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  1. Here's an idea! Replace Eva (engineering tutorial npc) In Arius Magic School, with visage and name of Cyberwulf as a lasting tribute to his Engineering mastery, a wonderful and helpful player, and a very good guy, (This idea was from icevodka. I agreed with the idea so I posted it here. ) Ladybear
  2. Banned? Nasty Things? Hunh?

    Nevermind! I didn't see your e-mail until after I wrote the previous post. Thanks bunches Radu/Entropy! LB
  3. Banned? Nasty Things? Hunh?

    sent. Would you please tell me why we were banned? I'm afraid we still don't fully understand the reason and if there is an area here where the offense is listed? Thanks a bunch Radu.
  4. Banned? Nasty Things? Hunh?

    Yes.. Just taken as soon as I read your request. sb is getting it out of the camera now. Do I send it to you, or post it here???
  5. Banned? Nasty Things? Hunh?

    I made the font size a little bigger than normal so I can read it.. Not trying to anger the powers that be here... My Toon is Ladybear and mu husbands is sirbear. Apparently we've been banned for "doing nasty things". What exactly are we accused of and when did this supposed "nasty thing" happen. The only nasty thing i can think of os possibly not responding to someone who pm'd me or sirbear, that would be only that we didn't see the message to respond back. We were last in a couple weeks ago for a few hours. Tried to log in tonight and was unable to get in. There was no message saying that we were banned or locked out. I was lucky that Sir_Odie was in the IRC chat room and told me that we were both banned and to come here to get the particulars. Please tell us when we were banned, why we were banned (other than the "nasty things" please) and approximately when we will be allowed to returned. We both have only 1 toon each, have our own computers, and 1 internet connection. Please respond as soon as you are able too so we can resolve this matter. Thanks you Ladybear