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  1. War to Daxon

    today war with a sadwich and tomorrow i will be attacking the toaster.
  2. End the harvest

    How do i cook m3at?........i need more exp fighting rabbits i just started and wanna be 100/100 in a week
  3. Embarising Slip Ups

    Yeah this happens all the time just the other day I saw this Shivar: Tidus I love you man!!! Tidus: sick dude there are people around Shivar: let us not hold back anymore let us dance and sing while holding hands and eating ice cream Logiscom: ./tidus you told me you loved me :_( Tidus: 3gm go to hell jipomax you american go get some supersize meal
  4. Crash

    It was at the dollar theater............was thinking about seeing it but never got around to it. I did go see Duce bigalow european gigalo though!!!
  5. War to Daxon

    I'm at war with a spider
  6. Caption Game

    "But you told me you loved me lord vermor"
  7. VOTD Lilacs

    I can't think of any.......I'm an idiot.
  8. reset?!

    What a great Idea!!!
  9. pick the most hottest people in EL

    I can't tell anthing from this picture you can't really see her
  10. pick the most hottest people in EL

    There is an even better looking girl that plays but I don't want you kids checking her out!!!
  11. ChickenGeorge

    I can be a jerk and a good guy at the same time....that doesn't matter. He comes up alot in these types of postings and a regular noob wouldn't have been given as many chances...........seems to me, if he is to ever be punished, he should at least get the shivar (half stats/reset) if not a ban
  12. Caption Game

    yeah you should say winner and let them do a pic oh and for this one.... "You can watch me play with it for $10"
  13. Caption Game

    "You might not have oil but I can still invade your pants"
  14. Caption Game

    lol............i'm not sure anyone could beat that :lol: