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  1. Big Problem

    Have done so i searched for drivers in google and done it.
  2. Big Problem

    I Have A Problem. I have a Compaq Presario with an ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 when i click on eternal lands it loads and comes up with the black screen with the writing on it 'couldn't find the gl_ext_framebuffer_object extension, not using it ...' My FPS goes to 1 and i can't play the game, My comp. freezes Please help me, post your ideas.
  3. Guild Houses & player houses

    Well i think they should take the view of a game called tibia i hate it but the houses are a great idea.
  4. Donate 1$

    I use ares www.aresgalaxy.org
  5. 'Noob'

    The word 'Noob' is usually trying to offend people who are lower at something than you. They know it will get to you or cause an argument and this is the whole reason they do it, you should just try to ignore or if your not insulted just say so.
  6. ~EW~ Recruiting new members!

    I am in this guild and i have to say the people are fun and very helpful
  7. Map Update.

    I like the map the way it is, it is just some things are wrong. This could misslead *noobs*.Could you update it? (HELPER OF THE NOOBZ!)
  8. Guild Houses & player houses

    lol i thought he ment FE.
  9. Guild Houses & player houses

    lol they take like 2 secs to make.
  10. Guild Houses & player houses

    ok i would like to support the game but 50 USD is alot for a 13 yr old.
  11. Guild Houses & player houses

    200 USD y not pay in EL money????
  12. Guild Houses & player houses

    No you buy the house for a large some of money , maybe guild houses for a small sum.
  13. Guild Houses & player houses

    is it an established one like nobody but them guilds can go in it?
  14. If you were to implement guild houses so certain guilds have a certain house which they can go in hang out, have meetings , this would be really help especially if you had a guild bank BOT. If you implemented this in say a empty place or a new map it would clear other laggy places a bit and make guilds and thier members happy. Now moving on to player houses wouldn't it be cool if you could have a player house only you were allowed in, you could drop all ur stuff without being scared it will disappear,maybe you could buy it? Anyway whats your opinions on this.
  15. Guild Websites

    o soz m8 i will just look at it. Tis good i like it,did u make the graphic? altho i think the layout is great.