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  1. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Well, there are only so many characters you can control at once hey... the output (GDP) of the game would increase so much!! more raw materials enter the game, things become cheaper (maybe) and that would increase the spending and eventually speed up the economy!! i think multi char should not be forbidden!! whats so bad about it? and ent is right! to do really sophisticated action.. you only can control one (maybe 2) guy(s) at a time..
  2. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    it would be great if my two chars could finally be on at the same time to trade.. i could trade and help my roommate to play too and get into EL... i mean multicharacter will not make someone the ultimate fighter at all... so why restrict it? why i cannot give my other character a pickaxe without being banned? or a serpent sword if i feel like..? come on .. its time to move on and remove rule 5!!
  3. new neg perk

    Hey, what about a perk called "no more health regeneration"? i think the name speaks for itself and i really think people would take it + it would make the game life funnier. maybe it could be also for mana, or for "no more mana" a whole new perk. I would take the health one for sure! what you think?
  4. perks

    lmao, i reset 2 or 3 times.. with the intention of not taking anti, but it is just soo tempting and i would need npc's for such a few things only.. so i am still anti power hungry- have 10 extra fruits is really not a problem.. ive been having it for years and dont even realize any more, i actually cant imagine what it is to just lose one food per minute any more!! even after resets i immediately took this perk! godless- when i used to have gods, it was ok but 8 pickpoints are worth more than plus 20% antisocial- already said i eat dead people- come on, introduction of cooldown for food was the worst thing in EL ever.. this is a total of i think 16 extra pps?... definetely worth it!! and i would love to see a neg perk like no more health regeneration!! im using pots and HEs anyways all the tiiiime (and i can still wear FR cape cuz its cool!)
  5. Introduction to C2

    i was also thinking of something like this would be cool... well lets talk serious, how would we do it? one person obviously has to be standing at the transcontinental transport place explaining the people what to do .. or even before that to tell them where to go.. it would be difficult to have just one tourist guide because we all know that it is impossible to manage more than 3 people on EL at the same time (respect for the exceptions) than another person should be waiting in the docks in c2 and constantly give instructions to the arriving people.. and basically i think the tour should be of course during daytime (no leonard), and through the "safest" maps of c2 so people will get a picture. also a stop at a storage should be made at some point so people can pick up or give some ings and get from another guide some fur stuff and go to the icy areas to know that they need cold protection.. and at the end go to a pk map (or some supa dangerous place), die and than the last guide would help them get outta hell... this plan would need maybe 5 or 6 helpers or guides... and should go on constantly (for 3 hours or so) because having groups is impossible maybe this could be a standard event on sundays, or saturday when there is high traffic in EL, every 6 hours one "guide-session" could begin. and than invasion
  6. EL 170 Pre RC

    works just fine and lovely.. tried most of things, no error.. i got toshiba laptop when is the update coming officially? Mobile intelĀ® 915 GM/GMS, 910 GML (i hope that is the video info you need)
  7. The homepage of el looks bland

    there are much nicer pictures there.. the mystic ones if you want to show graphics... and it depends what you want to show with the picture.. the graphics? (than definetely not this angle viewpoint picture) the fighting? (than it would be better to have some players fully equipped in titanium, bronze etc... fighting) an emotion? (a moment of victory, next to a dead monster or finding something) the ingame things? (a full storage or so..) .... .... .... so i think chose what you want to emphasize and than take photo of that!! is a good picture but there are better ones and can be made better ones
  8. sunday war

