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  1. remote heal in special Peace Day

    As I recall, the game counts it as an "attack" on another player.
  2. Bot payments

    Ghrae Paid Receipt# 6KX47645RW9803019 (KiraKitty, Duvel, astronomy, Penthesilea)
  3. Bot expiration

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  4. Expiring bots

    Beaver paid: 1LS96266UB431974B
  5. Expiring bots (end of June)

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  6. Expiring bots

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  7. Expiring bots, November 2014

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  8. Expiring bots, November 2013

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  9. There's a LOT of quests. That would a messy NPC menu to go through
  10. Previews are all great but there is no link for Sedicolis preview showing up. Fixed - sorry about that
  11. Mother nature hates me

    My guess is that most people get the achievement regardless if we have the perk or not. Those having the perk probably aren't paying enough attention to damage to know if it was that perk that sped them along to the achievement.
  12. "New" location bug

    A bit hard to help when you are that vague... but could you mean that F1 gives you no image? Quite possibly because the area you're in is newly created and thus for those people who create F1 maps, none have as of yet been created?
  13. very old players

    I think I can safely say that you weren't playing EL in the late 80s or early 90s. Game wasn't around then. Try adding a decade
  14. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Bot renewal: Crabs Transaction ID: 5J8060655T913453U
  15. It would also let people complete tutorial quests where they couldn't before because they were unwilling to take on the extra nexus for some of the high level items. Let's face it... if you had MOST of the nexus needed, you could level to L100 in most skills reasonably. But as you are aware, as you level, those pick points are harder and harder to come by, so grabbing an extra nexus or two just so you can make a few items at the top of a skill list... items that may or may not come up regularly maybe be considered wasteful by some people. This suggestion all of a sudden gives them the ability to complete the tutorial or have a day every once in a while to load up on those rarely needed items. I'm guessing that may not be desired by Entropy (just guessing - I don't know his mind). But I believe having some challenges that can't be negated by a special day is what separates those that are serious about a skill from those who aren't. If all you wanted to do was toy with the idea of manu for a while (as an example)... you could also reset. A bit more extreme... but an option I have seen some people do in the past.