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  1. Expiring bots

    Paid for Fademir Transaction#3S63724092046750E. Thank you. NatureLover
  2. Expiring bots

    I just made the payment to renew the bot Fademir for 1 year (Receipt number: 93545531DG549715M). I took the bot over from Tukin. Thank you.
  3. Just throwing an idea out there that a guildie brought up: It would be helpful to have a new command (perhaps &) that would send the message following it to all the channels you currently have open. For Example: & gnite all This would save you the trouble of #gm gnite all & @ 1234 gnite all & @ 4321 gnite all & etc. The one downside i see to it is if you currently have the invance channel or market channel currently open. Any thoughts?
  4. Selling some stuff

    How much for the 14.5k sapphires?
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    NatureLover I would like the following please: 10k Sulfur -24.5k 10k coal -24.5k 10k silver -25k Total: 74k Thank you!
  6. Selling Various Things

    I would like: 3k Gold Ore 55k Raw Meat for 150k gc please. Thank you!
  7. Enhanced Harvester Medallion

    Suggestion on ingredients: 10 Harvester Medallions 2 Fire Essence 10 Amber (keeping with the Action Point theme) I know the other enhanced medallions are simply the same ings as their standard version + 1 Seridium Bar, but Harvester Medallions already have 1 Seridium Bar in their ings already. I suppose an alternate list of ings could be the same as Harvester Medallion + 1 Seridium Bar. Just a few thoughts.
  8. Fifth Annual Raffle

    I'm glad to see the Raffle went so well. I hope it does even better next year! I found it amusing that after donating a set of C1 rings and other stuff that I won a traveller's pack of rings. (Got some rings I can't make yet) I hope to donate more stuff next year. Keep up the great work!!
  9. Hyperbags in the no-magic area around GP

    Does this mean that hyperbags use technology instead of magic? Just curious. Thanks!
  10. Please unban NatureLover

    Thank you very much!
  11. Please unban NatureLover

    Please unban my character NatureLover. I have spent the past month reading forum postings and talking with people in IRC. I now have a much better grasp of what is and is not allowed AND if there is any doubt whatsoever, will ask a moderator before proceeding. Thank you for your time.
  12. PvP instances

    To avoid abuse (trading wins/grievers/etc.), I would assume that the SUICIDE command would be turned off for PvP instances. If it is not, would using the command in the instance kick you from the instance or simply kick you to designated area if using multiple lives? I could foresee some people trying to use this to annoy others. Not something desirable for anyone's first look into PK imho.
  13. Another use for grapes

    Just a thought, but what if the Grapes counted as a tool for this wine recipe instead of as an ing? That way they were reusable for an undetermined number of mixes similar to molds.
  14. PVP instances

    New to posting, but I have some experience with other games. A few suggestions/observations: 1) I have noticed in some games that allow choosing your team, that players have abused those special events by trading wins (the 2 teams will agree before they start that 1 will win the first match, then the other will win the 2nd match). 2) If 5-10 mins is too short to be fun and 30 mins is thought to be too lengthy, 15-20 mins. might be a reasonable middle ground to shoot for. 3)I don't recall seeing any mention of possible wait period between pvp instances. 4)If there are enough complaints against individuals (for being griefers, doing nothing in the instance, etc.), they could be banned from participating in the instance for a certain length of time (1 month? for 1st offense). Just a few thoughts. I hope they help.
  15. Artwork Updates

    Looks awesome! Glad I don't have to worry about running into 1 for awhile.