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  1. tips for a long,healthy fight :)

    Hehe.. I was tired of waiting for the garg to respawn so I figured I'd try flee training and healing it.. It's true you get less drops of course, and you gotta watch out for people sneaking in on your kill while yer healing/flee training.. But some garg take soo long to respawn just figured I'd have a nice long fight out with it... Course I wouldn't do it all the time cuz I like all my drops. Also, never heard of the 14 hit thing, so ty all for the info
  2. hehe.. if you're tired of smashing your prey down too quickly try this.. Flee training + remote healing.. 1. Beat up the monster a bit and try to flee 2. If flee is sucessful, use remote heal to heal the monster, and heal yourself too 3. Continue fight 4. Repeat steps 1-3 till you get bored of the monster *** this will boost xp for defense, magic and oa of course *** Please post anymore tips you got on a longer fight here
  3. More Magic Spells?!?

    Yes.. I think there should be more spells! and teleport to the new continent!!
  4. hEaL Mebers and allies

    I just died in tg sewers while typing and fighting at the same time.. anyhow.. dropped some nice stuff such as tit long, degraded greaves, steel shield, brs, and essences... and some very nice member of Rich actually announced on market and I got my stuff back from him... Thank you again Schlafmuetze from Rich for giving me my stuff back! Sorry Ember, but after that, I definetly will not put the Rich guild on my enemy list.
  5. Question

    I guess I started playing EL because I like playing video games and someone told me about this one. I keep playing it because the graphics are pretty good (least compared to other mmorgs I've played like runescape) and even though it really needs more quests I like the overall playing experience. I also like the community and the forums.. You get a chance to talk to people from all over the world and read their opinions and views. Course there's no real point/goal to my playing.. cept to max out all my abilities in the game.. hopefully I won't get bored after that point.
  6. sad sad day

    Neat.. I'll check it out... Also checked out Soldus' link.. so ty EL news team! (Although I'm still lazy and would rather listen to the news then read it.. )
  7. First Post. Cloning

    would you really want this, i think you would go crazy if you would be woken up in the year 3000, everything has gone forward so much you prolly wouldn't recocnise(srry for the bad spelling) the world, there would have been so much progress you i think you wouldn't be able to cope with it. Hey, I think they would be awesome too.. I'd love to see what the world is like in 1k yrs.. Like taking Edison to the world today I'm a big thinker. (of course there's the chance the machine would break or the world would be terribly frightening/violent/non-existent/ect)
  8. First Post. Cloning

    "Giraffes are afraid of heights." --- Hmm. didn't know that .. "Bacteria cultures will grow until they kill themselves off from their own waste products." ---Sounds like a natural process/uncontrollable process - the bacteria cultures would have no awareness of their situation, ect, and I don't believe they have thought processes "Ants regularly strip their immediate area of resources, and have to go farther afield for new sources of food. (as do most rodents)" --- Uh, but they use all their resources for food, housing, ect, and don't burn out all the resources. --- Also, most critters contribute in some way to the growth of nature and new resources.. bees and birds pollinate plants and... animals help spread seeds from trees (mostly through their digestive tract. yech).. course animals naturally fertilize the soil (again through their digestive tract), some critters feed on plants, others control the overpupalation of other species.. anyhow, on an overall animals contribute more to the environment then humans.. and they contribute more then destroy the environment "Most predators kill off their own species in order to preserve territories." --- Hmm.. funny most animals I can think of travel in packs (ex: Lions, Tigers, Deer, ect).. and the killing off your reffering to is prolly where the males often battle to death to become the new leader of the pack, get the females, ect.. there are terrotorial battles betwen species as well, but that would be protecting their pack by warding off the other pack.. "Most predators also 'play with their food' including killing it more for fun than sustenance." --- How, now that I think about it, I've seen dogs and cats jump up to catch birds, moths, ect, and often kill em without eating em.. but I think in the wild they eat whatever they kill.. hmmmm.. "Humanity does not have a monopoly on any of these traits. We are better at them than most, sure. They are affected by our intelligence. But for the most part, the only thing you could say about us that is truely worse than any other animal is that we should know better." --- I agree, I think humanity doesn't have a monopoly of these traits.. and we should know better, but with our growing technologies, ect, mankind has been more focused on creating smeg then on the potential impacts of our new creations, ect, on the environment.. Hair sprays, pesticides, insectisides, bombs, ect.. Whoohoo! got to use my English skills some more!
  9. sad sad day

