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  1. Harvesting Guild HYSF taking orders

    This is Dragoe (no forum account) I have been away all week and dads (thumpszilla) real life business has been extremely busy. Unfortunately right now all orders have been falling on me. At this time we are not going to be accepting any orders as I will be leaving for 3 weeks starting the 8th of July. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone and we hope to be back to taking orders soon. Live Long and Kill Scotty!
  2. Harvesting Guild HYSF taking orders

    Hi yethq I am sorry I have not responded. We are having internet issues and they should be resolved by Monday so we have not been able to get on. I am on at the library right now. Dragoe takes care of all pricing so I will have him contact you asap on the branches. He can get on with his phone but is at leadership camp for his school military unit until Thursday and the app doesn't run well on mine.
  3. Harvesting Guild HYSF taking orders

    Did he take care of you? We are kinda swamped currently and he leaves for camp soon and I run a business so orders not as fast as we would like right now. We have been swamped with diamonds, iron, and sulfur. I am not sure what he has logs for or if he can even comfortably take another one till we get some done but I have someone I can have him talk to that is working on the required levels to join us.
  4. Harvesting Guild HYSF taking orders

    Flower orders are limited to 50k at a time Mineral and ore orders are limited to 20k at a time To contact us post your order here or #Ig HYSF (prefered method) or PM Thumpszilla or Dragoe FLOWERS 0.5gc each Blue lupine Blue star flower Chrysanthemum Impatiens Red snapdragons 0.7gc each Black rose Lilacs Red rose Sunflower Swamp candles Tiger lilly White Asiatic Lilly Yellow rose 1gc each Wheat Dandelions Daffodils cotton 1.5gc each Cactus Henbane Mugwort Poppies Red currants Rue Tulips 2gc each Mullein Nightshade Ogre toes Poison ivy Tree Mushroom White Chanterelle Wormwood Yarrow Toadstools Valerian MINERALS 1.5gc each Blue Quartz Quartz Rose Quartz 2gc each sulfur 2.5gc each Coal 3.5gc each Diamond Sapphire Emerald Ruby ORES 2.5gc each SIlver 3gc each Gold Iron Titanium
  5. New guild old players looking for active and dedicated players looking to have a good time. Harvesting level of 40 required and dedication to any order you accept a must. The name of the guild is Harvest Your Sh1t Fast for a reason. If someone places an order and you accept it we want it delivered fast. We do large orders usually in pairs unless an individual wants it. I have a mule which I will use to help you haul it if need be and I am available. We like to cut up and have fun and our chat is very active. If interested message Thumpszilla or Dragoe ingame and we will get you taken care of.
  6. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    Okay I will most certainly talk to him he knows better.I don't know what has gotten into him but, i will fix it. Thank you and have a great day!
  7. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    Thank you. He still plans to make it a bot but he is trying to save up the money.Do you know how long he will be banned?
  8. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    Hi i am MonkeyDoodle's father as you probably already know he has been ban for multi. I posted on his behalf because he could not get anyone to validate his account. I would just like to know how long he is banned thank you.
  9. Unban Dragoe Please

    Hi I am Posting to get my son's character Dragoe unlocked please he was locked march 17th by Aislinn for multi-play. His alts were already taken care of by Aislinn. Thank you!