    Hey, here are the teams and "rules". There will be a def and att team. The attack team obviously has to attack the fort in north KF and the victory condition is to wipe out all the defence/attackers. As soon as you die you can come back to watch but not allowed to begin until next round. The war will have 3 rounds (during the event if you last we might change it to 5), and winner team is who wiped out the other team more times (3-0, or 2-1). If we use this method we will be able to rearrange teams if either one of the teams is too strong. Sorry if I cannot distribute them but I am really busy IRL at the moment and I dont have proper access to everybody's att or def stats. The rules for fighting are: summon everything up to fluffy rabbit (so no giants, yetis, dragons, etc.), and maximum equipment is full iron set, and titanium serpent sword as the best weapon (magic swords are ok). No Brods, or Bods. All magic is allowed tho. CoLs are allowed as well. These rules are created with the motive to have an "old school" pk event in 3 rounds. EVENT IS TODAY!! http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixe...;sec=0&p1=0 the link for the times (thank you cyprom)!!! and the teams (which was a great thing to organize because people sign up and removed themselves several times) defending team will have to ask cyprom to join his guild which will be available for during the event. attacking team will have to ask smurf to join his guild which will be available for during the event. defenders: dasike1, swordofflame, tork_unib, jaxbot exeus gikas soul bahador cooldylan lyndy attackers: smurf desweer legolas_o adsiz ulubatli fedora bluecrincler markusweck halosmee guller and me (but maybe I will just observe) So begin preparations and see you next sunday!! Thank you for everybody who has helped or contributed to intent to make this event happen! Alone I could have not done that! See you next sunday! in case of question write here on forum. peace
  9. sunday war

    Best_collector can join the weaker team! all warriors are welcome! and you can have a steel long sword if you wish
  10. sunday war

    ok tempest your in the attack team IMPORTANT: Magic swords (that i have previously said ok to) will not be allowed so the last and the best wep to use will be tit serp!!! OF COURSE: If the first round is fatal, we can always make changes in rules to make it bloodier.. i was planning that the third round will be the hardest. So be there! and we fight until we last
  11. sunday war

    i have no problem changing the time if you all agree on tomorrow that time? pls reply if it is ok about summoning stones: everything allowed until fluffy rabbits. no stronger
  12. sunday war

    ok, thanks sword! if noone disagrees i agree upon the new teams. today and tomorrow is still organizable after that teams will stay as they are!
  13. war

    hey what about repeating a war event (the last one i know was years ago).. it would be two teams entering KF from different sides and fight till the end meaning until a team gives up (so you can come back as many times as you want to to take revenge and just give up after 15 comebacks with everyone else too), or until everyone dies from one team or it could be also a take the castle event where one team is already inside the castle and has to defend it the teams could be any a/d and around 15 people each? awards would be hard to give due to the large number of participants so any bags dropped would be the prizes and of course the FUN of this war! so please list if you want to participate and if it should be a castle defend or the two side all out war!! teams will be divided later! the event should be held the next sunday (18th may)!! -- anybody can participate with any a/d you can summon whatever, or just arrow people or heal your own team!
  14. war

    it will be done this weekend more or less with the teams! we still have 13 days till event so keep on signing up!! i will post the rules, teams, and planning this weekend
  15. war

    we should decide that after we have roughly the list of people but here are some things: if the maximum armor and wep allowed is iron plate (maybe only tit chain) and tit serp.. it might be useful not to use rostos to save those "low lvl" things so without CoL fights would be faster, hardcore and could go on for a while many people told me now that it would be great to have att team and def team so the goal would be to defend the kf fort from the attacker team there should also be a general of commanding to guide a team so we dont have total chaos, let me know if you are interested!! it really takes skills and everything to guide the happenings so make sure you are up to the task! we could make guilds thats for sure to have all def people in one and attackers in other side - but all of that after the list of participants!! keep on signing up!! this is still organization time!! sign here or pm me in game!! make sure i reply to you guilds are welcome to participate as well
  16. war

    this event will definitely be fun if we get a nice number of people! keep on coming! dont be afraid you wont die if youre g00d! just say yes here, or pm me ingame (furzwei) and you are on the list and we organize teams after!
  17. war

    okay, so far if everything is ok we have dasike1, swordofflame, tork_unib, jaxbot (and the best armor one can use is ironplate, and sword is tit serp), exeus (the event will be a week later), guller mandroyl gikas soul (the date is 18th may) bahador cooldylan smurf desweer legolas_o adsiz ulubatli fedora bluecrincler markusweck halosmee cyprom from the -ka- guild lyndy, kjj ill ask the LLL guild and myself so keep on signing up!! the war of the year is growing whole guilds can sign up too to show that they are competitive!
  18. war