    Hmm.. I haven't heard of an earthquake either.. I say we all flame my local newschannels.. I'm so sick of my local news channels in Miami, there's a serious lack of international coverage on there and I would like to know what else is going on in the news And it seems all my other news channels like CNN are going to cover Terri all day too..
  10. First Post. Cloning

    Hmm.. you're not using this as a term paper are you? <_< I'm pro both.. although I think the cloning issue is just another excuse for mankind to search for a way out of death.. I don't believe it will lead to a way out of death.. cuz I don't think you can transfer your "self" into another body - althoughit would be interesting to see what a human "clone" would be like. My feelings on that is mankind hoping to quell the natural fear of death by use of the cloning devices... If this is your term paper you should definetly link that in there somewhere Edited: On Paladin's Edit .... My thought on evolution/spirituality is .. hmm.. how do I explain in words.. How many animals have you seen bow down to worship some sort of god? Or fear growing old? Or live in constant fear of death? Or kill others just for fun? (well.. beside my cat chasing moths) anyhow it seems to me the more evolved animals get, the stupider they get. As humans we teach our children to fear everything from the light socket to water (drowning,ect), to eachother.. then we teach em to spend the majority of their time trying to impress others and striving to work hard to get a good job to pay for all their bills that they aquire because of all the material goods they buy.. and we work to feed ourselves and we poison our water supplies with insectides, chemical waste, ect, then spend billions of dollars on water filtration systems so we can drink "healthy" water for free, which is being pumped from rusted pipes which have been in ourhomes and in the lines for god knows how long.. then we pay more money to buy bottled water which is prolly the same smeg from our tap water.. ect, ect.. So anyway, yes, I favour the freedom of the animal life over the massive confusion and stupidity of mankind It may seem lazy, but animals are much more energetric and they don't spend the majority of their lives thinking of ways to use up all the earths resources to make smeg that no one needs. They also don't smeg up the world as much as we do and they don't have bombs or chemical warfare
  11. Marrie

    Whohoo.. I voted yes.. when's the drawing for the free rare book?
  12. Most Likely to....

    I voted: #3. most likely to enter EL rehab - ... oh.. I'll get flamed if I say who I voted for #13. biggest loudmouth in EL - Satan (cuz he seems to want the title) #14. quitest player in EL - DonPedro (at least on forums hes really quiet) #15. hardest person to understand - Garfield111 (I'd also nominate for most topics opened for the Same reason stating the Same Thing if there was an option for that!) Hehe
  13. My first day E-L!

    LOL! Sounds like you had a lot of fun your *cough* first day *cough*! My first day was like.. where is everything? how did I get here? where did the house go? Ohh... there's a map I can open! Ohh.. help guides.. goood... talk to toturial npc.. ack! got pawned by a rabbit! One week later - oh! Finally finished Tutorial Quest! All right armor and stuff! I can kill a deer maybe? Got owned ny a deer.. Man, lost my stuff *cries* How do I get out of hell??.. Two days later - Oh, you mean you don't actually lose stuff when you die? It stays In a bag and you can try to get it? Oops! Now - Ohhh.. I can use color on forums
  14. leather prices

    That's why most people sell leather stuff on market.. pants sell for 80-100 gd on there. If you haven't checked out market channel yet, check it out! But I do agree with you, leather is way too expensive. let's hope they implement the end of the leather quest soon. ***Crosses fingers***
  15. EG easter quest

    Sounds like fun, I'll try to make it too.. hopefully you'll lets us know when all the easter eggs have been found so we stop looking