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  1. revi

    just booted by riptade, khehehe
  2. revi

    khehehe, someone nedded clinex, khehehe you just wont stop until you ban me? i told you if you do not like it, you can ban me now, you are just simpy easly offended unmature and picking on players to compensate for some sad loss in your life. fuck off of me
  3. revi

    i opened this thread of me accusing revi of being a bad mod, and i offered screenshots as proof. it is staf's turn to own a bad decision, not to attack without providing a proof a clearly devoted and passionate EL player. i gave my proof, i do not feel or need to provide any further proof nor will i defend myself in any manner.
  4. revi

    rules state: 1. All initial posts (the post that starts the thread) MUST include valid proof such as a screenshot or unedited logs. Any accusation without proof will immediately be deleted. Repeat transgressions WILL be addressed. you are posting my 2 posts that i started, where i am pointing out and at least solve one of the problems? do you have a grasp on reality? This kind of argument that you are giving is what makes you a bad mod, unfortunately players suffer your bad judgement. you are saying i am repetadly harrassing? could you, please, provide proof such as a screenshot or unedited logs? please, do humor me and give me 3 more examples where i acted noncompliant, please. If someone critisizing you offends you in such a manner that you boot them, you re a bad mod. good mod would not be bothered at all to remind someone that sees their mistakes. redeemed mod would unboot player immediately and summon rabbits for player, but bad mod, bad mod would boot the player. so, what are you doing, mod? ====================== edit, oh revi, if i am such a bother, how come you put me on ignore list only yesterday? if i harrested you, would i not be on that list much, much earlier?
  5. revi

    well, have you ever misclicked channel and been booted? i wrong channeled, i appologised, why do i have to be contacted by mod? is this a joke? i think revi is taking extra time to bother me. you too aislin, are turning the truth around, saying i am bothering. I counted two accounts with revi, telling revi is sticking his nose into things AFTER they are mended is not an attack on revi, it is stating the truth of his act, his doing, he should own that. i think mods should be called bad mods if they poke their nose into bussines that is finnished, repetadly. if stating that get me banned, please as soon as possibile. and rules above state to provide prove, screenshot is not ok now? please back off of me or ban me.
  6. revi

    So this was my first encouter with revi, yeasr ago, how many of you have missed the channel, excused yourself and got booted? today was second encounter: [10:15:44] [Ursha @ 6]: if sceptic, does to#day still works? [10:15:49] [Xyleon @ 6]: yes [10:15:58] [Ursha @ 6]: for stones as well? [10:16:17] [revi @ 6]: day has nothing to do with astrology [10:16:23] [Ursha @ 6]: thank you all [10:16:54] [Ursha @ 6]: (for once revi helped me...) [10:17:18] You were channel muted (can't talk on the channels for 20 minutes) by revi. [10:18:25] [PM from revi: if you have a problem with me, sya so, or take it up with Aislinn. Those wise-cracks every time I address you are getting annoying] [10:18:50] [PM to revi: you are lame] [10:21:31] [PM from revi: Possibly. But since I warned you once that your behaviour was against the rules and could get you punished (as I'm obliged to do as a mod)...] [10:22:06] [PM to revi: why are you bothering me? what are you talking about?] [10:22:06] [PM from revi: all I get from you is snide remarks. Fed up with that, take it to Aislinn (see rule 2)] [10:23:19] [PM to revi: you are making stuff up] [10:23:59] [PM to revi: you can lie to yourself and others, but not to me] [10:24:40] [PM to revi: so please stop bothering me] [10:25:41] <5:31>: Disconnected from server! [Grue?] [10:25:41] Press Alt-x to close the game [10:25:41] You were booted by revi! -------------------------------------------------- aislinn has no pulse yet (afk) and this is redicilous. revi is obviously lieing of me constantly botherin him/her. My char is paid, i do try to help newbies, been here for over 10 years, i try to help gq, i made custom tutorial, calculator of ings breakdown... i try to help game. I think revi is not a good mod and i suggest to be removed. ==================== edit, a screenshot:
  7. I am sorry

