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  1. War to Daxon

    today war with a sadwich and tomorrow i will be attacking the toaster.
  2. End the harvest

    How do i cook m3at?........i need more exp fighting rabbits i just started and wanna be 100/100 in a week
  3. Embarising Slip Ups

    Yeah this happens all the time just the other day I saw this Shivar: Tidus I love you man!!! Tidus: sick dude there are people around Shivar: let us not hold back anymore let us dance and sing while holding hands and eating ice cream Logiscom: ./tidus you told me you loved me :_( Tidus: 3gm go to hell jipomax you american go get some supersize meal
  4. Crash

    It was at the dollar theater............was thinking about seeing it but never got around to it. I did go see Duce bigalow european gigalo though!!!
  5. War to Daxon

    I'm at war with a spider
  6. Caption Game

    "But you told me you loved me lord vermor"
  7. VOTD Lilacs

    I can't think of any.......I'm an idiot.
  8. reset?!

    What a great Idea!!!
  9. pick the most hottest people in EL

    I can't tell anthing from this picture you can't really see her
  10. pick the most hottest people in EL

    There is an even better looking girl that plays but I don't want you kids checking her out!!!
  11. ChickenGeorge

    I can be a jerk and a good guy at the same time....that doesn't matter. He comes up alot in these types of postings and a regular noob wouldn't have been given as many chances...........seems to me, if he is to ever be punished, he should at least get the shivar (half stats/reset) if not a ban
  12. Caption Game

    yeah you should say winner and let them do a pic oh and for this one.... "You can watch me play with it for $10"
  13. Caption Game

    "You might not have oil but I can still invade your pants"
  14. Caption Game

    lol............i'm not sure anyone could beat that :lol:
  15. Caption Game

  16. Caption Game

    "Grandma you forgot to flush!!!"
  17. I love this game

  18. Guild rank

    Yeah along time ago when I was in GF guild only like the top 2 people used the #GM and the guild talked through the guild channel not in #GM.
  19. Funny picture thread

    What a stupid woman
  20. Fess up

  21. favorite holiday

    where is kwanza on that list
  22. street drug?

    I'm all for weed man those other drugs are bad though
  23. Negative Perk discussion

    I also say get rid of them.............never did like them
  24. The Hall Of Fame

    Better yet you can have all three of them holding hands in a circle and write here stands the guys with the most time on thier hands .