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  1. Auction Animal Removal Stone

    first annon bid for 900kgc
  2. Auction Animal Removal Stone

    Souwell, the tittle says all start with 900kgcs 10kgc increments auction ends next sunday (august 11th) 8:00 PM GMT -6 PM me ingame or post here Sold to best Bidder
  3. Pk Event

    i'll try to be there if i'm not sleep
  4. EL loads but can't login

    You CAN have 2 or more chars, but they MUST NOT interact, i mean like trade, share bags, fight each other..... the point is, as long as you do some like this with the same IP adress is considered illegal multiplaying
  5. EL loads but can't login

    you both were banned buddy, read EL rule #5
  6. Global advantages

    How about a fusion special days??? like Robin Tzu or Alfred Joule or something like that