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    homer simpson
  5. Selling guild maps

    If/When [JOT$] gets one it will be open to the public!
  6. Black listed ISPs list

    I think this is rediculous.
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  9. It works for everyone else... Anyway, the floor was black. BTW: Thanks to TastyFignuts and asgnny for saving our skins. We could have just #beam me up'ed, but that's no fun!
  10. We were planning on going to Naralik to kill enemies together, but we can only kill about 2 Male Goblins before dying. So we were running from the goblins, when we found this house: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v195/Fla...er/026e2f91.bmp It looks cool outside, but on the inside it's TOTALLY wierded out. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v195/FlagSniper/br.bmp It even includes a "BAD OBJECT": http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v195/FlagSniper/bo.bmp The house is located here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v195/FlagSniper/bm.bmp At the coordinates: 128,50 (the entrance). Check it out! The walkable plates are messed up too.
  11. I also love the changing seasons! Speaking of which, does the broken bridge in VotD get repaired in another season? I think it's in Spring right now with all the rain.
  12. I must say, that I absolutely love Eternal Lands. What other game has: #help_me, with actual game designers to help even the noobliest of noobs through their endures. The Encyclopedia of Eternal Lands, an in-game help encyclopedia, also very useful. Such a balanced experience higherarchy. Important people (game developers, etc.) who actually walk around and play the game, not with anonymous names, or considering themselves as gods. Is so addictive. Has fun contests many times a day, AND WanderingFool! With all this, and it's still free! This game ROCKS!
  13. Harvest bug in Isla Prima

    I dont remember what type of flower, or coordinates, but when attempting to harvest the Blue flowers across the bridge in Isla Prima while being overloaded, you randomly teleport into the bridge.
  14. Can't open Map Maker.

    I can't load this new Map Maker.... I get an SDL.dll error that it can't be found, where should I extract the file to find this SDL.dll file?
  15. I seem to gain too little Harvesting EXP, because of the Hourly rule. What if you make a system where you need to type in a message displayed in a window every 30 seconds, something simple, yet complex enough to confuse Macros.