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  1. fun with jakoblin

    oooh please can I be on your blacklist! that would make my day what an idiot lol
  2. Roanof

    something about cards and VOTD??
  3. 50 Things to Do on the First Day of class

    heheehe I did #49.... the teacher promptly asked me to leave and I told him I was the reincarnation of the deliah lama.... he said he didn't care and told me to leave again so I shouted as loud as I could "that's it... I am making sure you come back as a pile of dog dung in your next life!!!" I love being me...
  4. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    I am sorry but if that was my son... there is no way I would be able to stop myself from laughing (of coruse I would try not to)
  5. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    I found a few more
  6. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    what?? the baby taking a bath in a filthy kitchen next to dirty dishes?? I don't think that is random...
  7. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    I got this in an e-mail and had to share a couple of them!
  8. Forget This

    lmao "i am not a scammer'' he says... what a freaking n00b! trying to scam someone on the top 50... they are not stupid you know...
  9. He's In His Happy Place

    Okay I have a 1 1/2 year old boy... and although I didn't find the first pic funny, I don't see anything wrong with it. It is not like he was being held by his leg from a balcony... he was just laying in what looked like a very clean microwave. No harm done... although I do have to wonder what kind of parents would do that to their child... or if it was his stoned older brother.
  10. Forget This

    *snicker* don't come whinning to us... we don't like scammers
  11. Why Would You Do This Justice Knight

    Oh I wasn't aware that mr. mind was the new GM... there are just too many youngsters in the guild to keep it scammer free (not saying all youngsters are scammers)
  12. Omfg....

    it isn't that amazing... I can do that (well not exactly as good but near enough)... comes from years of boredom in class
  13. Why Would You Do This Justice Knight

    RICH wasn't origionally a scammer guild... it all went to hell after Robo2917 left his post as GM
  14. Why Would You Do This Justice Knight

    Oh jeeze... I myself would have never thought you a scammer or a bad-guy even after reading the other forum topic. I believe that you have to give someone a few chances to prove themselves. But after that last "your gonna pay" comment I don't think you are very nice...
  15. Screen Shot Contest!

    only one of them is a gnome.... the other is a dwarf