    oh evie, i don't have a horse in this race, but i read, it was sweet and short, i kindda liked that side Maybe I should just log off, but that's my fart ... and i feel releved...
  8. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    Is this a wOrrior thread suggestions or all players suggestions? so, there are a lot of old things pending, maybe add Lucaa, before new things? And this is really old, when attacking, if you are too far away, at least go to that spot... (it is early morning here, i am sipping coffee and it just kicked in with realisation that i just wasted a minute of my time)
  9. hello eternal people, I am in the middle of leveling up potions so i can do pot tut quest. I am wondering how much of some mixtures i have to mix to get that much exp point to level up. Now i have file of spreadsheets that is huge and i do not like to open it any more... so i am making this website, for mixers, and i want to draw your attention to "i am making", meanning it is not finished, there are some bugs. Works on desktop browsers only (for now). I tried bothering people in game for help, it is going slow, so I decided to ask for help here. If you could visit the website, read the instructions there, and report back here, you do not have to state your rationality level or gods, just report this mix works like: "fe forks for me" Now, some things might not work, in that case i would appretiate your browser, os, and mix you tried to mix. I know of some bugs, like bone powder or some food issues, there are also all mixtures of summoning and tailoring to add, i will do that in next month or so. Anyway, all help is greatly appretiated. here is the link: http://www.beezgetz.com/el_food_guild/ Thank you
  10. #reset & wraith not giving negative perks

    so it turns out i had to spend that much pp first, no matter i had them. thanks
  11. [sOLVED] hello eternal people, for lack of info i #reset my toon yesterday. i went to wraith to get my perks back, but when i tried to get negative (i got dedicated harvester) perks, like anti, dead scotty, can't dance, gelly bones i got strange message, declaring i lack OA level. i went to ip rat cave and in an hour i leveled OA to 10. went to wraith again and same story... i logged out and in several times. today i am OA 26 and i still get this message: so, ... what seems to be my major malfunction? thank you
  12. Color changing stone

    Hey guys, sorry for delayed response hatwood, that was more than I expected, thank you. Starlite, unfortunate for me you are right. BUT(!!!!) you guys wont believe what happened! This friend of mine payed for my new race! I must say at first I was furios and mad at him, but now I love him more than ever. So now I am orchaness!!! Thank you two too for your input and time! Kind regards
  13. Color changing stone

    Hello eternal people, So, I got me a color changing stone ( ), and I am thinking of going Orchaness. Now I am human and I have custom human face. Does this effects changing color? Do I have to first remove my custom face, or it does not matter? I already got info on what happens if I cancel in the middle, apperantly one losses stone - that is not so great... But what happens if I choose orchan, and I do not like the charachter I made (not finish changing), can I go back and choose draegoni or something else? Thank you
  14. hey revi, i see you made an effort, thank you. I have no trouble saying thank you, but it goes like this: i ask, someone answers, I thank. I have even less trouble of saying f*!# you, that usually goes like this: i ask, someone is not understanding and doing something else, I f*!# i usually aim for one 'thing', but if they move... --- i have no trouble using github, what i am hoping is some help from people that already know custom --- I see some people answered here, but Aislinn did me no favour, or do you mean she is not using the 'power' that she is not to use anyway...?!? was it me or her stating the lie? --- I also do not understand where did i insult odie that there is such attack on this matter... if odie is insulted, i guess odie would say a thing or two... --- in this thread i said that odie has a one good server, and my bad, somewhere else i stated that he is usually a nica guy and gives feedback right after he uploads your meshes: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60010&p=587270 --- if you (plural) do not want to help, why pop up in thread? --- *Puts on human cape* if you help answer, you are not helping just me, but the comunity. and we here, in this thread know that there are at least two who know this, where is their help? *takes off human cape* please, keep your threats and spamming for yourself, i for one will be gratefull.
  15. Aislinn, you quoted quite well, i said IF, can you spot that two letters? that said, i see you are still in fog: "Sir Odie is doing everyone a favor and generously donating his server and time." - Aislinn. dear admin Aislinn, will you please correct this misstruth before you came again. I do not know some things, so i want to learn, why are you so afraid? bkc56, you are right on point, no matter how much we know and no metter if we set up 1000 servers, if client is not pointing to serves(s) our work won't gain nothing, khehe. and I was wondering about multi-servers, but I guess it would not be hard to sync them? even better, set up a web-page so players could simply upload, and all custom server's admins could easily pick files from there... again, but what IF aliens came and took sir odie back to their planet? How well are we prepared to pick up? I suppose VinoVeritas could do it, and for sure Aislinn, but she would want to hear something like "Aislinn is doing everybody a favour" khehehe... You, my dear admin, are not doing any favours to noone, it seems to me, khehehe for future reference, for you old farts and admins, i DID say sir odie has a good server, i did state he does get back quite fast. how came you missed that part...? please, stop your bitching and get out.