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  1. Disclosure of the rate changes

    WOW not often I agree 100% with something but I do agree that rarity should be known only to teh god
  2. Birthday contest

    I just got home thanks to ya all and btw are we splitting the prize lol he he thanks friends so far it has been a great birthday the Official bday party will be this saturday I hope to see you all that day and heck I'm here and in irsis sto as ussual so stop by and say hi anytime THANKS AGAIN
  3. Quote of the week submissions

    thzats funny
  4. Real Wiccan Online Wedding Ceremony

    I will do everything in me pwoer to be there for ya both grats and ya found the right person for the ceremony
  5. SUPER Discount Auction

    39k drkhwk ingame
  6. How old are you?

    33 Years old ELmates and loving life
  7. AXES

    Axes in general are cool looking but as of now not very useful I will use tit axe and it stats for an example and to base my sugestion Tit axe stats Damage is 10-35, -1 Defense, Critical to damage is +8 this kinda makes it a just for show item so to make it useful let us break it down Axes are heavy killing devices = very destructive when you can hit with them but they are so hard to control and aim so heres my idea to make em more useful make em more real Damage is 30 - 40 -2 defense -3 accuaracy critical to damage +10 I think this would be more realistic with the defense and accuaracy penelties I also think a two handed battle axe or axes would be cool with stats similar to this Damage is 30-50 -4 defense -5 accuaracy critical to damage +14 with the defense and accuaracy penelties it would still be an elitest weapon but more accurate representation and again it would be useful if you built your chars stats to make the most of it I hope this idea can get people to thinking of the axes again I love them and hey think about this Bronze Battle axe Silver or titanium serpent axe Goblin axes made of tin and iron Tin training set Imagine this as your char gold battle gear looks good doesn't it and maybe even for reaping an teh kf lol
  8. AXES

    The training set would not be like the others hence the seperation lol I did post it was tin right anyway the tin set would be much like bones for training purposes for mainly showy training and another use for tin the only stats I threw around was for the tit and battle axe if I do recall the post anyway just searching for more suggestions for the axes is the main reason for the post so if ya like my ideas cool if not come up with some and post em I love axes and think they are one of the best parts of the game btw got some for sale let me know I may be in a buying mood
  9. AXES

    ok so a bit more attack then 35-60 and add the second post's penelty also I like that and yes I would use axes even more than I do now not all of us pk and against the other enemies in the game I really find them usefull as is. But would love to see em with a use again and even if they have massive damage the accuaracy and other penelties should balance it. I did state an elitest weapon right not for everyone, and can ya imagine someone who builds their char pk or otherwise around the use of axes WOW the horror of it all
  10. Hello My ELmates my name as most now know is Drkhwk I came to this land long ago. I was not called Drkhwk then in the days gone by. I walked through these lands with the legendary Fred Penner, fought with the mighty ChickenGeorge, bought many capes from the infamous DonPedro, and had many adventures with many more friends. I am a poet and when you’re on Isla Prima you may find my words of welcome at the fire pit click use on the scroll there close to the flames. Drkhwk will not be the name you see of the writer, for I may have always been Drkhwk I was not always called Drkhwk openly, a bit of misdirection on my part which I shall now explain. I was called foncEmerlin, a combination of words from old English and old French which roughly translates in to Darkhawk, the illusion was not intentionally disguise it was necessity, there was one here who called himself Darkhawk. I am the one and only Darkhawk and did not want to be confused with the person who had chose to call himself by my moniker, so foncEmerlin I became. I reached a point where unfortunately I left this world and traveled different lands for quite sometime when I started hearing tales of foncEmerlin his adventures and kindness. I returned to these lands to find them vastly changed many of those here from before had left for their grand adventures elsewhere I was wary of the ways the eternal lands had changed and decided once again on subterfuge so I could explore and seek out the friends from days long gone. I arrived on Isla Prima as all do when they first enter these lands. The first thing I found was my words I had written so long ago on a scroll on this magic scroll next to the fire pit we here affectionately refer to as the beam. I was amazed to find my words were now one of the first secrets that would be discovered as people begin their own adventures here in these eternal lands. I found so many new people here the population had grown immensely. I had explained my name foncEmerlin to many before and those who knew me as foncEmerlin soon sought me out and we reunited as friends and adventurers. I still live by the words I wrote and intend on making this my home from here out the world is growing and where there is two continents there is surely more. I have shared a small piece of myself with you here if it interest you and you’d like to know more ask me or maybe just maybe I’ll write some of my adventures, or better yet we may just live those adventures together and write of them later. I am done with my short tale of me for now and will leave you with this; the new person you help today will be the friend who in the future will help you. Darkhawk Aka Drkhwk Aka foncEmerlin
  11. A short introduction to the story of me

