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  1. Poll - New client update?

    Any updates on the potential update?
  2. very old players

    hey guys! I think these days I should count as an old player
  3. awesome Germans !

    hier ist ja richtig tote hose mittlerweile...
  4. awesome Germans !

    huhu, wer lebt noch?
  5. awesome Germans !

    Mensch ich muss mal wieder EL spielen... vielleicht in den Semesterferien
  6. awesome Germans !

    Spielt überhaupt noch wer von der "alten Riege" EL (außer Erma und Piper)?
  7. awesome Germans !

    tzz hier ist ja tote hose...
  8. For politicians it's quite comfortable to ban or outlaw certain types of computer games. There is no real lobby for them, they are not considered to be of cultural or educational value by a majority of the population and they are the perfect scapegoat.
  9. עברית - hebrew!

    שלום אני קלאוס ואני לומד עברית באוניברסיטה. מי גם מדר עברית? ביי! :-) So if you know some Hebrew, here’s the place to speak it! And sorry for my poor ivrit ;-)
  10. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Conavar, I tested both the 60-80 and the 80-100 and my performance was much better in the 60-80 one, less resyncs too. Unlike the other instances it is not linear and a lot smaller.
  11. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Well, we just tested it two times and we all had great fun and for me it was a great evening with an awesome group of people (you guys all rock and you know who you are!! ). Personally I wish for every EL player to get this instance in the game (with a tweak or two ), you will love it!! Good night, my bed awaits me!
  12. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Would you consider making these instances overlap each other? e.g. this one 60 to 85 and the other one 80-105? One last question, what if you have a skill over 80, but the sum is still equal or below 160? Can u join then? If so I could join with my test server char. If someone could confirm me that, I'm in!
  13. Instance today anyone?

    It was just amazing, I had tons of fun and excitment! You guys have been a great team and even though I died once, I can recommend this instance to everyone. it simply rocks!
  14. Instance today anyone?

    Count me in!
  15. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    Indeed it's in the "Documents" folder (C:\Users\kl4Uz\Documents\Eternal Lands). A "My Documents" folder doesn't exist, but maybe that's because I use a German version of Vista (yet "Users" and "Documents" isn't very German)? Anyways, my mistake. To stay on topic: What I've heard so far sounds amazing and I can't wait to try it.
  16. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    The path you described looks like XP not Vista. In my \Username\AppData directory there is no Eternal Lands subdirectory.
  17. "Small" rostos or ND KF?

    It's so funny how EL history repeats all the time. First some players want feature xy, then feature xy is not got enough for the very same people who wanted it and it should be replaced by zy. Then everything should go back to xy again, just so everyone can beg for change xz... and so on and so forth
  18. Artwork Updates

    Great work, Roja! btw. can you maybe make this thread sticky?
  19. MobilEL

    That's not really a problem. A gateway like Learner's proxy could be used. Traffic would be low anyways if, since it would most likely stripped down to the chat part. I'd really like to see piper's telnet bot!
  20. Changes to client

    If this is introduced, then please align the buttons to the grid of the inventory. Currently it looks really crappy.
  21. awesome Germans !

  22. Bug in UBUNTU deb package

    I got the following errors when trying to install eternal lands via synaptics: I followed this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EternalLands It might not be in the right place here, but I wasn't sure if I should post it in the bug section edit: I retried and it worked just fine this time, so it might be a clientside problem...
  23. Are you an EL oldbie?

    Late December 2004. First day I played i entered a house on IP and couldn't get out anymore. I already wanted to uninstall the game A few days later I gave it another try and with the help of the manual I got out yay!
  24. Cheating in MMO's

    the only "problem" i can see here, is that i doubt many people who visit this forum will click on ads related to WoW goldfarming...
  25. Free bot hosting service

    Great service guys! You deserve the EL community medal of honour