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  1. Why was I banned?

    It happened agained -.- same thing was the last two times these two past weeks, I really like this game but I keep getting banned. I have one but the validation email won't send to it how can I get my chracter on the whitelist if this keeps happening because this is really becoming annoying.
  2. Why was I banned?

    I registered with a new account with one of those emails but a validation email didn't come. I believe I was banned unfairly again as I didnt do anythnig that day except harvest sulfur -.- Btw I got the exact same message as last time which was My entire ISP or IP range was banned :\
  3. Why was I banned?

    Can I get unbanned? Because i'm pretty sure I didn't do anything.
  4. Why was I banned?

    Lemme check, It says " Your entire ISP or IP range is banned. If you want to the play game, you will need your character name on the WHITELIST, which means you have to go to our forums etc etc.
  5. Why was I banned?

    Yeah.. I came on and why was I banned and get I can get unbanned :$
  6. I Got Banned Again

    I keep getting banned for no reason can you plz unban me again