    Here it is chapter four Writer Darkhawk editor Llynara I prepared for night as dusk drew near on my fourteenth day here in these eternal lands, but still no Penner journals. I have a better understanding of my magic here. It seems that some of what I am has followed me into this land. I started my campfire this evening without a fire essence, which is good. Fire essences are as good as money here, and I’ll need all I can find or make. The last couple of weeks have been a bit less eventful after the gargoyle and I decided to prepare better. I have met many people, even made a few friends. I was struck by the strange, wild beauty of Naralik as I prepared a nice meal of cooked meat, veggies and fruit. This is truly a wondrous place; and reminds me of places in a million different worlds....though beauty is everywhere if you look for it. I drifted off to sleep into a dream. Bits of the past, present, and future jumbled together. Nothing seemed to make sense. The future came first. I could see it clearly....I was standing beside Jezebelle, fighting the curse of Mortos. I saw us reach the point of parting. Sage....that name rings in my ears as if it is destined to be a title I shall wear here. The past rushed in, and I saw dragons, spaceships, and a multitude of other things I have seen. Then she appeared there in my dream. She in the past in many worlds has been at my side, sometimes a lady sometimes something else entirely. She has been many things a hawk, sparrow, dragon horse, even a snake once. In my dream she is a lady once again and the dream has turned to the present time. She assured me she is here with me. The form she needs hasn’t shown itself to her yet and until that time she is a shade, a thought, an idea unborn in the Gods' mind. I felt better, lighter, safer...somehow knowing she is with me as always. The dream changed again and I found myself starring into the face of a horrible beast with even more horrible breath. My eyes burst open, taking in the dim light of the campfire's dying embers. As my vision adjusted to the darkness, I became aware of a figure before me. Black, stringy hair outlined a face foul and green. I strong armed my way up from my prone position using my half elven gift of magic. I traveled much farther than I had planned. Elvish magic in this land must be powerful indeed. I landed exactly where I planned to reach with a tuck and roll...but without the tuck or the roll. With my trusty axe at my side, there would be no trip to Mortos’s underworld this time. I swing with all my might, spinning towards my attacker and severing its head nicely. I knew by its appearance that it was an orc. I threw more branches on to my fire and rolled a log on it while still brandishing the axe in one hand. The flames burst to life, painting the nighttime world around me. I was completely demoralized to find not one but a dozen orcs. Thankfully, they were all disoriented and confused with the flames and the headless orc that was surely family moments before. I had but seconds to react. Orc in this land are super fast and inhumanly strong. I grabbed my pack, slung it over my shoulder and dove into the darkness using the confusion to my advantage. I had taken a long look earlier and remembered seeing an orc to the far north of Naralik, close to what seemed an ancient temple. So north , which happens to be the direction I dove in, was out of the question. They ransacked my camp, thinking I must be there. But my mother did not raise a fool. I had seconds now before their search started growing in an ever-widening circle. They despised fire, so I chucked several fire essences into the undergrowth north of me and ignited them. I was correct in my thinking. They tore off toward the fire, toward me! I dove to one side as the herd-like group clambered swiftly past. If I could reach the ship in the south just beyond my camp before the orcs got wise, I could possibly hold out till dawn and come up with a plan of escape. Oh, why did I insist on not using that bloody green cape? I dashed from hiding too early. There were two orcs still in my makeshift camp; one holding my black cape. I ducked a huge grasping arm and buried my shoulder into the first beast's knee, toppling it. I swing the axe at the prone shape and it was finished. One down. The other howled in anger and rushed at me, dropping my cape. I rolled to the firepit's edge. Lying on my back, I kicked upwards, nailing the orc in the gut as it rushed close. Using its own weight and momentum, I sent it flying over the edge of the fire pit. The creature caught fire and ran to the east screaming, drawing the others away from me once again. I snatched my cape and headed for that ship. It was a galley by my best description; wrecked in some day gone by. The vessel was intact for the most part and was at least some kind of shelter which I could fortify. The rest of the night I heard the orc howling and screaming to one another in their search for me. A great night of sleep lost, damn it. I had miles to travel in my search of Fred Penner’s journals. At dawn things were a bit quieter. The orc had not found me, but they were still searching. I peered past the broken bow of the ship. Something or someone was coming through the undergrowth. If they kept on the path they were striding, they would meet those angry orc. Thinking of only this poor sap, I jumped from the bow of the ship. What the hell am I doing? I thought as I raced out toward the individual. I had left my axe in the ship. I could see the orc were headed straight at the stranger with all the malice they could muster. I was surprised to see the man unshealth bright yellow blazing blade. I could see him clearly now...oh my god could it be Fred Penner himself? Great. I'd found the man whose journal I was in search of, just to watch him die while I stood by helpless. As I passed my camp fire, I stooped and scooped up a piece of burn-hardened wood. I was no longer helpless. The orc closed in on him and the battle was over in an instant. He swung the sword in a broad swath; severing hands, arms and legs. The orc scattered. He hailed me and ran my way as the orc picked up their limbs and slowly started once again to close on us. He laughed when he saw I was armed with only a stick, and told me to follow him to the ship in the south. "We can fortify it," he said. I informed him it was fortified, and my axe was there waiting on us. I told him who I was and about my quest as we made our way swiftly back to the ship. We entered the hull and refortified the door. “Orc are stupid creatures. They’ll beat on the ship for hours, then head back to the temple when the sun is high. Then we will make our way out of here,” he said, catching his breath. He introduced himself as Fred Penner and handed me a copy of his journals. Fred explained he was just visiting like me. He traveled many planes of existence and upon returning, Worf had told him where he might find me. We shared adventures and wisdom we had learned the hard way until the time finally came and the orc headed back to their temple. We made our way to Portland storage and he bid me goodbye. We parted there and since that day, our paths have crossed several times. We became friends. Both of us have had many adventures since and surely we will see even more. I realise as the day draws to a close, so does this chapter of my life here in these eternal lands. But many more are still to come.
  12. Looking for a guild...

    you may check out Sage and our sister guild Cats visit the forums and see if we are your cup of tea
  13. Selling a few "magical" things

    Thanks Kid i'm building a surplus of these for well I can't tell lol but thank you very much
  14. Selling a few "magical" things

    11.5k iron sword of fire
  15. Selling a few "magical" things

    would love teh col too but not much gc left after all that sword buying lol do got stuff for trade doubt if ya need it though
  16. Selling a few "magical" things

    10k for iron sword of fire also 10k for iron broad of fire
  17. Freya bot problem

    hey yall I am a shopper and a friend both as well as a bot owner I pm my friend freyababe all the time even when she isn't online and guess what when freya <c2 bot informs me i have missed freyababe i say "well dang" thats ussually my reply back to freya quickly followed with /freya inv lol i mean i did have her there on me pm anyway right I do understand it can get annoying lol but i can tell you this long post going way out there and kinda turning sour is not why she posted yall. I know her well and use the bot often I think the thing she mostly wanted was for people to be polite and kind if you do pm freyebabe instead of the bot say hi be kind she is a wonderful player and I should know I pm her all the time
  18. Council of Sages

    I am drrkhwk or foncEmerlin My friends and I all reside in different guilds which is great. Two of them and I have an idea for a new way of having a guild. We thought of all the problems we had seen in the past and most of them led to one answer a GM becoming god like and as you all know complete power corrupts completely so SAGE (council of sages) was created. ALL members will lead here no matter how new or old we are equals things will be decided that affect the whole guild by vote always and personal deccisions will be left to the indivudual. I am also kinda duoble guilded I am a rank 19 member of the ACE guild as well as a equal owner of SAGE. I am one of the owners of passion and have her anouncing harv hour in the channel as well as more new and awesome tricks <with the help of the super brainy friend of mine labrat> I do hope to see many of you in channel. I do hope you are happy in whatever guild you are in but if not come and check us out we will be growing soon. to enter our channel two of the members of SAGE or CATS will have to approve you. two members from either guild or one from each. to be a guildie is a matter of a vote. look forward to playing this great game with you all my awesome ELmates.
  19. Cant connect to EL

    there are several still in game and going strong but im having the same prob as you two
  20. A short introduction to the story of me

    I have written and thought here is what i decided part 4 will start thirteen days after the visit to raven beready finnishing it now will post very soon
  21. hyperbag contest

    well that was fun can't beleive cho and mags didn't find it you know they breath contests lol
  22. A short introduction to the story of me

    Now thats a comment thanks sweet Jez *kiss*
  23. New "hats"

    Woot we are geting closer to mt stetson every day <cowboy hat > for those that don't know congrats Roja they all look awesome and I must say I will have to purchase one lol more like a few
  24. A short introduction to the story of me

    Writer Darkhawk editor Llynara I shall start my tale where all tales should start...in the beginning. I was born to traverse across the multitude of universes, in a multitude of dimensions, looking for that one place that I will finally call home. There are many, many places I have traveled; and oh, the things that I have seen. I do not make it a habit to return to any single place, but these Eternal Lands have a magical draw to them that I am victim to. I arrived on Draia and immediately fell under its spell. This was a new world with many people like myself just arriving. I was one of a few who had a choice; some had no memories of any other life at all; and I could easily tell they were not native to this land; they were all just as lost as I was. I set out to explore the land and its inhabitants. I had arrived with nothing but the clothes on my back, and knew I needed to equip myself with supplies. I was relieved to find there were people who had been here for some time and had established a tavern close to where I and others were arriving. I entered the Pula’s tavern as it was named. Here they had some basic supplies and a means of currency. A friendly individual bought me a drink, and we struck up a conversation. I ask many questions about this land and how it came about. I was informed that this world was so new that the god himself still spoke directly to the people. I also mapped out my plans as to how to explore the place. I started by gathering flora and fauna to learn from it as well as to make currency. I returned to the tavern and bought the friend who had helped me a drink. If there is one thing learnt when you travel as I do, it is kindness always begets kindness. We sat and drank, conversing more about the land and its gods. I came to learn there were many gods, all serving under one main god, not unlike other worlds I had seen. My friend finally shared his name as well as some basic supplies. I checked the supplies and set out to find one who had come before me. Worf had told me the legend of one Fred Penner who had explored much of this land and had left a journal of sorts. I had a target now along with supplies. My supplies were very basic except for two fantastic capes: one a green cape which prevents a person from being attacked by violent creatures that inhabit the lands; and the other was a great black cape that he said would return damage upon an attacker. I donned the black cape and exited the tavern heading south to the only boat off of the island. Worf had told me White Stone would be where my real adventure began. I was to find the magical storage, "Raven", as soon as I arrived there. He also bade me to wait till the next morning. Would that I had heeded his warning... I boarded the ship as the sun sank below the horizon of White Stone's dock; a storm was brewing overhead. Rain began to pour and lightning scarred the night sky as I took my first steps ashore. A small settlement and even smaller port greeted me, and eeriness hanging heavily in the dark, stormy air. I had taken no more than 7 steps before I was approached by a man calling himself Trik, who wanted to buy weapons and armour off of me. I hurried away from the harbour area; knowing this kind of place always held unsavoury kinds, especially when the light of day was gone. I had gone no more than a mile or two when I found myself lost in a very dark wood. My steps faltered and the hairs on my neck prickled. Was that a crack of thunder....or something else? I was being followed by someone or something. I would turn and see, during every lightning flash, an outline almost human but way too large; having what seemed to be the presence of wings. It breathed and grunted in the silence between thunderclaps, the sound propelling me faster through the wood. I was dressed in black, disguised supposedly by the darkness, but something followed me relentlessly, something horrible, something evil. Fear prickled my skin and drove me onward. I had forgotten about the green magical tucked deep inside the folds of my pack, strapped to my back beneath the black cape. The rain poured down like a never-ending river; drenching everything and slowing my progress to a halt. I was tiring fast and the thing behind me was gaining. I had enough strength to sprint but enough sense to know that would be the end, so I stopped and stood completely still against the blackness. I disappeared, but unfortunately it was so dark I could not see anything if it were to approach quietly...but surely a creature so large would be crashing and thrashing its way behind me! But I was mistaken. The lightning flashed, and in that instant I came face to face with pure evil. My mind was filled with terror, instinct kicked in. I thrust my fingers into this dark creature's face and gouged at its eyes. It’s breath was dank and smelled of a carnivore. It wailed as my fingers hit their target, thrusting out clawed hands and catching me in the ribs. I hit the ground hard as it thrashed around, searching for me in the darkness without the use of it’s eyes. I was out of breath, but my mind and body focused as one on my very survival. I had an ace up my sleeve. I knew some small magic and needed it badly; for the creature's claws had ripped into my chest and I was bleeding badly. I performed a healing spell and was immediately on my feet. The beast regained its vision and was staring in my direction menacingly. We stood apart, each weighing and measuring the other. Lightning scarred the night sky once more and we moved in unison, attacking each other. The battle had begun. * * *********************************************************************** Lighting flashed across the creature's body, revealing a torturous landscape of battle wounds, laid upon its torso with axe and sword. I steadied myself, studying the marks for evidence of what had not worked in the past; for true insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I fumbled for my blade, barley a dagger. I grasped it with the realization that my life hung on the edge of this small blade. The gap closed and he struck first, hurling me into a nearby tree and knocking the breath out of me. Blood trickled down my neck and my head throbbed. I knew it had been busted open. My wounds ached and oozed from those damn claws. The speed of this creature....My god, what was this I battled? In the confusion, I had dropped my blade and now desperately searched for anything to fend off this beast. I cast a fire essence into the night air, igniting it right in front of the beast eyes. I cast a healing spell and caught my breath, glimpsing the glint of my blade in a flash of lightning. I dove under the creature’s legs, grabbed the blade and shot up over the creature’s wings, throwing my arm around his neck. The beast thrashed and clawed against my grasp, trying in vain to dislodge me. He dugs the talons on his right hand it into my side. I struck as much out of desperation, as out of anger and sank my blade deep into the beast’s eye socket; permanently blinding it. The creature wailed an eerie, blood-curdling sound that seemed to echo forever into the night. He hurled me away from him again and again I healed, found my breath, gained my bearings. The lightning flashed again, giving me a better look at my opponent. I could see him quite clearly, holding his gaze for what seemed like hours. The beast was huge; and the horrible the scars I saw earlier shone like a warrior's trophies, telling a story of triumph and tragedy. Its hide was thick and much akin to concrete in texture and toughness; he was a magnificent killing machine with no remorse. I slowly began to recall images from my past....concrete, churches, statues. I was fighting a gargoyle. I had traveled many dimensions, several universes and never before were gargoyles anything more than a bedtime story to scare children, or a concrete ward against evil spirits found atop buildings. But this one was flesh and bleeding; fairytale no more. I peered into its face. It was a gnarled garish crag of a head, atop a mountain of muscle and scar. We locked eyes or rather, eye. One socket had been emptied and was bleeding profusely. My mind raced. I had found the only weakness this creature seemed to have, and this was where I had to focus. I had my blade and a plan. The flash ended, plunging everything back into darkness. I moved quickly like a feline, dodging the beast’s wild swings. It was clumsy now, having lost depth perception. I struck hard and drove my knife into its neck. I felt the blade break, leaving a three inch long piece in my hand. The other five or so inches were firmly planted inside the creature's thick neck. It bellowed and roared and tore at its own neck; trying in vain to remove the painfully large thorn from its throat. Blood sprayed everywhere and he staggered toward me, as if asking me to end this pain. I was lost in thought, how does such a creature exist, why does it exist. He lunged forward, planting both clawed hands on my chest and heaving me away so that I could do him no more harm. I was hurled away with such force that I was airborne for several seconds. I watched the gargoyle fall dead well before I crashed through the door. I knew I was hurt badly and needed to cast a healing spell, but couldn’t. All went black. * * ************************************************************************ Darkness started to fade and what replaced it was far worse. I opened my eyes to a large cavern. I must be dreaming. I swear it has to be a dream but yet I smelled sulphur and felt heat; an intense baking heat. My body ached and the pain seemed very real, so I clung to it, desperate for some shred of reality. I rose to see that I was indeed having a nightmare. Bones littered the ground; the sulphur smell was accompanied by the smell of rotting flesh, not unlike the breath of the gargoyle I had fought. The gargoyle was dead. I watched it die, didn’t I? I pulled my self together and gathered my thoughts. If this was a dream, then it would end. I had no need to sit and wait if I could rise. I could surely walk. Exploring this environment was a real experience, whether dreaming or not. This was not unlike the descriptions of hell in many religions in any number worlds that I had traveled. It was bright and dark at the same time. The light I found was emitting from lava pools all around me. I stopped dead in my tracks. A dragon skull jutted from the lava before me. It was so large I had mistaken it for a rock formation. A nearby bridge crossed the lava pool, a wooden bridge laid right upon the lava. I knew now no matter how real the place looked and smelled it was just a terrible dream for such a structure would have