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  1. When in KF = theme from LOTR. When in Arena = theme from Gladiator. When mining = 'hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go'. When spell casting = theme from Harry Potter. When going through a portal = theme from Sliders.
  2. Someone enlighten me please...

    Summoned creatures don't attack players in MM caves. Goblins do. It is indoors away from high traffic. Where is the problem? If a newb goes into these caves he should be worried about the gobs, not the summoned animals.
  3. Calenhad=Shady

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Calenhad=Shady

  5. Calenhad=Shady

    On a 'semi' related note, what sort of P/C/A/D is needed before a person should even think about going into a PK area?
  6. To the_antiroot

    Apologising in public..... hard thing to do....... and very commendable!
  7. Outlaw

    Cool idea! I haven't thought of all the ramifications of such a system, but on first reading it seems like a good use of the EL system. I don't see too much radical changing of EL code, but is does produce an interesting radical option for players! Even stripped of the ranking system, etc, and just using the outlaw system on it's own would be interesting.
  8. The Ants

    T'was a joke. Hence the But now you've got me thinking..., I wonder if this could actually be done. Much the same way there are special days, it might be fun to have 1 random map for each day where they are pkable. Maybe make them pkable for 1 day every so often? Special days seem to add some variety to the game, I wonder if this could too?
  9. The Ants

    How about they're made pkable (on any map) for more AD xp?
  10. werewolves

  11. werewolves

    Er, his idea??
  12. The cooldowns decision

    And will FP be stackable?
  13. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    Yes, cooldowns should stay.
  14. What Irks you

    I hate Goblins.