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  1. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    Not including those already cited, here are mine : Symphony X Angra Ayreon (but sounds more like space metal than fantasy metal) Avantasia Demons and Wizards Edguy Kamelot Majestic Sonata Arctica
  2. I love that idea, because I always play games in that way (i want to test all skills and do every thing available in the game !) So, one more vote to make it happen
  3. zamazingo , yolgezer18 , tsy2 , rohan18 banned

    rohan18, how can you pretend it was not macroing? one of your bot got in a infinite loop because another one was sitting at the place it wanted to go. It was so funny to see him (zamazingo) go from one tile to the other during 5 minutes. Then Rogue teleported him farther away, he came back and started that two-tiles dance again. Then Rogue teleported the blocking bot, and voila, zamazingo got out of its infinite loop and started harvesting gold anyway, that infinite loop of the poor bot made me laugh, but I don't think you'll go anywhere pretending it was your little brother moving you while afk
  4. #save

    You can also get some of the other nice patches the LNX guild has made I am hosting those at LNX client webpage. The patches feature : an #alch command to calculate what you have to take before going to those caves making bars a Happy New Hour event the already advertised #save command a #calc command that will do some calculations for you a way to set what you want to be displayed over your head in el.ini a #mute command that has a timer and that can also mute local chat This will only work on Linux. The LNX guild would be happy to have your feedback if you use any of these features
  5. Multi-lingual

    French, English, Belgian (five words my grandpa has taught me : the five fingers' names ), Arabic (was in Tunisia for my first 12 years and learnt the alphabet every year again and again... so I can write and read but have about no idea what it means except daylife words!), German, Japanese (dropped German for that in high school as it looked like so much fun, and very glad I did it ) That's what you get when your parents like travelling and living abroad I hope I didn't make any mistake about languages' names in english, if so please tell me...
  6. new update

    True. This reminds me of copy protection on CDs. All those efforts, all those people saying "our next CD protection will be unhackable!", all in vain. You can hear the music = you can record it. Of course it will get harder, but people who want to do it will do it anyway, and people who didn't do it in the first place will just get annoyed. Same goes for open-source client. Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for it and I would be very sad if a decision was taken to close the source. But there's no perfect solution than could say "this player macroes" and "this player doesn't", only "chances are this one does and this one doesn't". Anyway I am very happy that despite all this the client is still open-source And, contrarily to the CD example, I don't mind at all the steps taken to limit macroing (so far it doesn't make playing more difficult, so it's great). I wouldn't mind either if no step was taken, because I know it's a race between devs/macroers, and macroers always catch up with devs. The only thing left is to decide how far to go to limit the number of macroers still following... and I guess spending time to code something to detect macroers is not really the most thrilling. But maybe I'm biased as I never saw the point of macroing (apart from learning to macro / program), doesn't one get bored very fast while cheating ?
  7. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Good point Let's continue this conversation in-game then
  8. If You Want To Have A Bot

    I thought so. In the spirit of the rules, my bot is independant, doesn't affect the economy as it doesn't trade / sell / buy to players. Then, this bot is a very selfish achievment : it will only benefit me (as a programmer, not as a player) and not the community. If it turns out it works well, I will never release the source, otherwise we'll see tons of bots wandering... The worst is, how can a mod be sure that I will never use the bot once it has high levels ? It is the only thing that could make it unallowed I think, even though I don't want to use it that way. It seems mods / devs have not the time to think about all these bots problems (and I understand that very well), which is why I find very different things reagarding bot rules on different threads. Anyway, right now the test server is ok for me. If I ever want to put it on the real server (like, when it works), I'll try to ask a mod in-game. Thanks Hammen and Lachesis for trying to answer
  9. Server messages

    You were faster than me Lachesis. I wanted to complain about this very same thing. This message is intended for people cheating. I also get another one when I'm moving, and while my slooow machine is taking care of that click, a player or a rabbit goes to that very place, and I end up doing an illegal click... I don't remember the exact message now but it is also insulting me being a cheater. So, as it seems this happens with laggy machine, I guess those messages should be changed. It can be very funny if you see them twice a month. Not that funny twice a minute (and no, you have no way to click slower, because some times it does it, some times not, you never know). And the rules being that you shouldn't swear too much and above all not harass people, I would really be glad if those messages were re-worded to comply to these very rules.
  10. Psychological issues of gender in Eternal Lands

    When I play a male character in a game, it's because I first tried with a female one and a lot of guys jumped on me to ask if I was really a girl. And most female characters were indeed male, trying to play with other people by letting them believe they were female IRL. The fun part is when a guy playing a female character tries to get the attention of my male character. Why can't these kiddies understand that a real girl is not talking about sex in the ten first sentences? Anyway, about the part "being a girl is easier because people help you", I've found that more true IRL than in-game. my 2 cents
  11. Colored clothes

    So there they are, I saw complete fur clothes outfits. Now what about mixing flowers (either with already made clothes, either with the ingredients when making the cloth) to get them colored ? Blue lupine -> blue Lilacs -> violet Impatiens -> white or pink ? Chrysantemum -> multicolored ??? White Asiatic Lilly -> white Red rose / Red snapdragons -> red Yellow rose / Sunflower -> yellow Black rose -> black Tiger Lilly -> orange Swamp candles -> green (or grey?)
  12. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Bot name : Gelydh Purpose : Having fun coding it. See what it can achieve by itself. Location : Not static. Actions : uses any skill in the game trying to level up (Attack animals & monsters, Harvest, Alchemy, ...., Crafting). Walks (not randomly, to points of interest it knows). Picks up bags. Uses storage. Sells to merchants and buy from them. Studies books. Gets perks, attributes, nexuses. Does not : talk (or maybe just a reply to tell it is a bot), trade, attack players, join a guild. About the sell/buy to/from merchants : I saw that line in the Bots Rules : --The only bots that are allowed to buy and sell now are paid bots. Does that apply to merchants or only other players ? If that also applies to merchants, the bot will have a hard time (the only way to get a Needle would be to find one in a bag for example), but I would still do it. Thanks to anyone that can answer that part.