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  1. Ultima Online

    Me too. On my way.......
  2. Song game...

    Lightning Crashes - Live
  3. Song game...

    Last Exit - Pearl Jam
  4. Song game...

    A Road in My Mind - Kaipa
  5. Free MMORPG's

    Project Entropia https://www.project-entropia.com/ Its free but it works on a real cash economy. you can buy in game money with real money and you can TAKE OUT money you make in the game, so can can actually profit from it. Need a decent pc though. mine struggled a little.
  6. Song game...

    Hit - The Wannadies
  7. Godless, great deal or horrible mistake?

    I took Godless at about lvl 25, as i didnt realise you could serve 3 gods. i thought it was just one, (must not have read whatever i was supposed to read). So when i weighed it up, it was well worth it. Now i regret it, but i dont want to reset at lvl 41. Just have to live with it i suppose. I can see it getting much more of a burden at later levels though. I like Ruln's mathematical approach. it makes me feel better about taking the perk
  8. 'Noob'

    Personally i think the use of the terms depends entirely on the view of the other person. Regardless of how the new player acts. This is more of a general game experience and may not be as prevailent in EL, but people who understand what its like, and care ahout new players call them "newbies", and people who could give a toss, and think a lot of themselves, with no time for anyone who doesnt know what they are doing, call them "n00bs", which i feel is more of a derogatory term than a shortname for a new player. This is just a personal opinion, and like i said, it doesnt really apply in EL as much as other games i have played, as n00b is more of a generally accepted term in EL. I've just been flamed for being a "stupid n00b" in EVERY game i have ever played and i dont understand why people feel the need to be offensive towards new players. yours sincerely, a n00b
  9. Song game...

    You Not Me - Dream Theater
  10. Song game...

    To rescue us from the infinite loop of linking "the" in every post....... Trigger Inside - Therapy?
  11. Is there a point to magic school maze?

    rofl. (sorry, spam)
  12. Lord Of The Rings

    LMAO ROfL :lol: Love it.
  13. Random Spawns

    Oh yeah, that's why games where all you do is walk/run around and kill stuff, like Quake3, UT2004 and Doom3 will never reach 400 players All those above are stupid shooters games... they are not even comparable to EL. You don't have there to make any lvls to do better things... just take weapon and shot... duh, so primitive... Stupid shooters with thousands of servers and tens of thousands of players ? Yeah, all stupid people obviously..... I'm a big UT player and you're right that its not comparable to EL. Its killing for the sport that requires reaction, coordination, and tactics. But perhaps this isnt the right thread to be rubbishing games that you dont like.... Killing in EL is for a different reason. Its no different from taking the path of an alchemist, or a manufacturer, its just working with different materials to increase the power of your character. "people around are talking about realism in game...that stupid, if you want realism remove all those fantasy things in game and make EL medieval Sims :S" Why is realism stupid? Any game is a mixture of fantasy and realism, and the more realistic you make a fantasy, the more attractive it becomes.
  14. Random Spawns

    Perhaps a new poll is called for - to include the option to impletment at a later date with a tracking system, and also perhaps combine the poll on this with the random ore spawns possibility, as maybe both should be implemented in the same way to balance the game.
  15. Song game...

    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkle