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  1. The Ocean Strider's Voyage

    Watching quietly from the limb of a nearby tree a half-elf by the name of Jormane watched as all these strangers boarded the ship. However there was something about the elf that shot the guard that reminded Jormane of an old friend from the past, but it couldn't be....could it.... Nimbly despite the titanium chainmail and large two handed sword strapped across his back Jormane dropped to the ground. As the moonlight hit his face only for a brief second you could see the gleam in his eyes, the thought of another adventure. Silently he wrapped his black cloak around him giving him the illusion of disappearing. Moving quickly and quietly through the brush he moved to get a better vantage point on the two burly sailors before they discovered the fate that had befallen their friend. Pulling his cloak a little tighter Jormane moved even closer. With uncanny agility he jumped from the bushes using only two fingers placed in the right spots and a little magic the sailors dropped in a heap clearly unconscious. With that he moved onto the ship taking refuge in the storage compartment to wait out the journey... (Count me in too)
  2. As Long as Eternity

    (hey guys i'm back. just been really busy with school and everything i was failing 2 out of 4 classes. I don't think i am anymore.) Roughly barricading the door with the torn and broken furniture. Nardo turned to Lachesis, "WHAT COMES!?!" he exclaimed. "Hundreds of monsters, at least 400 orcs, goblins, and trolls. Aluwen onlys knows what else is out there!" The company fell silent in such a poor position the chances of repeling an attack would be slim to none. "We surely can't hold them in here." Nardo said. "We must go meet the attack." said Jormane. "Who's with me?" "I can't miss the fun!" Tumaros shouted. "I'm in!" And in unison all else joined. Moving quickly to the back of the house they escaped throught the back door. All took quick note of how many monsters there were. There was closer to 500 than 400. "When the monsters reach us guard me for I have a little surprise for them but it requires all me concentration." Geelef said with a sly grin. All immediately made a circle around him. Geelef began chanting arcane words. The monsters came orc, goblin, and ogres felling to the might of the companions and a stiff defense maintained until... A large orc well over seven feet tall came crashing through the fray easily knocking aside Monore and charged directly for Geelef. With uncanny reflexes Tumaros spun launching an arrow the found it's mark right in the neck of the giant orc. As Geelef drew close to finishing his spell the sky darkened and thunder could be heard rolling in. With a final word of power the spell was complete and Lightning bolts seared the dark sky. All around the adventurers were screams and moans as over 200 monsters were slain by the fierce lightning. Within minutes the entire force was halfed and serperated. The adventurers after recovering from the awe of the spell took advantage of the unorganized and confused monsters slaying a hundred in a couple minutes. Jormane was distracted fighting two fows at once when an orc bowmen fired an arrow striking Jormane in the leg. Pain seared through Jormane but more than the pain was the rage. His two-handed sword that usually a redish fire flared an angry blue. Jormanes body began to glow of the same fire as his eyes did too. The sky seemed to be set ablaze and with a swing of his sword a wall of the intense blue fire raced towards the remaining monsters desintegrating any monster it touched. And as fast as it started it was all over....
  3. As Long as Eternity

    (Happy Birthday Geelef! Sry I didn't say it sooner but this is the first time I've had a chance to go on in a long time. Tumaros hasn't gotten a chance to come on either. ) Forming a circle trying to keep the spiders at bay all were rapidly thnk what to do. All the sudden there was a voice in each of their heads it was Tumaros's "I have an idea and I need you guys to trust me. If you do form a triangle around me." Instantly moving Nardo, Geelef, and Jormane were around Tumaros. The voice came again "Duck when I saw 'Now'". Gathering all his strength and will Tumaros summoned his pscionic powers. "Now!" Tumaros shouted and with a great wave of rippling power all the spiders were no more. Returning to their feet Jormane, Nardo, and Geelef just looked around in utter and speechless amazement.
  4. As Long as Eternity

    As the adventurers moved closer and closer to the bottom what seemed like just a dark floor took shape slowly. Finally showing it to be a lost city. Upon nearing it they were quickly approached be a fabled race rarely ever seen. The Mermaids. "Who comes to our city." The Merman Leader stated. The Mermaids bearing shell and rock weapons could be quite formidable in thier home environment. "We have kept this place secret to avoid your kind from entering." "We are but humble travellers in seek of our lost friend, an elf." Jormane said. "We have such a elf here." replied the large Merman. "We only seek him. Upon getting him we will leave you city never to speak of it again." Geelef replied. "All intruders are to be killed in order preserve our secrecy." The leader replied. "Hean-ar ilst rang lilthor." Jormane said in an annoyed voice. This startled the leader. "How has an outsider learned the ancient language of the Merman?" Inquired the leader. "I learned it in my travels across the seas, long long ago........" Jormane said fading off with a pained expression on his face. "Tumaros knows it to." "You may get your friend. Follow me." With that the party of Mermaids and the adventuers travelled deeper into the ocean. After stopping at a large build. The Merman just motioned the others inside it giving them a pendent and told them to give it to the Mermaid inside. It was some type of infirmery. Shell beds lined the walls and in the farthest one away the trio spotted Tumaros. "We have come to pick up our friend." Jormane said to the Mermaid handing her the pendent. Nardo who was holding the sword noticed it glowing faintly. The blue aura that it had when it slayed the great sea serpent. As the group came closer to Tumaros the sword glowed brighter and brighter til it sparked and crackled. "Hand Tumaros the sword." Geelef said. "Possibly his psionic energy could be trapped inside Ta'tir." "Yes hand him the sword Geelef is right for that is a way Ta'tir protects itself." Jormane replied. Nardo handed Tumaros the sword. When Tumaros's skin touched the blade there was a brilliant flash of light and Tumaros was sitting up eyes wide."
  5. As Long as Eternity

    “In our long and extensive travels I met Tumaros and Monore in Elfridge. Tumaros, Monore, and I travelled all around the world learning new fighting styles and mastering them all. We’ve defeated dragons together, overcome hoards of orcs and ogres, and killed thousands of bands of wandering monsters. We were an undefeatable trio until the fateful day we were seperated.†“When we met on the field of battle against the evil lord of Roendera (Evil drow city of the Night). We knew this was going to be our most challenging battle probably that they would ever encounter. We had made a pact the previous night that if a person falls don’t die trying to save someone who is already dead.†“In the heat of battle after 100’s of drow lay dead at the hero’s feet. The second wave came. I was across the field from Tumaros and Monore. Sprinting trying to rejoin them, however two ogres cut me off. I used my momentum to my advantage. I dove between the first ogres legs quickly hamstringing him. The ogre howled in agony falling to the ground with a great thump. With a quick roll I was back on my feet, pouncing on the ogre as agile as a panther. He drew his great sword quickly planting it into the face of the fallen ogre. Immediately I looked up to see a giant club coming straight for me. I jumped straight backwards hoping to dodge the blow however it was just to fast. It caught me square in the chest breaking more than a few ribs. Searing pain coursed throughout my entire body. Knowing that there was no escape, I summoned all my strength to cast a final spell. The spell was transmute rock to mud. I cast it on a fairly large boulder, in it I buried my armor, my weapons and my amulet. I knew the drow would use it for great evil if they were to ever find it so I dismissed the spell in order to turn the mud back into a rock.†“I tried running however all I managed was to spit up blood. I wished I hadn’t used my healing spell this morning in order to heal a burn. I tried one last struggle then darkness fell over me.†“The only thing I remembered was a tall drow standing over me saying “ “This one is still alive.....†“ “When I awoke I was in a dark dungeon with only rats and skeletons to keep me company. I feared I would never get out of that evil place, however I didn’t loose hope.†“After a day of torture the drow would heal just enough so that you weren’t dead but were still conscious and able to feel all the pain. After days, weeks, months, or years I wasn’t sure how long it had gone on, I finally got my chance. One early morning the jailor stepped to close to the cell in which I was trapped.†“I took advantage of the opportunity. Easily grabbing him I smashed his head into the bars. The years of keeping up hope had finally paid off. Stealing the jailors armor and weapons and throwing the jailor into the cell covering him with straw and cloth would buy him some time until he got to the Armory beside the jailors office.†“Upon arriving I equip myself with anything I could find. And possibly the thing that helped me most was the Healing Potion I found in a locked cabinet in the jailors office. Drinking it down fully I was ready to fight again.†“With all haste and stealth I crawled out of that evil city. After recovering my weapons, armor, and amulet I raced off trying to find any sign of were Tumaros and Monore had gone.†“I finally found my answer when I went to Elfridge. His father informed me Tumaros and Monore had went to an entirely new realm called Eternal Lands. He showed me were the portal was. Immediately I jumped through it hoping to find Tumaros.†“And that brings me to about here.†Jormane finished. With a nod Tumaros stood up. “Our god powers are not as strong as they sound I have the Scionic powers however I am still mastering them and I can jump extremely high and Jormane is more physically stronger than most you will ever see and has enhanced senses. However his magic powers are very limited. In order to become a god and get the powers that a normal god has then you have to go through the Trials of the Gods and Jormane and I are nowhere near ready.â€
  6. As Long as Eternity