burnt in reality. I was getting more confident as I traversed this dream. A person walked by me, seemingly in a rush. He was wearing a full suit of armour and carrying a sword that glowed bright blue. Intrigued, I followed silently. If this was a dream, what would I get in response if I called to him? Just some maddened dribble my mind made up for me. We came upon a large cave opening filled with bright light. I stepped into the light. Air rushed into my lungs and I coughed and heaved. Slowly I opened my aching eyes. I could still smell my dream as if my mind wanted me to remember it well. My eyes focused and I was greeted with a vision so beautiful that I was sure I had drifted from a nightmare of hellish proportions to a dream so heavenly I may never want to wake up. She spoke, this vision of beauty. "Are you with the living again?” "Yes," I replied. "Thank you for saving my life....Who are you?" "I am Jezebelle," she smiled. "Guild Mistress of the Witches and Wiccans." I thanked her again and she told me there was no need; she had tried but couldn’t save me. I was taken aback and stated that no I had just been dreaming, I mean obviously I hadn’t perished. I was talking to her. She spoke again; telling me of my own dream. She mentioned all I had seen, except for the person that I followed to the cave entrance. I looked at her, a stunning goddess of a woman, and asked her for an explanation of what she had just told me. She could have sat there and said nothing. I wouldn’t have cared. I would have just sat there captured by her voice and her alarming beauty. She sighed and started to explain. I was entranced by her voice, which flowed like honey. She spoke of the curse of Mortos, and how no death was final here in these Eternal Lands. She told me of how all who die, beast and beings, would feel the excruciating pain of death and walk through the underworld; only to rise again and go on living where they had left off. I rose from my makeshift bed upon Jezebelle’s floor and joined her at a small table in her house. She chuckled and I realised that when she had tried to save my life she had removed my clothing. I hurriedly gathered the thin sheet she had covered me in and wrapped it around my body. She apologized and went on explaining that all wounds are healed during the walk through the underworld and that if a person walked too long there they would return to find some of their possessions missing or all of them in some cases. She turned and reached down below the table, then tossed me my bag. It contained all my belongings except my blade, so I asked her where it was. “That thing is broken and useless. It's outside my home, I abhor weapons” she said very boldly. “I know they are a necessity but not in my home.” I noticed the damaged door at this moment and apologized for breaking it. She told me not to worry about it and as I watched, she gestured. Vines started growing and forming into a new door. Jezebelle knew magic, too; and by the looks of it, a fair amount of magic. I dressed as she continued mending her door. We sat at the table for some time and became friends. Little did I know that in the future my tale would be her tale and her tale, mine. I finished telling her of my quest to find Fred Penner’s journal, just as the light of dawn crept in her windows. I bid her farewell, and followed her directions to the magic storage run by Raven. I felt deep inside me that Jezebelle and I would cross paths again. I walked only a few yards from her home when she called out. I turned to see her holding my broken blade. “You will be in need of a blade. Remember they are a necessity, unless of course you’d like to visit the underworld again.” “I don’t think my broken blade will do me any good in future fights, but thank you” I answered. I reached out to take my broken blade and as I touched it, a glowing light enveloped it. Jezebelle chanted something ancient and lovely and the light faded. My blade was no longer broken, and no longer just a blade. I thanked her and examined one of the lightest and most beautiful axes I had ever held. This wonderful lady had made me a weapon the likes of which I had never seen in all my travels. I ask her to explain, since she'd stated she abhors weapons. "When I asked the blade what weapon would best defend you, it simply told me," she replied. I was floored. “It...told you?” I stammered. "Yes. Everything has a voice; some just do not speak out loud for all to hear." I chocked it up to magic, magic much more powerful than my own at this point. She explained that what I held was a titanium axe and that it was normal in everyway except for its magical creation. I looked into her eyes and for a brief second I could swear I saw her at my side in the far future. I bid her thanks and farewell once again and after some time I came upon the magic storage.
  25. A short introduction to the story of me

    ok update I have an editor Llynara has the entire story as of right now and as soon as she sends it back to me edited I will post it in its full glory so fans prepare for a suprisingly easy read. Roja, acelon, or derin please after I post the full edited story will you delete parts one and two the unedited version please the intro I would like to keep but parts one and two will no longer be needed Fans it may be just a bit longer before the parts arrive now but I will keep them coming please keep your comments coming it is the way I grade my story. You are who counts and give me insperation to keep writing.