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  1. storage sale

  2. very old players

    Many memories in this game.
  3. very old players

    Fun to read through the list. I remember a few. I'm PuNa. I started 04 or 05. PuNa has long since been retired. It became fireant_queen. I haven't played in awhile came to check the forum.
  4. Helm, armor, cuisses and greaves. Please tell me your price for the full set. PM or in post.
  6. Currently using steel chain, steel shield, unicorn medallion, leather legs, leather boots, iron helm. Nothing fancy. I like the unicorn because it gives more xp but if I need to I can switch to moon for more armor if needed. Progression goal... nothing fancy either. Just as long as I can get decent xp. I don't train a/d all the time I still like to do other things. Maybe I don't understand what you mean by progression goal if you need more info explain.
  7. Oh yeah. Should I take any coordination at all? I'm not sure if you still dodge or hit without it.
  8. Ok, I think I will try physique/vitality. Going to forego will for now because I think if I want more hp it would be better to take physique for capacity and toughness. What ratios do you recommend? How much is too much physique for lvling on ogres at my lvls? http://www.eternal-l...r.php?user=dung What is the maximum vitality I should take? Would like high mana for summoning and lasting long during invasions. Thanks everyone for their input.
  9. Have tried playing off and on in the past few years but my ping spikes cause me to die too much to the point where it's not worth playing. Used to play on cable but now I'm running off the mobile hotspot(haha I'm online in the literal back 40). The ping is normally around 500 but then spikes up to 6 or 8k+ so I have no idea what's going on in that 8+ seconds. I try to heal when I realize I'm lagging but it doesn't always save me. Is there an attribute selection that would make this possible where I would take very little damage but still get good xp? I guess I wouldn't be able to lvl magic as well but I am just considering possibilities. Also I like to summon/manuf/harvest so high EMU is pretty important.
  10. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    602 Training Arrows 3 Ring of MMD Sslessar Summon Stone 1 Serpent Stone 2 Binding Stone 2 EFE 4kgc for all
  11. Offensive Spells With Allied

    I like this idea but I say make pvp completely optional. Meaning you can turn on and off PVP of allies with a switch. Makes training a lot easier so your guildies can train with you without having to be kicked by a high rank which always isnt on.
  12. Gold membership

    Some games having a membership is pretty much a necessity, even though they say its not. In the way its purposed it doesnt give a huge advantage and its not at all a necessity. It just gives the same edge to people that already pay money to buy gear or lvl their chars. I dont see anything wrong with it at all, I'm suprised you even ask which shows you care a lot more about your players than most games do. I'd also scrap the bots while your at it. Any player willing to pay money to get a bot in game is probably willing to pay more from a shop to get the same gain. Plus I think its ruined the games economy, its very hard to even trade with a real player anymore... very odd for an MMO. I think an auction house would be 10x better since any normal player nowadays pretty much expects one.
  13. Let's talk invasions

    Personally I used to like the global invasions (several maps) no caps and no time limit. Although at that time I was a lot stronger back then. I liked this one because it gave a chance for me as a low level player to participate, because previously the chances to get some action in a global invasion was little to nil. I would say later on though if I were to get stronger I would again prefer the global invasions. I like the randomness, and as long as people report what they see in channel 6 then I know where I can properly fight. My input would have to be, Keep these type invasions to give the noobs some action... but for the average invasion keep it global. Keeps you a lot more immersed, the thrill of the hunt is fun. I know teamwork is supposed to be big or whatever, but I like to challenge myself and see what I am capable of solo. Also being able to use certain maps to your advantage... say where u know you can pin a strong mob, and kill it solo (keep muling stuff from storage back to the monster) instead of... which i know is very convenient, to just sit on the wall and spam arrows(bethel), which is still nice if its william tell and u just wanna get ranging xp.
  14. New Eternal Lands Content

    I like your suggestion about player mobs, although I dont think they have to be bosses, there are already enough bosses in game.
  15. Let's talk invasions

    Hard for me to give adaquate input because I just reset but if its useful here goes. 38/44 a/d 20/16 p/c Perkless EDIT: (Also I had pretty bag gear on, I've only been able to get 1 human nexus so far) I started off fine but died 1st time when i got ganged by a group of 8 female gobs. I didnt like that it was so far away and such a long run to get back to the invasion. 2nd time came in, saw some strong mobs so i summoned a white tiger hoping to clear them out...but not paying attention I got attacked by a bear and died. The strongest i seemed to be able to fight and still do ok was vs black leapord 1v1 or 1v2(edit: also ferans were strong but doable). Even 8xgiant spiders on me was hard (came very close to dieing, my mana was low and sr on cooldown) but luckily my white tiger saved me and took enough of them off I could finally kill a few and save myself. My main problems were my reset... having low p/c, also magic level comes to be a factor at low levels because it fails a lot so in an invasion type setting (even with brs and minor healing) you can die fast with 1 failed restore. Plus most of my previous invasions I was rich enough to afford CoL and as a low level you dont have a huge buffer of HP normally. Sorry I cant give better input because of my reset. Also the people not wanting to participate and coming in naked to gather bags isnt my cup of tea but u cant stop them obviously. I like the multicombat but when it gets to 8v1 as a low level very hard to do. Perhaps a larger map so they are more spread out or just less spawns when it comes to the tough mobs. Also I think the incentive was quite enough, I am a summoner so I got a bunch of summoning ingredients plus a few 100 gc. No rare drops of any kind except for 1 of my previous death bags and other random noobie armor.