    After Alerting Tirnwood of Matrixx. Tumaros and Geelef woke the rest of the of the group. Gathering them together Tumaros told them all of what had happened. "What are we to do about this?" Nardo asked. "For we cannot kill him he is our friend." "That might be the only way to stop him....." Jormane said. "How would we kill him if we can kill him?" Monore asked. "None of you know of this except for Tumaros,Monore, and I but In the land that we come from our land far far away. Tumaros, Monore and I were born part god." Jormane said. " We were descendents of the Ancients." "The Ancients?......." Geelef asked. "It is an alliance formed by the gods of our realm. Each god left a descendent behind to take his place in the Council of the Ancients. Possibly we could use the power given to Tumaros, Monore and I and with the help of you all we might be able to defeat Mortos and make him release Matrixx of his hold."
  7. As Long as Eternity

    Somberly the adventuers told of the Priestesses unfortunate death. Matrixx stayed in the back of the group saying little and having a slight smirk. Noone noticed for the grief of loosing the priestess weighed too heavily on there hearts. After the elder seemed satistfied with the story he said a final prayer to Aluwen. Turning to the adventurers the Elder said "You all may stay here for as long as you want for your service has been great. You will be provided lodgings, food, and drink if you wish to stay."
  8. As Long as Eternity

    (Sry about this guys I was writing this earlier and I didn't get a chance to post it. This takes place right after Geelefs post. ) As Eldwen approached the waiting group the stranger began to speak. "I see that your all here now. So I should probably explain to you who I am. I am Jormane Leranes King of the Outlane city and old comrade of Tumaros. The Fiery Blade you just saw was Dri'aton It is similar to that sword strapped around Tumaros's waist for it is of the same magic." With that said Jormane walked up to the speechless Tumaros. "How did you escape from them?!?" Tumaros asked. "We thought you were dead." "I could only wish I was after I was captured.......Let us save that story for later..." Jormane said with a pained expression. Moving over to Monore and embrassing her Jormane just said "Its ok I'm back." Geelef moved forward to introduce himself. "It is not needed Geelef I already know of you and of your brave exploits with Tumaros. As a matter of fact I know all of you. For Tumaros has bragged of you all greatly." Geelef then turned to Eldwen. " Where were you when the fight broke out?"
  9. As Long as Eternity

    (Hey guys sry for the delay, this is it, i am open for criticism. ) The news that a priestess of Aluwen being brutally murdered spread fast not only to Matrixx but to another. As swift as a panther a dark figure drew near the city of Whitestone. As the figure approached the wall surrounding Whitestone, the dark figure quickly surveyed the enterance to the city. As he suspected it was swarming with guards. The stranger wearing a black cloak and a black pull over tunic was virtually invisible in the night. Hoping to avoid a confrontation the figure moved to the least guarded section of the wall, easily scaling it the figure landed easily on the other side. After landing the stranger removed his titanium horned helmet. The moonlight revealed a tanned face with hazel eye’s, it was clearly a male human however there was some elven blood in his line for there was a slight point to his ears and his features weren’t so ruff. The dark figure immediately could discern where the murder had taken place for there was people running hysterically from the site. As the man kneeled beside the bloody body of the priestess he futilely tried casting cure major wounds to reserve the body so she could possibly be resurrected. The man knew that it was a wasted effort for the girl is far beyond being able to be resurrected. Nardo, Tumaros, Eldwin, Monore, Geelef, and Matrixx approached the figure kneeling over the mutilated figure of the priestess. “What are you doing over there!†Geelef shouted when he noticed the hand movements and the magical aurora emitting from the strangers hand. Deep in concentration the figure didn’t notice the shout. Geelef running towards the figure preparing to pummel him wasn’t as on guard as he should have been for the figure whirled around grabbing Geelef wrist flipping him over. The others drawing their weapons joined in the melee. With a lightning fast reaction the figure was on his feet with his softly glowing twin longswords in his hands. Geelef who had quickly recovered from his fall made a faint thrust for the mans ribs. The man with a lightning fast reflexes easily slapped the blade away. Matrixx slowly moved in with Nardo right beside him. Nardo took a roundhouse swing for the mans head the man easily ducking under it, the man then rolled to the side avoiding a swing from Matrixx. Geelef then moved in with his glowing blade. With a mighty swing Geelef blade struck knocking the strangers blades out of his hands. Quickly recovering and spinning around the man through off his cloak and drew a two handed sword that was strapped across his back. As the gigantic blade was drawn it was revealed that the sword was on fire. Tumaros froze. “I’ve only seen one blade like that in my whole life.........it couldn’t be............could it......!?!â€