    Vanyel told me some interesting things that are true there should be a limit on armor and weapon-- so participants would wear maximum iron plate or chain mails, the weapon should be max tit serpent (excluding the great swords and no BoD, BroD so in case of a death the losses wouldn't be tragical) and the mods would help us control the war and it is better to make it a week later so more preparation time for the event and we must decide together the goal.. if it is eliminate all the other team or keep the fort? either ways it would be great to see a war around us where everyone is fighting like on a battlefield
  19. war

    of course rules should be so have to ask a mod to keep track of things as well!! lets make this happen with the rules we all (more or less) agree upon!! come on brainstorm and we have a really nice war in 1.5 weeks!! be constructive! true.. lets wait until we have a list of people who agree to come and than we can decide.. what about this sunday as the last day to "subscribe"... than we still have a week to make rules and ask a mod to help us (kick off the rulebreakers or tele to hell)
  20. brod lol

    equip me with all of the best you got and you can try to pwn as much as you want to!
  21. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    I did not know your wife personally, but im sending you my deepest condolences. I hope you know that all of us are with you in these hard moments!
  22. Unique Items

    I have been thinking before already that it would be great if some items in game would be 100% unique and just one exists! It would add something to the rpg feeling of the game in my opinion to have a sword with a name and can track its history. How i imagine it? - To make it really special, it would never break of course and it gives you double or triple exp in pk to make sure people would use it for its purpose - No rostogol can save it and it always gets lost from items in case of a death, so it would change owner. - It cannot be put to storage (of course not) - There could be several swords like this (maybe 3 or 4 maximum) with different advantages - Of course it should not be an unbeatable weapon.. so it would change hands quiet often, but still give extra exp, or gc for each hit (higher chance to disengage in fight) or something like this! - Maybe not available for trading (but i am not sure what would be the effects of that) I think it would be fun and would speed up the pk happenings and make some more things happen!.. I dont know though how hard and challenging it is to implement such an item into the game with all its details. The only problem is if someone just has it around what would be the way of making it being used in battle and keep on circulating in the game? I mean if someone harvests and lives forever on IP with it or never logs on any more..? Surely it could be done with other items as well such as bows, or unique capes (that helps you harvest but teleports itself to another player or random spawn in a place till someone picks it up! kind of like joker but a better version:) What you think?
  23. i killed luci

    i killed you.. you didnt believe me.. well here is the link so you and everybody else can see thank yourself for acting n00b http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1251241_qcpdt/ELuc.bmp peace
  24. brod lol

    i already suggested in the other thread to make the breakrate something countable.. my freakin brod lasts for 10.000 hits or so and you can calculate around when can you expect it to break the same for armours.. ECONOMY: i say brods even become more expensive cuz inflation is needed everywhere!! even in a game that is a simulation of life! no inlfation means a continuous economic problem as it happened in RL soo many times.. rich get richer and the poor just keep on looking.. 2-5% inflation would do great.. i will post a thread soon bout that so use those braincells to make an economic theory peaaace anyways i am soo goddamn tired i dont even know what i wanted to say
  25. i killed luci

    sorry for this too_ de ez a jaatek egy vicc ha maar itt tartunk and to all the super "pr0s" of the game check your forum number dudes.. i deleted and installed this game sooo many times, and been here for a while counters dont matter to me at all.. unlike to all these stat-freaks.. game is fun, game is people, game is exploring, game is doing things you dont do in RL.. im soo happy being all chilly here and not having to do all the smeg stuff! im not a pker at all and never will be! i dont have 10k + things in storage cuz that is boring!! run around and have fun!! lmao you misunderstood something when you think that its about im the best and f"+! the rest.. it is wrong universally and i hope some of you will develop skills in human relationship, comprehension and i dont even want to quote to who this message goes.. posting this topic in general chat is just a thing that makes something happen in EL thas' it..