell low or they dont sell at all... so of course they would choose sell low never happened to you that you had something you wanted to sell for more than one day? and after that any offer is good... well that is the reason and that is a perfect example of excess supply.. all the sellers will not raise prices because there always will be an exception who will sell lower than the rest that is called excess supply... that is why the inflation is low because supply was kept high at all times... now imagine what would happen to the price of the rabbit furs if there would be no more rabbits in EL... if every day only 100 HEs would enter the game... prices would soar to the sky.. but since it is bidding kind of market but it works the other way supply is standard and prices just lower and my money doesnt loose value which is great! it is just amazing! what you think?
  15. el economy

    but so what happens of there is excess supply? prices will go down and eventually supply will change itself until it reaches equilibrium... so warrior i dont think thats really correct what you said about supply.. and actually if you think of it this constant excess supply is the reason prices are kept constant or constantly low because they reached their minimum who is going to sell a FE under 3 gc for example? and since all the raw material prices are set by npcs, by adding up the prices of the raw materials we get the price of the final products (such as iron sword.. FEs, iron bars, hammer cost (capital), steel bar, and food).. all of the products reached a minimum price and they will not go up in my opinon as long as supply is kept high and supply will be high of everything... so lets enjoy a world without inflation!! dont misunderstand me.. i love this inflationless EL... 3 years ago i bought a FE and today i can sell it for the same 3 gc!! i think this is great and that makes me wanna return to the game so often... history doesnt decrease in its value!
  16. el economy

    wow ent!! this is great that you actually pay attention to these important details!!! explains me a lot...!!! and i think that EL is a great economic model and its serves its purpose (cuz economic models usually cut out some real life factors). so i think it is worth it to pay close attention to the happenings.. is there actually some place where we (normal players) can track or sistematically could track the sales and amounts? if so i will harvest 100s of kilos of stuff and trade them like in a stock market .. smallest price change.. sell out all of it!!
  17. el economy

    but this is just unimaginable.. and endless supply would cause the prices to stay stable when noone tells us they should this is amazing! i totally agree with your supply demand thesis but this phenomenon needs way more analyzing!
  18. The Dark Warlock

    story is ready to be read
  19. The Death Bag

    nice nice... how bout this? The death bag was big who took it is a pig i curse on all the channels people dont see my manners i tell you off fast 'n dirty dont take that bag nor try to hurt me i tell this my guild and that i wanna fight whoever had the cojones to steal my precious bones a few mins later a pm like heaven "i have your bag meet me at raven" i met with that elf, who has no name its only the niceness thats always the same!
  20. Forgotten Kingdom

    Wow!! I will have to definetely check it out
  21. Story Tell

    The LLL guild is about to organize a storytelling contest where the people would tell how they killed their first monster ever!! Every competetor would have the chance to tell his story in three paragraphs (3 time enter...) and after it judges will decide who had the best story and award with gc+ items!! Even the "old" players had difficulties with the first goblin or gargoyle! so its fun to listen to them and to bring the community together.. you can describe the fight and if you died or not any way you want! its up to you! i was thinking about 5k gc as a reward+ some items post here if you are interested and than we can start eventually organize the date .. or we could do it even more often peace
  22. Harryw Bag Jumper

    thx for warning! will watch out with him!
  23. Word Of The King

    Word of the King It was a night when King Vermor went to kill Sir Edgar, the gargoyle. He took his sword and finished his word "I will be the one to tell more!" He went to his horse, which lagged out before his nose. so the king had to walk had nobody to talk, about getting his wife a black and red rose. He walked until Tyrnim where the city was burnin'. He wanted to meet Sir Edgar, the chief who wanted to kill him. King Vermor arrived but he lagged so he died. He end up in hell waiting for a spell to make his shoulder wide. The wraith heard his thought coming deep from the hot. Vermor's stats changed He felt so rearranged, went again to search for the spot. He killed the garg, but forgot to save That's the reason he moves in his grave. The exp he got disappeared like a bot who is a virtual slave. The next day he woke up an Ogre wanted to use him for hot dog. Vermor got the hit of the year losing the part of his ear falling unconscious on his dead rock. His eyes never opened again he simply decided to close them. The last word he said "get a needle and a thread" unfortunately got very forgotten.
  24. a week ago i put a rostogol stone into storage which i found while harvesting. i could store it and a few days later i tried to get it back and it said i havent got any, even if i hit #storage stone -nothing was there!! help me please!! is it a bug?
  25. Magyarok

    helooo!! véégre megtaláltam ezt a magyar forumot! mi a helyzet? gyüjteni kéne a magyarokat és majd csinálni egy PL guild hoz hasonlo finomságot hajrá hun pooower!!